What's the longest continuous time you've worn a mask?

I was idly fantasising about a summer trip to Orlando this afternoon. No real seriousness to it. Just a bit of fun.

Anyhoo, the rules are that you have to wear a mask at the departure airport, and on the plane, and at the arrival airport, and on DME (presumably, if it’s still a thing) and in the public areas of the hotel (yes?)

So for a UK guest, that’s about 15 straight hours of mask wearing with no relief. Virgin Atlantic’s website even notes that masks last about four hours at most, so you should bring a supply with you on the plane to be sure you can remain covered at all times.

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I “practiced” last week when the temps hit about 90 degrees F. Had it on for 3+ hours straight, including while I was grilling up some food on the grill outside. It went amazingly well, which is making me more optimistic for our August trip.


You do get to take it off to eat and drink!

Sure, but where in those 15 hours am I eating and drinking? There are certainly going to be no long, leisurely lunches.

I wear one for 8 hrs at work but thats inside in AC. I’m sure there will be quick moments to take them off. I keep warning my 6 year old we have to wear one all the time… in august.
Its going to suck royally but I’m going to do it anyways. I need this vacation…and i’ll be at disney!

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We did an outdoor event for students over a weekend. The first day was full sun and between 88-94 all day. The second day was in the 80s. I wore a mask for 7 hours each day without a break. I wore a large hat both days (my “cruise” hat) and avoided those weird burn lines a few coworkers had for a week.

13 hours with a mask and a faceshield…but i work in a hospital so it is required. You never really forget its there but you do get used to it after a while. The face shield is way more annoying to me. Hospital is airconditioned though…so not much experience wearing in the heat yet. Zoos are set to open in a few weeks so i get to test it out there.

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In Orlando, I always wear this —

(I’m not usually looking as cheerful as I am in that picture, so don’t be misled by my broad smile and bright eyes.)


We live in middle georgia…hot as all get out. I wear one daily for my job and DH is a welder/metal fabricator in a non-air conditioned shop. He wears an N95 under his welding hood during work so, we’re good

That will avoid those crazy burn lines!

I have worn a mask for over 13 hours at work. It was a long shift and I only took it off for about 15 minutes to eat lunch.

I frequently work 10 hour shifts and wear a mask for all but lunch break (30 minutes or so).

I am not too bothered by masks but many of my coworkers are and mess with theirs all day long.

I recently flew and had one on for 7 hours while traveling/flying and did not take it off during that trip until I left the airport.

I’m terrified of the Sun. I have the whitest skin in Christendom. I burn immediately. It’s a giant ball of fire, you know #science


Is your username a clue that you’re tougher than the average bear? Maybe that’s why you’re not a moaner like me.


I wore a mask at an outdoor wildlife park last Saturday for about 2 hours. It was not hot (maybe mid to high 60’s F) but very humid. By the end of the time the inside of my mask was wet. (This was a disposable paper mask - not medical grade.) And that, my friends, is GROSS! I am now looking at masks that say they stay dry on the inside …

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No leisurely, 3-hour meals on travel day probably. But you did say continuously!:wink:

I don’t wear a mask in the car. And I will not go anywhere where I have to wear a mask all day minus eating and drinking times. So, no amusement park until we know more and things settle. In the Florida heat and humidity, I will be passed out relatively soon from not getting enough air into my lungs.

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Ugh. I hate lawyers. I bet you’re a lawyer, aren’t you?

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I’m not a lawyer so we can continue to be friends!:smile:

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30 hours on my trip from Brazil to Germany (2 short flights, one long + 2 layovers, plus the trip home).

I removed my mask only to eat or drink. I thought it was going to be OK (I had spent 5 hours with a mask outside before without any issues), but it was extremely unpleasant. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t drink enough water and my mouth started to hurt due to friction around hour 20. It felt like heaven removing it once I got inside my apartment. I think my limit is 20 hours.


24 hours…but that was at work in the air conditioning with breaks for eating/drinking and taking a nap. Florida weather, or outside in general, would be a different story. I do find myself getting winded when talking for long periods of time or climbing up a few flights of steps with a mask on.


We were at UOR last week with 3 hour flights to get there/back. Total of 5 days. Wore masks 100% of the time unless we were eating, actually in the pool, or in our hotel room (which wasn’t much). I guess we did check out a U-rest area (mask free) at IoA for about 10 minutes just to see what it was (old Sinbad theatre, pretty cool).

2 adults and 3 kids (13, 10, 8). With breaks for eating and drinking, I’d guess longest completely continuous stretch was maybe 3-4 hours? But multiple 3-4 hour stretches per day. And we didn’t draw out snacks/drinks to stay mask free as much as possible, as I’ve seen some suggest. If we were walking around with a drink, I’d take it down to drink, and put it back up in between.

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