WDW Reservation Finder in Beta Testing

I hope so, too!

My requests have not been searched since 12:30 edt today. I hit the green button to try to restart them. Says active and has yellow button but there has been no search for hours. Just FYI

Same here. No search since 12:45 pm. Search says active.

I have the same issue as above - the search stopped yesterday

Yesterday afternoon we had a server go down. If your search has not run in the past hour, please send an email to reservation_finder@touringplans.com with the details of your search.

This is all a part of testing :smile:

We currently have over 1,600 active searches.

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If you have suggestions for changes or enhancements please use the thread: WDW Reservation Finder - Wish List


The “last checked at” time is fixed, A code update on 11/5 was not writing the “last checked at” with no results, so it looked like we had done no checks for the past 24 horus.

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I just wanted to say that this is AMAZING!!! We have a last minute trip, and so I was fairly certain there was no way we would be able to get a reservation at Be Our Guest during our stay. This morning I used the new Reservation Finder and within 3 hours we have a Be Our Guest reservation for the exact day we wanted.

I would love to see an “anytime” option… for example, if I just want to eat at a particular place but I don’t care fhich meal, I’d love to be able to select anytime. I went ahead and just did three seperate requests for breakfast, lunch and dinner - so that worked fine… but we would have taken any of those meals.

Thanks again… this worked so perfectly and I look like a hero!!! :slight_smile:


I put in a request for CM breakfast for 12/10/15 or 12/11/15. I immediately got a hit, but I couldn’t make a reservation at that time. I re started the search and made the times more specific. I got a hit while i was on my computer looking at wdw dining. the ADR wasn’t there.

Every time I restart it, it gives me the same reservation for CM 7:20 am on 12/10. Whenever I go into the WDW system, it isn’t there

It is possible that someone else got to the reservation before you. You can send an email with the details of your search to reservation_finder@touringplans.com.

There are a number of restaurants that do not appear in alphabetical order in the drop-down list, for example House of Blues, W Puck Dining Room, and Spirit of Aloha.

So excited to say that I got a dinner reservation at BOG on a MVMCP night next month!
Thanks for your diligence in building this tool and working so closely with it during this beta test.

Just some feedback: I’ve been searching for a H&V 8am for 3 on 10/14 for the past couple days. Just set up an adr finder through here a few hours ago, checked MDE again at 3:45 and one showed up, but I never got an alert. Hope this feedback will help!

I’ve done 2 searches and secured both ADRs within 3 days. Thanks. Great product

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On an iPhone 6s, the “alert” checkbox is under the text and unclickable. Just FYI.

Thanks for the service!

Is there a limit on the number of active searches you can have going at one time?

Currently there is a limit of ten searches per user.

I got a text yesterday about my search and was able to jump onto my computer and get a BOG reservation for Nov. 5. I’m very, very happy with the service!! You’re all awesome! It worked perfectly!

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You people are geniuses!! I can’t wait to use this for next trip! :smile:

I noticed that my searches haven’t been “searched” since the 8:00 hour (8:54 is the latest one). It’s 1:03. I’m in EDT. Just wondering how frequently the searches are being run now?