Very Merriest/ Anniversary trip report

Hi guys, I’m back ( you can read all about our June trip here . I’m heading back with almost the same crew, my nephews are staying back this time but my niece (DN6) is coming with her mom. My brotherinlaw will join my sister and here kids (DN10 DT (boy and girl twins 9) my bestfriend (BF) is coming again, this time with her mom and girlfriend. And my family is down one kid so it’s just DS10 DD5, and DM.

We are heading down specifically for the Christmas after hours/party whatever they are calling it these days, and staying offsite. Tomorrow is my anniversary but since we will be attending the Christmas party me and DH are just going to do lunch. Saturday me DH, BF and her Mom and gf will head to Epcot for festival of the holidays. DSis and her crew, DN and her mom will head to seaworld. My kids are staying back with my mom.

Our flight leaves at 12:30 and I have fingers and toes crossed that there are no delays.


Have a fantastic time!

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So we landed safe and sound yesterday. Nothing to notable the kids have been having a blast just being together. I love staying on site but offsite serves its purpose for these big family trips.

Me and husband went jaleo for our anniversary lunch. It was delicious

And my gifts had me all smiles. Aristocats is my favorite Disney movie

Well be heading to MK in a bit to get in at 7. Our plan is 60% rides 40% Christmas party specifics.


I :heart_eyes: that Marie charm. I remember your trip report now bc you had all the cute Aristocat swag. Hope y’all have a good time at the party. Definitely don’t skip out on the fireworks. They’re magical!


Love your party outfit!

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Love your ears and shirt!!

It was CRAZY getting into the park and we had a ticket issue but we finally all made it in and did some pictures in front of the tree and went to see Mickey. We did barnstormer and dumbo during the fireworks. Then stopped for food. Not a great use of party time but the family need energy if we’re going to make it til 1.


The family photo is awesome!


Love it!!!

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After eating we split half did space mountain other half did Tomorrowland speedway and the teacups. We met up at buzz and then decide to take full advantage of the snacks and now we’re waiting for monsters inc laugh floor


My husband loves to show me up on this one but in my defense I was still recovering from the front row of space mountain. Man is that a different experience


Monsters inc was sooo cute it was our first time and DH was “that guy” and DN10 got to help with jokes too. Not sure it was the best use of time but we all really enjoyed it. Now we’re in line for 7DMT which I think is a 30 minute wait. So I think it will be our last ride before the fireworks


The fireworks were soooo good. Definitely the highlight for me.

We headed over to Big Thunder by the time we rode that it was almost time for the parade so we grabbed more snacks then watched the parade.

We bailed on splash mountain because it’s a bit cool. We went to do Mickey philharmagic and I must say whatever they did in that update made the show 5xs better. It looks crisper and I enjoyed the added coco scene.

We went to visit rapunzel and tiana

I really wanted to see the stage show but the kids wanted to do peterpan so off we went for our last ride of the night.

We were missing some people in our first group pic so we took one in front of the castle


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: man what a crew. I wish anyone else… ANYONE in my family liked disney enough to do something like this :rofl:
Our party is tues night. Any tips from your experience? We definitely want to see the fireworks and parade but it will be my nephew’s first time in MK, so want to hit some rides too.


Arrive by 7:00 if you don’t have a ticket/park hopper. If you’re willing to forgo Enchantment you should be able to get a few headliners done between 7-9.
And you won’t have to line up crazy early for the fireworks, so that’s a plus.




We have a hopper but were planning to come in around 715,skipper canteen 730, then knock out Adventureland and frontierland in the 830-930, then parade, then whatever we can manage in fantasyland and tmwland, then fireworks, then out. My nephew and sis in law have a 6 am flight and ours is a 7, so I don’t know how we will make it to 1130, much less 1 :rofl: the good part is my nephew doesn’t know what he’s missing so we can skip anything that isn’t walk on. Would love to get pirates, Splash, big thunder, space and buzz. That’s 5 rides, 3 of which we hope to ride before the parade. Seems doable?


The family castle photo is perfect!!


Not before the first parade, but definitely by the second if you can stay awake. :laughing:
First parade is at 9:45 … I think.
The Skipper Canteen ADR is what throws it off not knowing how the service will be. Could be 60-90 minutes there. But it’s good your nephew doesn’t know what he’s missing. :grin:

If you can skip skipper canteen and do quick service I think it would definitely be in your best interest for what you want to do. If you’re not going to watch enchantment, that’s prime ride time and I would feel super confident that you can knock out atleast 2 of the frointer/adventure land rides you want before the parade. If you do skippers canteen I feel less confident. My strategy probably won’t work for you because we skipped the first parade and watched the last one. Also if you guys can at all stomach staying to watch the fireworks at 11:15, I think it’s worth it

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