What's the longest continuous time you've worn a mask?

How well do cooling tents work in FL? I always considered them a form of swamp cooler. Those work best where it isn’t humid.

If they are similar to the cooling stations the Houston Zoo has had, those felt great! And our humidity is similar.

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That could really solve a big issue we are having with my DS.

Made it 7 hrs at the Columbus Zoo yesterday…the rest of the family…not so much. DW and DD made it the morning, but gave up in the afternoon heat. DS threw a fit with his gaitor early and wouldn’t do it until lunch, he found a way to work for him to keep it on. It was a little big for him. The tip on the safety pin could help him a lot.

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I wear a mask for most of my 12 hour shift at work. Its a N95 and it truly sucks! I leaves lines on my face and I hate it, but I never really get too heated, its just annoying. The other day I went to the grocery store and just the walk in the parking lot with a surgical mask, and while putting the groceries in the trunk was kind of brutal. Its a completely different situation then being in a climate controlled environment. That being said, I still plan on sucking it up and going to the parks in august :rofl:

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How was the mask wearing among other visitors at the zoo? We are about an hour from Columbus and have been considering going.

We have been twice, and both times I would estimate it is around 20-30%. Social distancing signs everywhere and for the most part, people do a decent job of giving some space. Capacity is low, so the pace and the crowds have been great.

You likely are aware, but you need a reservation to enter.

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You know how Disney has been known to give awards showing you tackled all four mountains in a day, and such? I think guests should start coming back to their rooms with awards saying how you survived WDW in the Florida sun wearing a mask! It would be quite the keepsake!


Wouldn’t it be cute if they gave kids some kind of points for wearing their face coverings properly? And some kind of award when you got so many points? Seems like they could build that into magic bands and MDE pretty easily.

Great idea, my kids love anything “pt” related…very competitive. I may just do this, point for each hour I don’t have to say anything about their mask…each pt is a buck towards souvenir or treat…I’d gladly pay $40 per kid to not hear them complain about masks for 4 park days…


And since you’d be giving Disney all your money for souvenirs anyways… :joy:

lol, yup, it justifying costs that are already sunk!

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I can officially say 5 hours.

We spent a total of 8 hours at Kings Island on the 4th. 3 hours in the AM, midday break, 5 hours in the PM.

Started off with patriotic masks

Quickly changed into comfy cotton with shoelace ties around the head instead of ear loops. They were much more secure on the rides.

Once those became sweaty kids wanted to try the cheap soft masks purchased at our local grocery store

Surprisingly those seem to stay on fine! We were able to take them off on water rides. And snack time of course!

In conclusion the kids lasted the longest in the cheap grocery store bought kind

Overall the masks weren’t nearly as much as an “issue” as I had expected!


Your kids are adorable.
And -ugh- I do not want to deal with all these masks!
Was the park busy? Was it easy to get onto rides? Brave going on a holiday!!

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Thank you!

I agree- it’s annoying to keep up with the extra masks, sunscreen, drink bottles, oh my!

Ironically the AM was busier than PM. Around 11:30-12 ride times were up to 25-30mins on headliners. Their newest giga-coaster Orion was doing ride passes. When we arrived at 10:45 the ride pass we received was for 12-1pm. After we rode at noon we got another pass, that was for 5-6.
When we went back in the evening to make our 5-6 ride pass, everything was mostly walk on the rest of the night.

I was telling DH I really hope Disney has the same feel as far as numbers. We really felt comfortable. All the walking paths had plenty of room for everyone to social distance.

I honestly wish it would be like this all the time-you reserve a day to be there and they keep the numbers low. But then DH let me know the business would likely sink with that theory :rofl:

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Face mask test 2.0 today…taking our second Six Flags trip. Temps are going to be in the mid 90’s, and the humidity is already a soupy 94%. Today should definitely be a more realistic test for Florida conditions!


Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Guessing you are at Six Flags St Louis which is also our nearest Six Flags. Have been there on some very hot days!! All that black pavement! I’m also curious about your overall Six Flags experience, as that may be our backup if we cannot do WDW.

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I still associate the smell of “melting” blacktop with Worlds of Fun.

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well my DD6 went to camp yesterday and reported that “most of the time” they had to wear masks. I didn’t get to talk to her much more about it there but I’m hoping its a positive sign for mask wearage/complaining on our trip in august…

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Yes, St Louis. There was nobody there today it seemed. Every ride was literally a walk on. However, some rides weren’t open-Thunder River, Mine Train, Justice League (closed all season because it is indoors), Carrousel, the actual train around the park…all major coasters were open, though. I continued to be impressed by the safety standards.

I again tried more than one mask, and again I had to go with the blue paper medical mask. It was 95 degrees today with a heat index over 100. DS and I went through two paper masks each in about 5 hours.