Who has a crystal ball?

I was pricing out cruises last night for next January (not DCL). It was mostly academic, but it makes me feel happy.
It is possible I will never cruise again, I suppose; but those marketing photos are dreamy. :passenger_ship::beach_umbrella:

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It could be. But if all Americans who want to be vaccinated have been vaccinated by the summer, as has been promised, I don’t think an “outbreak” has the same dire consequences that it would have even now. Either people will be vaccinated or they will have accepted the risk of getting sick willingly (and hopefully aren’t at high risk). So you wouldn’t have an uncontrolled spread. It would be no different than if the flu were spreading pre-COVID.

That said, maybe it’s not September (due to vaccination taking longer than expected), but cruising will return eventually and the problem of one or two people getting sick will always be there, so that alone is not enough reason forever stall the return of cruising.

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this worries me only b/c of what we are learning about ‘long haulers’ and permanent side effects after contracting C-19.

But if the risk of getting or spreading COVID is low enough, I think it will be a risk people will accept. Many people would go on a cruise today if it were allowed. I don’t think it’s right to prohibit activities indefinitely, even if the risk is low. The only reason restrictions are acceptable now is because the risk to society is high, even if the risk to any particular individual is low.

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All sailings cancelled through May 2021

and Disney Magic through 8/10/2021

My wonderful TA strongly discouraged me booking any cruise for all of 2021. :cry:

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Yeah, she is sad. :frowning:

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Makes me glad I made the call when I did to postpone to 2022. I really hope it’s “normal enough” by then to make it worthwhile.