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Hi, did anyone try to purchase tickets from Boardwalk Ticketing. They seem to be much cheaper than any other vendor. Are they legit?

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Never heard of them. They don’t come up in any wdw search that I just did. Can’t see them listed as approved seller anywhere.

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I would stay away. They only bought the domain in February this year.

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I would recommend using the Disney Ticket Discount Search on the touring plans website. I’ve used Undercover Tourist and ParkSavers.com with no issues.

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That’s the thing…they ARE coming up on the touringplans website as a ticket option - the cheapest, in fact. I wonder if they’re a different website that was rebranded…

@sunflare if Boardwalk Ticketing is coming up in the TP discount ticket search then I have more confidence that they are reputable. If you have concerns then maybe contact @len or webmaster@touringplans.com

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Boardwalk Ticketing is legit. It’s run Dean Gibbons, by the same guy who helped start ParkSavers. His partners wanted to take ParkSavers in a slightly different direction, away from WDW tickets. Dean decided to go out on his own to focus on WDW.

Let me know what y’all think of them. Obviously, we’re only going to put companies in the calculator if we trust them, and if they continue to do a good job. And we don’t have any sort of agreements with the companies listed, meaning we can add and remove them based on your feedback.


Tangential to the conversation - Undercover was AWESOME saved so much money on recent trip with them. Used them for Universal and WDW. Saved so much I was actually able to EAT at WDW!!!

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Very good to know, @len! As an aside, I used their “Contact Us” form to ask a question, and got a detailed response in a matter of hours. So far, I’m impressed :slight_smile:


I plan on buying my tickets this week and will be buying them from Boardwalk Ticketing…thanks to the ticket search here on TP. I’ve bought from Undercover in the past and they have been great…but if I’m buying the same product and someone else has it cheaper…that is how the free market works.

@len, thank you for giving me a little more confidence in my upcoming purchase!

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Do ticket prices fluctuate on these kinds of sites? As in should I buy ASAP or do prices stay the same?

They fluctuate but not on a daily basis. Generally they bulk buy and get a discount. Each time they get a new lot if tix they get a diff discount which changes the price they can sell them at.


Just wanted to add that it appears Boardwalk ticketing is offering some fabulous deals! I was looking into a 5 day ticket and a 7-day ticket WITH park hopper and water parks is actually cheaper! I will likely go with this and feel a lot better about popping into the park for a couple hours on our travel days!

I just noticed that, too, @melcort10!! What a nice surprise to see that. Was searching for a child ticket (I have an AP), and when I was comparing a 4 day PH to a 5 day PH, Boardwalk didn’t even show a 5 day option. Went straight to the 7 day, which is the same price as the 4 day. Wow!!

We just bought a few of those 5-day hoppers with water park addition. We got 2 adults and 1 child…and saved $182 total versus buying just the regular 5-day hopper directly from Disney. $182!!! That’s enough of a savings that we may actually go down a day early and use that money to get a value or moderate room our first night before moving over to OKW.

The buying process was simple and 2-3 days after buying, we got our ticket numbers and those are now attached to each family member on MDE. I can tell you that our tickets were Expedia vouchers, though I can’t say every ticket Boardwalk Ticketing sells is the same.

Just ordered 7 day park hoppers from Boardwalk, saved about 300 but I feel a little nervous for some reason? But I am hoping that the transaction goes smoothly, I will update when I get the tickets.

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I just have a clarification - is ParkSavers still considered a legitimate and OK source to use to buy WDW tickets? This morning, I used the TP Discount Ticket finder and it pulled up Boardwalk deals but upon clicking the link to BW, I’m not seeing those deals listed. I just checked PS directly (which is the site that had been recommended the last time I looked on the TP Ticket finder, a few months ago), and it has comparable deals listed, but didn’t pull on the TP Ticket finder. Thank you very much!

Yes, they’re both good sites.

Let me know the number of theme park days, water park days, and park hop option, please. I’d like to see what the ticket calculator is returning. Thanks Kristin!

Sure! I searched 2 adults, 2 children, 4 days, park hop option, no advanced search options.

Thanks @Kristin.winn. I’ve told the folks at BWT about the lack of a 7-day ticket on their main page.

Here’s the page they’ve created for us, which is supposed to list their current prices. That lists the 7-day Hopper at the price we have.

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