WDW and DL to re-theme Splash Mountain to Princess and the Frog


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This was a long time coming. I was surprised the Song of the South-based theming persisted as long as it has.


Facilier could be kind of scary in the tunnels. I’m sure it will still smell like… musty ride water.


I hope they use the drop as a way to escape Dr. Facilier. It definitely has potential


No more Zippity Doo Dah. :fearful:

I didn’t see if this will still be called Splash Mountain. Is that from Song of the South? :woman_shrugging:

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I understand why they’re doing this, and if it’s for the best I can’t disagree with their decision. But it doesn’t mean I won’t miss the songs and characters terribly. :sob::sob::sob: This is my favorite ride in any Disney park.

But I will try to be optimistic and enjoy the new ride, which I’m sure will be fantastic.


No. The name “Splash Mountain” isn’t tied to Song of the South, but the song is. They could keep the name of the ride…although, they might want to change the name to better separate itself from the legacy it leaves behind (for better or for worse).

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Heard this idea floated on TP podcast and think it’s a great idea. Rapunzel would have been good too, particularly for our SM which is near to the tinkle tower, I mean Rapunzel square


As much as I will miss the current version of Splash Mountain, and of course all of the awesome songs, I am hopeful that this will result in a true “plussing” of the attraction that means upgrades to sound, lighting, and maintenance. I know that maintenance for the current version is awful and very costly. I’m thinking they can bring in some of the technology they use for the Na’vi River Journey while still using some of the existing animatronics since they already have that animated look to them.

Regardless of the fact they are doing this for political reasons, I am glad they are giving this ride some attention and hope they are refurbing it to last for generations.


There are times when we have to say “but it’s sooooooooooooooo good” is not that good if it’s derogatory (if in history only) to anyone.


I was sad to see Maelstrom go, but the Frozen ride turned out amazing even if you don’t love the movie. I’m sure this will be the same.


The stories told in Splash Mountain are not racist…and are actually from African folklore…not plantation folklore. They were brought to America by slaves coming from Africa…but that doesn’t make them racist.

So the idea that the ride had to change because it represents a part of American history that celebrated slavery is categorically false. But, I can see how, at a passing glance, someone would think Splash Mountain was a celebration of Song of the South, which at a passing glance, someone would think is a celebration of the Antebellum South, even though it isn’t. Perception is reality in today’s world…so Disney is doing what they can to weather the current storms.

As long as they truly plus the attraction and don’t just re-skin it, I am “on board”.


That’s not really the problem. The problems stems from the direct and inseparable ties the ride has to Song of the South the movie. While the specific stories they put into the ride may be fine, it is that tie to the movie, particularly the use of Zippity Doo Dah, that is the problem. Even though I love the ride, the choice of using a direct SOTS connection seems like it was always a shaky decision.


I love it. Can’t wait to see what the Imagineers come up with!

Wondering…how will the height requirement of Splash effect the most princess-crazy of park guests…typically girls 5 and under and not always over 39”. Is there a character ride in DL which not all family members can ride?

ooh this will be a great way to help kids get over their fear of thrill rides! :wink:


There is no mention of Splash Mt. in the movie. (I own an old pirated VHS copy.)

Personally, I fine with the change. So many people don’t even know there is a Song of the South movie and won’t miss it. Many think the characters were created for the parks like Figment.

Inserting P&tF as a theme is far more relevant and will bring more Magic & Happiness than characters from a movie most ppl have no reference for.

I’ll miss hearing “Zippity Doo Dah”, but I can always just play it in my earbuds as I walk around the park!


I didn’t realize until recently that Splash Mountain was themed after a movie. I’ve always just associated the characters and songs with the ride.

I love it and I’ll miss it, but I’m sure the new one will be great.

If that picture in the blog article is any indication of how the new ride will look, I think it will be beautiful and enchanting.


I wouldn’t say it is for POLITICAL reasons, but CULTURAL reasons.

But, regardless, I think there is more to it than this…and, in fact, the art-work that they have and plans suggest this has been something in the works for some time. Now is just the right time to announce the change.

The fact is, the push that Disney has made over the years to use IP from their movies in their rides hasn’t done Splash Mountain any favors. There is no visceral connection for most Disney guests (particularly younger guests) to Splash Mountain. So even if you set aside ANY of the concern over the ties to SOTS, etc., you STILL have a ride that guests can’t connect to in the same they can to say, Peter Pan, or Buzz Lightyear, since there are movies that guests can actually watch.


This is the best! I was really hoping they would choose the Princess and the Frog Theme. Being from Louisiana, this will be a joy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: