WDW Reservation Finder - Wish List

This thread is for changes or enhancements that you would like to see in the WDW Reservation Finder. For feedback please use the thread: WDW Reservation Finder in Beta Testing. If you like someone else’s suggestion use the like button to help us prioritise enhancements.

You can find the link for the WDW Reservation Finder on yourTouring Plans dashboard, or the Advance Dining Reservations page. The direct link is http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/reservation-finder.


I would love to search a user specified time period so I’m not getting alerts for times 1 1/2-2 hour from my ideal.
Thanks so much. You all are great!


If there is a way to put in a restaurant that will be opening soon, so we get a notification immediately when ADRs open for it. For example, I am hoping for Skipper’s Cantina and want to make an ADR as soon as they go live. Thank you for asking Steve! And thanks for all the great features in TP!


I would like to have it continue to search after the ADR is found. Would rather have to stop the search once I book the ADR rather than go back in and request again if I couldn’t get it. Such a great feature! Thanks for all the hard work going into this😀


I agree with @nursesluvmcstuffins, mine hit on something last night at 1:30, I restarted at 6:30 this morning and the search has not yet resumed. I know it takes a while to get activated, and I know you don’t want a bunch of old searches cluttering things up…maybe a confirmation to continue that you have to click within a certain time, but not an immediate stop of the search? Just a thought, love the search and encouraged that I have had two hits so far, thank you for doing this!


First, I love this addition to touring plans!

My suggestion - add functionality to allow one single search to cover a full day (breakfast/lunch/dinner or just lunch/dinner depending on the location). Not sure if this is possible since Disney’s system isn’t set up this way, but just wanted to throw it out there.

Side note - I like the restart option you added to start a search again if we aren’t fast enough to grab it.



In addition to keeping search “live” after first notification (rather than re-entering) having the option for “exact time” or “2 hour range” would be nice. A list of pending requests as well. Great service - thank you!


I love this new function! One thing that I would like which is only sort of related to this is a way to search with a date range and see all available reservations. There used to be a page that did this, but it no longer functions. It was incredibly useful, especially for those planning for a vacation on relatively short notice.


Just set up 3 searches, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Best to you.

@SteveBloom this absolutely rocks. I realize that the search parameters match/mirror the options found on the drop downs on the WDW site, so I imagine that those are the queries you’re limited to & what comes back is whatever WDW responds with in response to the query.

It would still be cool to be able to specify a specific time range.
I’m not sure how that translates to which querie(s) TP would send to WDW’s system, but I’m sure at the very least you could filter WDW’s responses & not alert a guest if WDW’s response is outside the time-range parameters.

Nevertheless, I’d opine that this is nit-picking of the highest order, because one can’t specify a time range on the WDW site directly anyway. :smile:

Kudos for an outstanding feature.

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Really like this new feature. The main improvement I would like to see would be the ability to put in an acceptable results range, and if the reservation found is not in that range it is not reported and the search remains active. For example, I currently have a search for HBD at 6:30 that keeps returning a 7:30 result which I do not want. I restart the search, and usually quite quickly I get the 7:30 result again. I would like to be able to put in for a 6:30 reservation and also specify that I only want results between 6:15 and 7:00


I love the new feature, I was able to grab a BOG for a 6:05pm time yesterday! Yay!

I do however wish that you could tell it to ignore a specific reservation or to specify a certain time range.

For example I have asked for a 8:00am reservation and there is a 8:20am available but that time would be too late for me so I don’t want that one but the reservation finder keeps dinging me for the 8:20. The first reservations are at 8:00 so I have selected 7:00 hoping that will catch any 8:00am reservations but miss the 8:20 one. That’s were the option to ignore a suggested reservation would be nice, when it comes up as found just have a ignore and continue option so that it would continue to look. I just hope that since the first reservation isn’t until 8:00 it doesn’t mess things up by putting a 7:00 time in??


If it was me, I would book the 8:20 reservation and keep searching for the 8:00. If the 8:00 reservation does not show up, just go to the reservation early.

I have an 8:20 for that restaurant already but for scheduling reasons I am trying to get a 8:00. Otherwise, yes I would take the 8:20 just in case.

I thought we would go early and see if we could get seated early if I don’t get the earlier reservation. Thanks.

This is amazing! i needed 4 ADR’s and it found it all! The only one left to find is a Fantasmic Package one. Is there a way to search for that? Thanks!

I would like to be able to enter my adrs on my dashboard including confirmation numbers.

So is about 90 million others

There continue to be posts on chat looking for dessert parties. Is it possible to add the IllumiNations and Wishes desserts parties as choices?


Yes, the deserts parties and special events that use the online reservation system will be added. It won’t be until we update our database.

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It would be GREAT if we could put in multiple phone numbers for text message alerts. I have a work mobile and a home mobile and although I always have both with me, notifications are usually turned off on one of them. Additionally, my husband works a different shift than I do…he might have been able to catch that 1:30 AM alert that I missed!

Great work!