Where can I work (need a desk / table) in WDW?

I will be at WDW next week, but I will need to be tutoring my students from about 11am to 4pm.

I will have an iPad mini that I’ll be writing on, and an iPhone to use for video calling. I’ll wear AirPods for privacy.

I need somewhere quiet, with a (small) table, decent WIFI and maybe even a plug socket nearby.

Ideally it would be somewhere in a hotel that’s close to a park. For example somewhere in RR would be great. What about that small bar at the top of the stairs from the boardwalk entrance to BW?

Will WDW mind me camping out like they’re a Starbucks? I can nurse coffees all day if it helps.

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There were people sitting in there working when I took pictures for a possible liner meet up. There is also a balcony area with tables/chairs. Do you want me to post the pictures here? It is open for breakfast until 11 so there might be more people there right at 11.

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That would be great :blush:

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It’s been a while since i listened to this one, but i think it discusses some places good for working.


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This one does not seem to be uploading

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That would be perfect for my Epcot and DHS days. But new questions:

(a) Will BW let me arrive in an Uber without being difficult?

(b) Are there lockers at International Gateway? Are they single use, or multiple?

For MK, the Contemporary is an obvious choice, but I’m wondering if there’s somewhere in the GF: maybe on the level above the lobby? Could I sneak into the BATB lounge area, perhaps?

AK seems like the tricky one. Or is it?

Oh, yeah:

(c) When does International Gateway open? Is Remy open at park open, or only when IG opens?

You can Uber to Swan/Dolphin. IG opens at the same time as the front .There are lockers at IG. I have stored a rather large backpack in the lockers there (with a computer in it). Maybe someone has a photo of the “libraries” at AKL?

Wilderness Lodge (4th floor I think?)

The lounge at GF has not been accessible if it has not been open when I tried but I think k you will run into lounge hours.


WL looks gorgeous to work from.


I don’t know how loud it is. Those areas are not directly over WC but I am unsure if you can hear the “high jinks”. The club level is directly over WC and it can be loud.

I have noise cancelling headphones I can bring.

Seems like there are a lot of options, though.

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Thought: Tomorrowland Terrace? Killer view. Noise-cancelling headphones. Quiet during the day?

Can you imagine?!


There’s nowhere to sit on 2nd level but there is at Poly at the Tambu Lounge that isn’t open yet. I’ve sat in there waiting for Kona before. Dont’ know about pwr though. There are like mini lobbies in every bldg at Poly too that have places to sit too.

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IG opens at the same time as the front entrance.

@mousematt -
You’ll no doubt get some great info here, but, even if you have a plan on where you will set yourself up, I’d still think about asking any resort’s concierge. They might happily hook you up with an awesome secret spot that checks all of your boxes. And if they do, offer to grab them a cup of coffee or some type of other treat/small trinket.


Katsura Grill is quiet w/ lots of tables. I don’t know about electrical outlets though.


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The lighting may be an issue in WL and AKL. They’re both pretty dark unless you’re right up next to a window.


Yep, i took an amazing nap in the chair next to that blue couch on my last trip. This is a great spot to work.

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