Who has a crystal ball?

Anyone want to wager a guess as to when the DCL will resume cruising? Or if? I read somewhere that the cruise line will be the last aspect to come back. Officially only cancelled until December, but with water parks closed until at least March, it seems likely the cruise line won’t start up before then either.

I know no one really has any clue, but misery loves company, so what are your thoughts?

  • DCL will resume sailing in Spring 2021 (Mar-May)
  • DCL will resume sailing in Summer 2021 (June-Aug)
  • DCL will resume sailing in Fall 2021 or later
  • DCL will never return

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I think I would have voted differently last week but it “feels” like a vaccine is further away?


My vote may be delusionally optimistic. We are rebooked for end of June 2021. If they aren’t sailing by then, I don’t know what we’ll do. I don’t know if I’ll continue to lend Disney my money.

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I rebooked my May 2020 cruise for May 2021, but got my money back rather than taking a discount (for one thing, the cruise I wanted coats less next year, and I don’t need onboard credits). I will cancel my cruise if they haven’t resumed and had time to be proven effective by the time the final payment is due in February - I just don’t want to have uncertainty that close to the cruise. So realistically, if they haven’t announced a resumption of cruises by Thanksgiving, I will probably cancel.

I will be happy to a degree if I cancel - I will get longer in Orlando for cheaper, and at a more relaxed pace. But of course, missing out on the cruise we’ve been planning for two years will be sad.

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