Which are the top table service reservations that i should have for our trip in September?

Just checked the WDW website for ADRs. Back to only showing 60 days in blue.

I’m sad to hear about the mosquito situation. I’ve never been bitten by a mosquito in WDW or UOR. I hope they resolve that before my trip. I loved that it was never an issue because I’m usually the one eaten alive.

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So, I think we are moving our September trip to late Nov/ early Dec. I’m bummed, because I’m worried it’s going to be a madhouse, but I have never been at Christmas time, and I’ve always wanted to see the decorations. My husband wants to do a non-disney trip in 2022, so I will miss Christmas AND all the 50th celebrations if I didnt move our trip. All that to say, I have a few hard to get ADRs I will be dropping. Our dates were Sept 13-18. If anyone is interested, I can try to coordinate the drops.


You’re going to love the Christmas decorations and stuff. Have a wonderful trip!!!

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I’d be interested in your September 13 ADRs.

Sorry, I don’t have any that day. It would help if I mentioned what I have. Sorry! Should have done that earlier.

  • 9/14: San angel Inn @ 5:30pm
  • 9/15: Topolino’s Terrace @ 12pm
  • 9/15: Oga’s Cantina @ 5:55pm
  • 9/16: CRT @ 12:25pm
  • 9/17: Sanaa @ 12pm
  • 9/18: Topolino’s Terrace @ 7:35am
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No worries!


  • 9/15: Hollywood Vine and Dine @ 7:45pm

I’d love the Topolinos terrace 15th at 12!! If still available. Thank you @Jdennis8

It is! Just let me know when you would like me to drop it. I’ve never done this before. Lol. I’m on central time.

In 5 mins? At 10:10 eastern

Sorry. 10:15 eastern?

Ok too soon maybe lol.

Let’s do 9:15 central that 10:15 eastern. In 2 mins

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It never even popped up. Thanks so much though.

I’m sorry. Is there a delay maybe?

Yay!!! Nevermind I got it!!!


Yes!!! I’m so glad!!