WDW Transportation

I was just reviewing @len account of using the two-bus approach to get to HS early (bus to AK, then to Boardwalk). This might be appealing for our group of 7 since Lyft/Uber is going to require finding not just one but two rideshares in those busy rope drop hours. Also since we are as ASMo we will be fairly close to AK. What is the most direct path from the Boardwalk bus stop to the path to HS? Via the tennis courts, or is there a sidewalk along the southern wing of the building that connects to the path? Also just to confirm are there always buses back to the resorts even before AK opens?

Just an fyi if you still consider uber/lift, you can preschedule your rides days in advance so you’re not hoping for a last minute pickup. I’ve done this with uber many times. Still the two ride thing is annoying (we have 6 and pre-covid we could take an uber xl, but not now)

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Yes, by the tennis courts would be the most direct from the bus stop. There is no other connecting sidewalk to the HS path without backtracking through the lobby or getting into a locked door that only a BW guest can open. I think the early AK buses will go right back to the resorts they came from to do another AK trip or be reassigned to go from those resorts to another park opening, so that should be safe, but I haven’t done it, so might need more confirmation on that.

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It looks like you have to walk through the tennis court. Is that gate locked or need guest-only access?

I was wondering about that too but assumed you can walk right next to the fence without entering the courts, maybe not?

This is the route I usually take.


Thank you! Image saved.

What time would you be at bus stop for AK if heading to HS during spring break (early April)?

HS will open around an hour before official opening. So be at bus stop … maybe 2 hours, 15 minutes before that? There’s a chance you’ll hit everything exactly right and be at DHS super-early, but that’s what I’d do.

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Sorry - that’s 2 hours, 15 mins before DHS opens.

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Seems like somewhere I heard that they have WiFi on buses…am I just imagining that? This will also be our one and only HS day as the selling out of APRs forced me to give up our backup for HS. We are bringing people who have never ridden ROTR, so the pressure is on. I can see it would be ideal to be at buses at 6:45, but it makes me a little anxious to potentially be on a bus or somewhere out of WiFi range at 0700. Alternatively we could make a beeline for buses immediately after 7. What would you recommend?

I mean, cell service is slower but more reliable than Disney WiFi, so this isn’t the end of the world. The key is to have as many people trying as possible (because it’s a lottery).


I agree with @len on this.

Each time I did it, I used cell service. Disney Wifi is terribly unreliable, and I didn’t want it failing me at the critical moment. As such, in the three attempts, I managed BG2, BG 12, and BG 5. So using cell wasn’t a liability, for sure.


I’ll be at All Star Movies… oh god, tomorrow.

Starting both days at the MK. Would the smart money put me at the bus stop 6:30-6:45am to rope drop?

There’s a sick part of me that would rather Lyft at 6am to try out the new Grand Floridian walkway, but I’d also like to survive the whole day.

Has it been confirmed that you can uber/lyft to a monorail resort and use walking path? I thought you had to have an ADR or at minimum mobile order but heard mixed reviews on mobile order.

That’s about the time we’ve been hitting the bus stops. Maybe earlier for a value resort? I’m not sure if those are busier. We were the only ones on our bus this morning. It came right about 7

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90 minutes before the opening time of the park you’re going to :+1:

How are things at ASMo so far? We will be there in 2 weeks! Hoping buses won’t be too bad since the other all stars aren’t open.

Are you guys saying be at bus stop 630-645 for a scheduled 8 am opening or for a scheduled 9 am opening? Since the parks are opening 45 minutes-ish before listed opening time, I was not sure if you meant real opening or scheduled opening? Even writing that confused me.

this morning i got to the bus line a little after 630 and the first bus arrived dead-on 645am. made it to the MK super early, goofed around a bit and was in line for thunder mountain by 730.

the food court last night was extremely competent. i did mobile order, took five minutes. super organized.