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Our first visit EVER is in mid-April. Were hearing conflicting stories of how to get to the parks EARLY from Pop Century. Will the buses and Skyliner allow us to actually get to the parks before they open?? Help…

In short, Yes! But get in line early for skyliner. Welcome to the forum!


So there was some kind of screw up at pop today that has people waiting 2 hours for a bus bc lines were so long. I’ve seen the pictures. It’s chaos.
Now this is showing up in their app.


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Wow :flushed:

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I’m at CSR and got the same alert.

@ChooseJoy, I’ll be at CSR the last of March into April, which looks as if it is shaping up to almost as busy as now into through next week. :frowning:

Did you use the busses today and what was your experience with them or whatever transportation you used?

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Maybe if parking was free at both the resorts and the parks for resort guests, renting a car would be a more attractive option. Hope they get their bus system worked out soon for the spiking crowds.


I don’t have a car on this trip so I’ve been relying solely on the CSR buses. So far my experience has been really good, though it’s definitely better on the mornings that I’m up early and at the bus stop a full 90 minutes before park opening. By that point there’s usually a few people already lined up for the first bus, but within 15 to 20 minutes there are often more people waiting than a single bus can hold.

But even then, my experience has been that buses come very frequently first thing in the morning so even if you missed the first bus you shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next one. But I have heard other people complaining about very long waits, especially at the other bus stops at CSR (I’ve only used the Gran Destino Tower bus stop) so maybe I’ve just been lucky?


So - line up for busses AND Skyliner 90 minutes before FIRST park opening? I mean, if we want to use the Skyliner to get to Epcot and it opens at 11, do we need to be in line 90 minutes before MK opens? We’re EARLY morning people, so whatever we have to do is fine. We just want all the details and hacks! haha! Thanks all!

I never considered it to be other than 90 before YOUR park, but now you have me wondering.

Have to say, I am jealous of all you guys that get into the parks early and catch a few walk-ons first thing! We are NOT early morning peeps and have never done a rd. If I’m honest with myself, probably never will; it just isn’t worth the fight with my night owl crew. :crazy_face:


Disney used to sell a discounted ticket for those wishing to arrive only in the afternoons. I have many family members that would benefit from that discounted ticket, but they usually suffer me a RD. I wish it was worth it to sleep in, but the benefits to RD are soooo many and alluring :wink:

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I’ve already warned them I’m waking them before 7 EST (6 our time) to help get a BG for RotR and that we might have to get to the park early if we get a low number (fingers crossed on that one).

Maybe…MAYBE… I can pull a RD this round? :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


If I can do 3x anyone can do it. Before all @bebe80 's tips I never got one only my kids did, like @Dreamer 's son this morning. SO, I believe in you!!! :wink:


Alright, I’m off to find @bebe80’s tips!


That is awful of Disney. One of their major (only?) benefits now is the transportation and they are trying to tell people to drive? How about more buses?

I will still be there 90 minutes early, maybe even 95 now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this the first stop?

No it’s the last stop, I believe. Called stop #1 but the last in the route.


Yeah, pretty sure Casitas is the first stop. At least, it always has been on my way back to CSR from the parks.


Thanks, @bebe80! I printed the pdf and am going to have my hubby and kids look it over as well as referring to it when we’re there. :smile: