WDW Reservation Finder in Beta Testing

I see that my reservations are now being checked. It took about 24 hours for the status to change - I thought maybe I was doing something incorrectly.

“Still checking” means there has been no match found. Once a match is found the status will go green and the link to the found times will be displayed. Once a reservation is found the system stops searching. If you want to restart the search you have to click the restart button.

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If you entered an email address, you should have received an email at the same time you got the text message. If your email address is correct and the email did not land in the spam folder. please send an email to: reservation_finder@touringplans.com

I set up a search for 0900; but have been getting 10:35 every time I reactivate the search. I understand why based on previous posting. But I wish there is a way to set it up so that when I re-set it to continue to search, it will not give me the same available time of 10:35 and stop searching. I cannot do 10:35 because we need to catch a shuttle at 11:35. May be I will reactivate it later the day after someone book the 10:35. But would have been nice if I don’t have to wait.

I think it is going to be very useful.

The next update of the code, we will limit the alerts to +/- 1 hour. In a future release, we’re talking about letting the user set up the range of times. For now, you might want to change your search time to 8:00 and hope Disney does not return the 10:35 spot.

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hi, ive been after a wishes or hallowishes reservation, are these not searchable?

Once we are through the testing phase we will add all events and restaurants that use Disney online reservation system.


I signed up for three searches and in 12 minutes received a text for BOG breakfast on NY weekend! Perfect!!


Thank you @steve

SO grateful! Got BoG for our party of 6 during the holidays. I’ve been looking for about a month. It took you less than 12 hours! :slight_smile:


@SteveBloom With the recent shutdown of other WDW reservation websites, is TouringPlans expecting a cease and desist any time soon, or do you have special permission from Disney for this service?

edit: Oh yeah! I love the service and it seems to work beautifully. I snagged a BOG lunch for my upcoming December trip in less than 48 hours. Thanks for the hard work.

We have read the Disney rules, and we are staying within them. We are offering the service at no cost. Hopefully, Disney will keep their focus on the sites trying to charge for the service.


I hope so, too!

My requests have not been searched since 12:30 edt today. I hit the green button to try to restart them. Says active and has yellow button but there has been no search for hours. Just FYI

Same here. No search since 12:45 pm. Search says active.

I have the same issue as above - the search stopped yesterday

Yesterday afternoon we had a server go down. If your search has not run in the past hour, please send an email to reservation_finder@touringplans.com with the details of your search.

This is all a part of testing :smile:

We currently have over 1,600 active searches.

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If you have suggestions for changes or enhancements please use the thread: WDW Reservation Finder - Wish List


The “last checked at” time is fixed, A code update on 11/5 was not writing the “last checked at” with no results, so it looked like we had done no checks for the past 24 horus.

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I just wanted to say that this is AMAZING!!! We have a last minute trip, and so I was fairly certain there was no way we would be able to get a reservation at Be Our Guest during our stay. This morning I used the new Reservation Finder and within 3 hours we have a Be Our Guest reservation for the exact day we wanted.

I would love to see an “anytime” option… for example, if I just want to eat at a particular place but I don’t care fhich meal, I’d love to be able to select anytime. I went ahead and just did three seperate requests for breakfast, lunch and dinner - so that worked fine… but we would have taken any of those meals.

Thanks again… this worked so perfectly and I look like a hero!!! :slight_smile: