Weird new forum bug on mobile

The newest update of the forum software has led to an interesting (annoying!) bug. It isn’t an always bug, but I’ve had it happen numerous times. Let me see if I can explain it.

When I open a thread that has a bunch of unread posts, I start reading and scroll down. But sometimes, as I scroll down, as it “loads” more of the posts, it suddenly jumps over a bunch of unread posts…not just a few, but a whole bunch. I then have to scroll back up until I find where I was last.

I’ve never seen this issue before. Anyone else experiencing it?

I’m not seeing this happen on the web browser version (at least, not yet), just on mobile.

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I’ve had that problem for a while. but something more recent for me is a weird glichy thing when I go to add pics. Also, just today I’m being notified of every :heart: instead of just the first :heart: given on a post.

I’ve not experienced that using the mobile version of forum.

Are you on Apple or Android (I am Apple)

Android. True. It might be specific to the Android platform.

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Yes! It’s happened to me three times now.

I had wondered if it was because I was scrolling through and a new post has been added to the bottom, but it’s not happened enough for me to see if that’s true or not yet.

I’m using Android.

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I have experienced that issue for awhile. It is annoying and I don’t understand why it happens. It seems random.

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It happens to me too. I almost exclusively use my phone. iPhone though. I didn’t realize it was a new phenomenon. Just thought it was a quirk of forum.

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I’ve noticed some glitchiness. But I haven’t been sent to a different thread. What I have noticed is when I scroll sometimes it jumps around and I have no idea where I was (mainly noticed in the bigger threads). It has sent me back once to a thread that I just read. I will be more vigilant (Android)

No, I haven’t seen that. I just mean a different post within the same thread…but skipping over a bunch of unread posts.

I never noticed this problem prior to the recent forum updates in the past week or so (whenever it was).

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Ok, then yes, this is exactly what I’ve noticed, jumping around. But Ive only noticed with the larger threads and while scrolling at a decent pace.

Yeah, that’s consistent.


Yep, it did that yesterday and I didn’t notice until I saw others quoting things I hadn’t read. In my case, the missing posts didn’t show at all until I refreshed the page, though, which sounds different.

I’ve had that happen since the update, but that has also happened to me historically.


I assumd it was me.

Oh! I didn’t think to blame you!


It’s been happening to me on both my iPad and PC desktop.

With a fair number of users reporting this across various devices and platforms, I wonder if the mods could escalate it up?


@david, I am wondering if you are aware of some of the weird glitches in the forum since the last update?

Do you all have the red line/since you last visited message in threads?