WDW and DL to re-theme Splash Mountain to Princess and the Frog

In your top three is not your favourite! Besides

I stand by this!

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I guess this means no more br’er bear and br’er fox in the Hoedown Happening. That they can implement right away.

given the discussion about FL bars closing…
Don’t forget about grapes, grains, etc and their very good changes…



That was my exact thought!! but unfortunately they are retheming both

My thoughts on re-theming the area around Splash.

Map today:

  1. Move the "briar patch and put a new entrance there, then create a little divider between the new entrance and the train station (or just re-theme the train station to N.O., as well).

  2. Make sure to add a Beignet and coffee station near the entrance, but not so close that those waiting for family members on the ride won’t notice it.

  3. Develop the Golden Oak Outpost and re-theme Pecos Bill’s Tavern to be New Orleans-style. You could even make this a TS, but I’d like to see a TS and a QS , maybe QS in the GO Outpost area. I know the parade comes out that area, but move the road and allocate more land to a QS, making a mini N.O. square area between Frontierland and Adventureland.

So here’s what I think might work:


Wow! Sounds good to me! Now could you work on retheming Critter Country at DLR? The only thing left will be the Winnie the Pooh ride and the QS Hungry Bear Restaurant.


DD15 assuaged her grief with this art work today:



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It is if you love all three the same. . . :wink:


I won’t say it was my number one all time favorite but I do know I ALWAYS had to stop and watch the film even tho rude people would just walk and talk on thru. :grin:

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I love it!

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We didn’t always stop but more often than not.

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Or…“MOOOOOOOOOOOM! Phineas and Ferb are making us fall off of a cliff!”


Alternatively, in a similar move to his infamous Mr. Toad Takeover of '99, Winnie the Pooh could move into Splash Mountain.
First, drain all of the water and replace it with honey…


Jim Hill of the Disney Dish podcast did confirm my suspicions stated previously on this thread that Disney will give guests the chance to “say goodbye” to Splash Mountain (with all the merchandi$e and special event$ that entails) and wants to have it open for the 50th, then take it down in 2022 for refurb. The word is it would be a long refurb, much like Great Movie Ride, and would be open in 2024/2025. Also, the director for the refurb is Charita Carter, a lifelong Disneyland fan and the main overseer for the Great Movie Ride into Mickey and Minnie refurb. These are all wonderful things! I think Disney will really take its time refurbing a beloved ride and I think it’s going to be great.


240 minute wait … for the Splash Mountain Gift Shop! That’s crazy.

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It was my favorite for some odd reason.

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There’s always one :rofl:

I thought was very informative and even-handed. Thought others might be interested …