WDW Reservation Finder in Beta Testing

You can find the link for the WDW Reservation Finder on yourTouring Plans dashboard, or the Advance Dining Reservations page. The direct link is http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/reservation-finder.

If you find a bug or something does not seem to be working correctly, please send an email to: reservation_finder@touringplans.com

A couple of things:

  1. It’s free to the entire world. You’ll still need a login, so we can send you emails and alerts, but even the free logins work.
  2. We’re still working through some scaling issues this week, so be patient;
  3. Please use this thread for feedback

If you have suggestions for changes or enhancements please use the thread: WDW Reservation Finder - Wish List


One person reported problems entering their phone number. I had the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S6. To get around the problem, if you put the cursor at the end of the field the numbers will be entered correctly.

Signed up for alerts about 8am and got my alert that my ADR was available at 12:41pm! BOG dinner at my requested time during Thanksgiving week! Great service!!! Thanks guys!


Signed up at 6:30 am and by 10:15 got the ADR we wanted! Thank you!


There are three ways to be notified: email, text message, and Touring Plans alert. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 types of notifications. Touring Plans alert will show up in the Lines App and Touringplans.com Dashboard. The checkbox labeled Alert is just for the Touring Plans alerts.

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Received my notification about 45 minutes after entering it in. Great service!

So, what happens after I receive notifications? Is there a link? Do I go to MDE and do it myself? Just want to have my ducks in a row

How do I know that my alert is set up? I hit save, but doing it on my phone and nothing really happened. Is there a way to check?

I’m wondering the same

Reservation Finder will send you a link that will take you to the MDE web page to enter the guests’ names and finish making the reservation. If the link does not take you to this page, either of two things happened. 1) The reservation is no longer available; someone else got it before you. 2) The link expired. If you do not react to the notification in a timely matter the hold that Disney puts on the search is canceled. In either case you can go back to the Reservation Finder page and re-activate the search.

I signed up around noon CST and got an alert at 4. Getting the reservation worked beautifully, and now we will have lunch at BOG the week of Thanksgiving!

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If you go back to the Reservation Finder page, you should see the status under your request.

RED=Expired, nothing found
YELLOW=Still Working
GREEN=Found a match


I put in an alert for Ohana and got 3 notifications within a few hours - not the time I was hoping for, so I easily renewed the search each time. Works awesome! :smile:

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Thanks! - I didn’t see any listed so it didn’t work the first time. I redid it and I can see it now and I also got a text when it went through. Hoping for a BOG birthday lunch for DD2!

Great! Thanks.

Can you enter more than one request at a time?

Yes. Each user can entry up to 10 searches.

Is there any way to add Dessert party (like Hallowishes) as a searchable item? I didn’t see it as an option.

Just got BOG lunch for Dec 23! I have been obsessively checking for a month with no luck. Thank you!!!