WDW Reservation Finder in Beta Testing

So excited with this addition. Is there a way to see the requests I have in your system? I cannot figure out how to see them

Your searches will show up on the same page you eater them. If you are a mobile version, each search is on its own page, and there is a page navigation at the bottom. You might need to refresh the page.


Thanks, Len, Steve, and all of the behind-the-scenes people who have created this. You just keep making TP better and better! Could BBB possibly be added to this search in the future? Or maybe it is more complicated as those reservations require a call to a dedicated number? Thanks again for your thoughtful work!

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I have not yet tried this - my ADR day is still ten days away - but wow - this is SO great!! Thanks for creating this.

Just some quick thoughts. The finder is working beautifully. Instructions are easy to follow. It’s a very simple process. Texts are coming through great. In a perfect world, what I would like to see is a specific search field for times. I put in a search for B & C for 5:00 and I am getting times like 3:20 back. What I would like to do is refine to a smaller time frame so I can get close to my ideal. Asking too much? Maybe.
Otherwise, it’s great and a huge plus for those busy days when one would take anything available.

Pretty sure this software is linked to the Disney system. Disney provides the timeframes close to one’s ideals- so not sure how TP’s software could narrow it down since the Disney reservation system is spitting the times out- not the software.

This tool will be invaluable. I won’t be in the World for about another year but I am very excited to be able to automate the tedious searching for those ADRs I can’t get in the wee hours of the morning on day -180. How often are our search queries performed? I set up a couple test searches that currently have availability on WDW website. Again, thank you for such a simple but effective tool!

You are correct. If you request 5pm and 7pm is the only thing available, Disney will return the 7pm reservation. We were talking about not notifying of the reservation and just keep searching. With Disney, choosing “Dinner” or “6pm” would give the same results for hard to find reservations.

Have been OCD and checking for the second week in November (free dining - so my odds are about equal to winning the lottery it seems)

Got two hits for BOG within 48 hours of signing up. Missed them both, but that’s on me, not the service.

Love this service and thank you.

I’m not getting text messages, so I’m going to double check and make sure I set it up correctly.


It’s really encouraging to see that there are still possibilities even close to one’s travel dates. Best of luck finding your rezzies.

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If the text messaging is not working, send an email to reservation_finder@touringplans.com with your information and we can see what’s going on. In the email tell us if you got the initial text message asking you to accept text alerts? You needed to reply to that message.

That’s what I was suggesting. If your soft wear could not hold ressie and not notify unless it falls under parameters set by user. So for my example I would set for 4:45-5:15. Others may like a 2 hr window or more.

Thanks to all involved for a great service! I put in my requests (3 of them) yesterday and got one hit today already. While I’m sure it’s not totally going to break my habit of checking (grin) - it’s keeping the checks down to a minimum level. And I wouldn’t have been checking when my text came through - so THANKS!

As a note to the issue of the time window it is searching - I assumed it would work the same way it would if you searched on Disney’s site (and it does). I have no problem seeing possible hits that are around a time I suggested, especially since it’s so easy to renew your search.

Thanks again for the great service!

Worked for me! Just got an alert for Chef Mickeys brunch. Clicked the link, signed into my acct and made the reservation! Thank you so much! Eating here before we head to MK for MVMCP :slight_smile:

As a test I set up a couple searches for reservations that are still available through Disney’s site but haven’t received any alerts. How often are the searches performed by your system? How many of the Alert options can we choose? Should it only be one or can we use all three? I don’t see Lines in the Notifications settings on my iPhone. Is it currently capable of sending notifications? Is there an app update pending? Or am I just blind? Thank you for your help and for the new service :grinning:

We are still working through some scaling issues. Once your requests gets into the queue the reservations will be found. We can control the frequency each time a reservation is searched for. Currently it is set at every 15 minutes. You can choose all alert types. If you have any Touringplans Alerts, they will show up at the top of the home page in the Lines App.


Thank you very much. Good luck squashing bugs and optimizing!

Great service! Thank you! It’s great everyone is having so much luck. Just curious - what does “still checking” mean on the yellow status. Does that mean there have been no matches found, or that a search hasn’t begun, yet? TIA!

Also, should we get a confirmation email? I did get a text message this morning, but also entered my email to receive alerts. Thanks!

Yippee!!! This is me doing the happy dance in my PJs after scoring an O’hana dinner reservation this morning!!!

I so want to find a dancing monkey emoticon to express my joy.

Love, love this!!!

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