WDW Reservation Finder - Wish List

Ok so i have it set up for a hollywood and vine ‘breakfast’ on 26/4/2016.

which is now available as its 180 days out but nothing received?

Last check was at 6:34 AM EDT now lines open at 7 correct?

doesnt it make sense that it should have come back to me by now?

I may be misunderstanding the point? or maybe its not clear?


So I then got alerts at 7:26 AM EDT which is great and very impressive.

Is there a reason it doesnt check closer to ticket/reservation release?

It checks once an hour all day long and it varies when during the hour it checks. Probably depends how many other reservations it is looking for at the same time? Not sure.

The Reservation Finder is like the Tortoise from The Tortoise and the Hare. The power of the Reservation Finder is that it is consistent and keeps searching until there is a successful match. The Reservation Finder is tuned to find hard to get reservations. If a reservation already exists, you can go directly to the Disney wedsite and find the reservation faster. Your request is put in a queue and processed with similar requests.

It is our goal to search for each reservation multiple times an hour.

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Out of curiosity, do you search for each specific reservation request in your database, or do you do a search for all available reservation times and then match those times to the requests?

Well it certainly worked and it’s a fair point I wonder if eventually an optimisation for a new booking as soon as they are released would even be worth it? Probably not then.

We only search for specific reservations. If multiple users are searching for the same reservation each user will get the same alert and hopefully one of them will grab it.

My impression is that what the software does is exactly what anyone would ordinarily do if they were checking the wdw site a couple times an hour, right? Except it goes 24 hours without sleeping, and never forgets to check

Just want to say a belated kudos to @Len, @SteveBloom, and the TP team for an outstanding feature which is well thought-out, seemed to do exactly what it was designed to do right from beta mode, is very user-friendly… and really bailed me out on my most recent trip when I was very late making ADRs. Started only a couple of weeks before and TP enabled me to snag every ressie I looked for including BOG. Only a 10:30 beaches & cream didn’t show up (10:10 did, but illuminations was at 10pm that night.) I later found out that B&C is open until 11pm, and ressies only go out until 10:15 or so.

For this grateful liner, the ADR finder was an unqualified success.


I would love to be able to check for candlelight processional dinner reservations. Maybe this will be added when the dessert parties are added.

THANK YOU very much for this wonderful feature. I used it this week and got every ADR I needed (including 8:20 BOG) within five days of arrival…perfectly ideal for this last minute trip. I am so excited to have stumbled across it. Very impressive indeed.

I agree that it would be great to be able to keep a search going when one gets an alert rather than going back in to restart the search. However, it really wasn’t that big of a deal and it all worked out for our trip.

Much appreciated!

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Hi there. I am got a notification but am having trouble with the provided link. I get a server error message when clicking through

Here is the link I received last night. It came at 1:30 am so I didn’t see it until this morning. It was gone by then so perhaps that is why the link gets an error?



The server error message occurs if the link has already been used, or if there is too long of a lag between when the reservation was found and when the link was used. Disney should give a better message for expired links.

If you get the server error you need to go back to the Reservation Finder and re-activate the search.

Good luck with your search. We have been surprised how successful the Reservation Finder is.

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Thanks! I figured as much but wanted to check in to make sure. It’s a great tool!

Hi again Steve. Wanted to check in and let you know that i got the BOG ADR. Thanks!

I did get the server message error again. However, this time, it must have been because there was too much time between the reservation being found and using the link. The ADR was found at 5 am and I didn’t use it until 8 am today. :smile:

I decided to give it a try anyway and it was still available on MDE. Lucky me. I’m not sure if there is any info on the TP site about the possibility of getting a “server error” message and what it means. If there isn’t, my feedback would be to put some info about it on the TP site, so folks know why they are getting that message and recommend they try anyway.

Thanks again for a great tool.


Great new feature. I would just say that people who want a fairly specific time should avoid using “Breakfast”, “Lunch” or “Dinner” for their requests. I was looking for a lunch BOG reservation, which, in my mind was around 11:30 or 12, but the system alerted me to a 10:20 availability. Not what I wanted, so I reset my request to be more specific and I’m trying again. So maybe just a warning in the instructions of what time intervals those three requests will search.

This has worked wonderfully for me! Thank you! As feedback, today it found a breakfast for me. The search was no longer active, which makes sense and is how it is supposed to work, but I couldn’t delete it. It allowed me to start another search with one active and one inactive. It immediately found the one I was searching for, so I then manually restarted the search I no longer needed just so I could delete it. For my trip last month, I had 6 or so searches set (before the limit was 2), and as they were found for me I could delete them. So something has changed, maybe it’s intentional, but in case it’s not I thought I’d let you all know.

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Were dessert parties ever added? I can’t find them.

No, they are not on the list as far as I know. Are you looking for one that hasn’t been released yet?

No, one that is sold out - Frozen Dessert Party on 8/20. I was able to score a reservation for 4, but there are 8 of us.

Please add dessert parties to the reservation finder

Is it possible to add Space 220 to the list? I would love to get an alert as soon as it goes live. If staff is starting in April/May, I’m assuming it will likely be open by August. Fingers crossed!