Weird new forum bug on mobile

Schrodinger’s bug.

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I’m on the link now and will hang around upthread here until someone else posts and see what happens…

Does it jump now @Shmebulock ?

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Yes and no…

It did not take me to your new post :+1:t2:

It jumped marginally - like where I’d scrolled to was half on a post and the new post made it jump to square me up to the start of the post I was on.

Seems better.

Ok so, I’m trying to test this out.

I’m stalking the busy threads and seeing which ones have someone typing then scrolling back up to wait and see what happens when someone posts.

I’ve tried this first on the link above, then opening up the forum as I usually do and now I can’t see it jumping at all :woman_shrugging:t4:

I tried Memes and Jokes thread because it was long. I did a fast scroll up and it didn’t happen.

It is still doing it for me on @MouseMatts thread (about 700 posts). After I scroll twice, it automatically takes me to the bottom.

What are you meaning by scrolling twice? Two swipes?

Yes. I just went to the very top of Matt’s thread. Then I swiped twice, fast enough that I was purposefully skipping some posts. After the second swipe it went berserk and this is what I saw:

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It went right to the bottom and kept loading and loading until the most recent post from the thread displayed.

I’m going to click on that link now and try it from there.

NOPE didn’t help @david , still went haywire :confounded: :confused:

Yes, two swipes! Like I am trying to scroll through a few posts.

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Tried to recreate what you’d done (both on the link above and coming in from the web). Same happened to me too.

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Ugh. This bug is getting to be so bad, it is making reading the longer threads almost impossible. I wonder if it is possible to revert the software back to the earlier version until they fix this.

Originally reported this bug a couple months ago now. It is still happening for me, sporadically.


I find that it happens on threads when I am reading more than a page worth above the new comment area. When a new comment is posted it flashes/ glitches out and jumps to the bottom. If I hurry up and hit the back button I can go back and read where I left off.

Yep still happens to me too if I scroll (skim comments) too fast.


I’ve noticed that sometimes the page freezes momentarily in a telling sort of way and if you notice it, you can quickly look at what post number you’re at and when the the glitching stops you can scroll back to where you know you were.

It’s quite an irritation though.


Revisiting this a bit, some Google searching suggests that having an “infinite scroll” scenario like a giant thread in Discourse may never scroll naturally in the browser as people expect. Basically, the size of the page is constantly growing until you’ve loaded all messages (which takes awhile, especially on a big thread on a slow connection), so positioning yourself in that is challenging.

An alternative is to use Discourse’s built-in scrolling tools. On a big screen, you’ve got it to the right of the messages. The date of the oldest post is listed at the top, and the most-recent at the bottom, and there’s a scroll bar between. There’s also an XX/YY indicator so you can see where you are in the topic.

On a small screen (like a phone) you need to tap the “XX/YY” box in the lower-right to see it. A scrollable list of messages pops up. If you adjust there, a “Back” button also appears that helps you return to wherever you were prior to picking a new spot. If there are scenarios where you know your actions are likely to cause the “scroll jump” that’s been described here, maybe using this in-forum scrolling mechanism (rather than your browser’s) will work better.

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I got your email and will give your suggestions a try when I get a moment.

But something to note…I don’t have to do anything for the scroll issue to happen. Often, I just go back to the browser which was already in a TP thread and before I do anything, it will start auto scrolling until it reaches the bottom of the thread. At this point I have no idea how much (or what) I missed. Sometimes it is a few posts. Sometimes, for busy threads, it could be hundreds!

Other times, it happens when I click on a thread, which opens up on the last post I read, but the starts scrolling automatically. And sometimes if I start scrolling it happens. I haven’t found a strict pattern, although I suspect it might be related to someone posting a response to a thread about the same time I enter the thread…but who knows!

If you leave it open is it updating your spot? Is it marking the post as read (blue dot disappears)?