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Just ordered the 7-day PH deal…will post an update once I have the tickets "in hand’ and have them linked to our magic bands.

I used Boardwalk a couple of weeks ago. There are a few things you should know.

Soon after purchasing the tickets on-line, I received an e-mail from Broadway and an e-mail from Expedia containing vouchers for my tickets. These cannot be linked in MDE, you have to wait for the confirmation code. The Code can take up to 72 hours. It took 54 hours to receive my code. I could not link code in MDE had to call Disney, they linked no problem.

If you have to call Expedia (No. is on vouchers) understand the e-mail associated with the order will be info@boardwalkticketing and the name will be the individual who send you the e-mail from Boardwalk.

I wish I had known about the 72 hour delay on getting the confirmation code but otherwise good experience would use them again. Oh, I saved $351.00 over Disney for 7 day Hoppers for 4 adults.



I received my notification yesterday with my codes to link to MDE and the link was seamless. I entered the codes and voila!, we are linked and ready to go. I do recall seeing on the boardwalk ticketing website that the codes would take UP TO THREE DAYS. I received emails letting me know my order was received, that it was in process and that the codes would be arriving shortly. Great communication throughout the process.

I felt the process was smooth and super easy and am so happy to have saved $$. Thanks to Touring Plans and Boardwalk Ticketing!


Another positive review here! (Which I will also post on their site.) I purchased the 7-day MYW with Park Hopper even though we only really needed 5 park days. I bought it on 7/14 at 9:15am and received a confirmation email right away. On 7/15 at 10:42pm I received the Expedia confirmation that included the MDE codes. All I had to do was copy and paste them in about 3 steps. Couldn’t be easier!

Thanks for helping me feel better about this option. It definitely seems like a great price! I am curious, though, what is an “expedia voucher”? do you actually get tickets, or do you have to pick something up somewhere?

Do you have MBs? You can link the voucher directly to your MB. If you do not you will have to go to GS to get your ticket. Undercover Tourist does not have as big of a discount but they mail tickets.

The “expedia voucher” is an email from expedia with a code in in. You can type the codes into MDE and link the tickets to allow you to make FP+ reservations. However, you can also go to guest services in the park and receive a physical ticket there.

People are saying on the BT FB page that they’ve closed their doors. EEK. Are our tickets we bought through them, and linked, still valid??

They are definitely still linked and still valid. They would not have linked in the first place if they were invalid. Perhaps they were just not making the money that they hoped for. I imagine it would be hard with the low prices they charged!

Len posted on chat last night that they were closing. I think he said at Disney’s “direction” was that the word?

That’s interesting! Especially since that has not been Boardwalk Ticketing’s response. Granted I doubt they want to say we are shutting down permanently. I would assume for those who bought tickets they should be fine.

What did Boardwalk Ticketing say? TP removed them from the ticket calculator the other day?

I wonder did Touring Plans remove them simply because their website is down and cannot populate prices? Its been down for a couple of days.

This is the response I got from Boardwalk Ticketing when I reached out to customer service:

“We don’t know how long it’ll be down for at this moment, we’re
fixing some problems with Expedia and don’t have a timetable just yet.
Hopefully soon though! If you need them right away I would recommend parksavers.com, they have some great deals as well!”

@len posted TP removed them from the calculator at I thought Boardwalk Ticketing request? I hope he can clarify here?

That may make sense if they knew they were in negotiations with Expedia and didn’t know how long that may be? I am not sure if we will get a clear answer/explanation from what is going on. I don’t feel like Boardwalk was a shady seller, maybe just too new? The people running Boardwalk used to be a part of Parksavers hence the close working relationship. I bought from them and have my tickets linked to use in January. They look normal and seem good to go. Its all the rumors and speculations that keep swirling that make people nervous. I just with Boardwalk would post on their facebook or site a better explanation to calm others nerves.

I just got this message from Boardwalk Ticketing as well:

“We’re working out some problems with Expedia right now but hopefully
we’ll be back up soon! All of our tickets will work just fine, they’ve
been processed through Disney’s system and cannot be undone! Let me know
if you have any other questions!”

Yes, I got a request from BWT’s owner, Dean, to remove them from the ticket calculator.

He’s since told me he’s working on another supplier of the tickets, and hopes to be back in business soon.

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And just to add: I don’t think there’s anything shady going on with BWT or with ParkSavers.

My understanding of the big picture is that Disney is concerned that Expedia vouchers are going to price out some of Disney’s stable, long-term ticket discounters. Disney’s preference is for a stable supply of discounters, none of which has enough market share to demand anything from Disney. Expedia is a threat to that goal.

ParkSavers and BWT are essentially playing pieces in a bigger game.

I could be wrong on all of this.



I bought ours. Received the links and they added to my WDW experience page just fine. I would think k they are legit

Hello! I was wondering it anyone has used Boardwalk Ticketing recently to purchase tickets? Thanks!