Boardwalk Ticketing?

Has anyone used Boardwalk Ticketing? They have a great deal on a 4 day Park Hopper with 3 free days. I only need a 5 day hopper, but with this deal, the 7 day is actually cheaper!

I’m a bit hesitant because I’ve never heard of them.

Also, if they email you your ticket #, is it easy enough to link to MDE to make FP+? In the past I’ve always purchased our tickets from AAA and they sent physical tickets.


There is another thread a little bit farther down, but they are fully legit and have specific deals for TouringPlans users. I am also taking advantage of the 7 day ticket even though we only need 5 days! They send you a voucher via email that you can link to MDE.

Thank you!

In case someone comes to this thread Boardwalk Ticket thread

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