Which are the top table service reservations that i should have for our trip in September?

We are going to WDW this September 2021. I plan to eat at CRT, T rex restaurant in Disney Springs, Scifi Dine in at HS and maybe Ohana for dinner.

Do you have any recomendations for dinning during my trip?

I wanted to do Chefs Mickeys but is topolinos better?

Also, do you think that trattoria al forno will start the bon voyage breakfast by september 2021?

Any recommendations on quick service must dos or must have snacks? Thanks in advance for all your tips :smiley:

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I’m assuming you have younger children?

I would suggest to check out @Jeff_AZ 's Poll Series (votes by Liners) on the best QS and TS restaurants at Parks and Resorts. Click here:



Of the ones you mentioned, I have been to Chef Mickeys, Trex CRT, and Ohana.

Ohana (pre COVID): food was good, good experience overall.

CRT: food is decent enough, but pricey - you are paying for the experience. Not sure if I would do it now without all the princesses.

Chef Mickeys: I like to eat breakfast there and then walk to MK. The buffet is meh and the atmosphere isn’t great. There used to be a good one-on-one with the characters pre-covid.

Trex: doesn’t feel like Disney, but little kids love it!


Topolinos is one of the best character meals we have done in all of WDW. Even better than Tusker House for my four pack and we really loved TH.

Food was great and the characters were very interactive pre COVID.

Highly recommend.


Topolino’s is better than Chef Mickeys.


Topolino’s is my favorite WDW restaurant of the moment


Topolinos is hands down better than Chef Mickeys. No comparability on food. And the atmosphere is pretty nice as well on the 10th floor overlooking the Skyliner with Epcot and HS in the distance. For good table service for dinner I would also consider Topilinos, Cali Grill, Sanaa (Jiko is closed still), Narcoosee’s is Gina DME good for fireworks viewing along with Cali Grill. Toledo is also awesome at CSR If it reopens.


And Sanaa is good fun and good food


Keep an eye out for restsurants reopening at AKL. Len strongly implied on last week’s Disney Dish that Boma and/or Jiko would open when AKL opens.


One of my kids favorites as littles for character meals was Garden Grill. If characters start interacting more you get so much time with them here. In Epcot kids also have always loved Teppan Edo and request it. I think kids would like Biergarten too, the oompah band is fun and the food is kid friendly and there is a lot of ambience.

In MK my favorite character meal is probably CRT for the restaurant experience and Crystal Palace for the Pooh characters for littles. Food wise I think my favorite TS of the moment is Jungle Navigation Co.

In DHS definitely Sci-Fi for the kitschy experience and Hollywood and Brown for food (though despite its bad reviews I have enjoyed the Hollywood and Vine character breakfast very much when we went in Jan 2020 and thought it was much improved from previous trips)

In AK Tiffins or Nomad Lounge for best food and drinks including non-alcoholic hands down. My kids love them some Rainforest Cafe and they like Yak n Yeti. I really like the food at Tusker House too.

In the resorts my favorite character meals were Topolino’s Terrace, Trattoria al Forno and 1900 Park Fare dinner was hilarious. Drizella attempted to kiss my DS and I have a series of pics of him pulling further and further away until he almost fell and she caught him. The sisters are amazing. This is a better experience than CRT imho for the characters. The breakfast is okay but the dinner is pure entertainment. I felt rushed at Ohana though the food was good so I wouldn’t rate it as high. The Storybook Dining at Artist Point has good food if it’s open again and some characters that are unique. The evil queen can be mean so watch out.

For resort best food quality Topolino’s Terrace and California Grill. I also really enjoyed Three Bridges at CSR. And Sanaa which is a bit more kid friendly for dinner than the others with animals to look at.

I haven’t been super wowed by anything in DS including Homecomin’ but we’ve done TRex a few times for the kids. It’s okay like Rainforest Cafe but kids like the experience. To be fair I haven’t eaten here as much as elsewhere. I usually don’t go more than once a trip. The Boathouse is pretty good and has an expensive car/boat you can take a ride in for $125 for up to four people. Kids would probably like that.

For QS I like the food in Epcot WS best. Hard to go wrong just pick food you like. And the food booths are usually decent and some of it great for the festivals. I don’t much like the standard QS food like burgers and nuggets though. I thought Pecos Bill was decent in MK last Oct. I like Woodys Lunchbox in DHS best for QS. I think the only QS in AK I’ve ever eaten was Pizzafari my first trip and Restaurantosaurus as we usually do TS there. The veggie burger was actually much better than the regular burger and they had an amazing cupcake. Whatever you do avoid Pizzafari in AK and Pinocchio’s Village Haus in MK. Those are just awful to me.


I’m keeping an eye on this thread because I, too, will be in WDW in September. My list of TS restaurants varies from OP’s a lot. I have to make concessions for DH’s tastes, and our tastes diverge. He likes spicy food; I can’t handle any spice at all. We both agree that you shouldn’t pay Disney prices for restaurants that you can visit at home – good Italian, Chinese, and Mexican restaurants abound here, so that nixes all of those cuisines. I wanted to go to Topolino’s, but he is entirely uninterested, and for those prices, OK, I’ll look elsewhere.

So our list only crosses paths at Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant in HS. We’ve never been to Sci-Fi, and the last time we had it on our to-do list, you could still just skip an ADR without penalty. We ran out of steam that day in 2006 and went back to the BC to rest. Now the food is getting better reviews, but it’s harder to get a table there. AUGH. OK, fine. I’ve got two days scheduled for HS; maybe I can get a table if I stay flexible.

I’m also waiting to see if Trattoria al Forno brings back the character breakfast, but not because I want to do it; I want to avoid it. The regular breakfast that they’re doing now sounds wonderful. (And affordable!) DH really wants to get his grubby paws on the poached eggs over polenta with pomodoro sauce. I just want the press pot coffee and … I don’t know what. Yet. LOL!

I’m hoping Boma opens – it’s the only restaurant on our wish list that we’ve been to before – twice, actually – and we want to go back again. Please, Boma, open up!!!

Here’s the rest of our list – we’ve never dined at any of these and are really looking forward to them:
Yak & Yeti
Hollywood Brown Derby
Kona Cafe
Chefs de France
Wine Bar George

I recently read a blog post that was kinda “meh” on Chefs de France. It’s got me worried, but we have no decent French food around here!


When I visited here with characters, I remember there being an option to dine with no characters. I think there was outdoor seating for the folks who wanted the menu à la carte without characters.


Chefs de France was amazing when we went, but it was a couple of years ago now.


I’m thinking about trying Topolinos breakfast but we are 2 adults and not that into characters, especially my other half. Do you all think it is still worth it? (I can’t believe cappuccinos aren’t even included in the price).

We are going in September as well.
Current restaurants on the trip list:
Bull & Bear at the Waldorf Astoria (dinner first time)
Tiffins (lunch 3rd time. It’s a staple)
Citricos (dinner 1st time. If V&A is still closed)
Baseline taphouse (snack 1st time)
Satuli Canteen (lunch 4th time)
Jiko (dinner, if open or Sanaa)
Would it be better to try Morimoto or raglan road that night if Jiko isn’t open? I’ve been to sanaa 3x.
Boathouse (lunch, 4th time, staple)
Ohana (dinner,1st time, I can never get a res)
Trader sams (drinks, 1st time)
Boma (breakfast, if not open Kona)
My Epcot restaurant is completely in the air. It goes in this order of IF open I will go to:
Space 220- Takumi Tei- Monsieur Paul OR le Cellier all of these would be 1st time.
What is everyone’s favorite TS restaurant in Epcot??
The rest of my meals are at Universal:
Margaritaville (lunch 3rd time)
Amatista (breakfast 2nd time)
Big fire (dinner 1st time)
Leaky cauldron (breakfast, 4th time)
Toothsomes (lunch 3rd time)
Bar 17 (drinks 1st time)
Bice (dinner 2nd time)

If you want I can tell you exactly what I’m eating at each one. :rofl: ROTFL


Oh, if we’re going to list QS restaurants… I could be here all day!!! LOL!!! I can’t wait to visit BaseLine, Satu’li, Sleepy Hollow, Regal Eagle, Docking Bay 7, Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, and the shrimp tacos on the new menu at the ABC Commissary are screaming my name!

And let’s not forget the Food & Wine Festival will be going on at Epcot, which I dearly love and haven’t been to in FIFTEEN-EVER-LOVIN’ YEARS. I’ll be so fat, DH will have to roll me out of Disney World at the end of our trip. Sniffle!

“Snackin’ around the World” is my favorite meal plan!


We visited Chefs de France YEARS ago (just before they stopped having Remi visit during dinner) and it was hands down our favorite meal on property.


I forgot to add Sleepy hollow. I noticed now I can’t get the Nutella waffle after 11. I hope they change that. Chicken waffle it must be then. I will try to get a snack at Rontos and docking bay 7 too.
Haha I figured I’d just add all of my meals. Some of the quick serve are just as good as TS!

I’m going to gain at least 5lbs maybe 10. Worth it.


My current list for our (me and dd19) trip in October. Every single option will be a new experience for us!!

Yak & Yeti
California Grill
Sleepy Hallow
Skipper’s Canteen
Liberty Tree Tavern
Docking Bay 7
Hoop de Doo (I am holding out hope)

I am still undecided about where to go in EPCOT just yet. We will be there during Food & Wine for the first time and we have favorites and things we have yet to try. Ideally I would like to have a Frozen Dessert Party available and not have to think about leveraging an ADR somewhere to get a better view of Harmonious.

Toppolino’s & Trattoria al Forno are tempting but we only have 4.5 days so I am unsure how I can fit it in without missing a lot of park time. I have also ruled out Disney Springs options for the same reason.


Mine too. I’m obsessed.

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Chefs de France is meh. The best French food is gourmet in that the best meals I’ve ever had in my life have often been French and cost $200 and up pp. however if I were doing French that wasn’t gourmet I’d eat crepes and bakeries and those you can get soon for crepes so hopefully they’ll be good.