Unnecessary whiny moaning (this thread is not for WDW old-timers)

My awful list? I don’t have an awful list. I better re-read. I must have a typo. Lol

I agree with most of your list. It took me a while to figure out HoP… House of Pancakes? :grin:
Yeah, I’m mexican so yes, that attraction lost a bit of its appeal to me. I think I’ll wait a while before I see it again.


Well, how about a bottom 10 list?

I completely don’t blame you.

If you’re looking for an “Americana” fix in the interim, I think that “The American Adventure” is still as good as ever, and still worth your time. I certainly partook when I was down last March!

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My husband and I were just discussing something very similar to the topic of this thread. He is a huge Star Wars fan and finds it annoying that some that call themselves hard-core “fans” seem hell bent on hating anything new associated with it. In the same way, we are huge Boston Red Sox fans and there are some fanatic “fans” who do nothing but spew negativity about the team.

To us it absolutely makes no sense. Are we occasionally frustrated with things we love…like each other and Star Wars and the Red Sox and Disneyworld? Of course! But because we love them we naturally choose to see the best in them, not degrade them.

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Has your hubby seen Solo yet???

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Yes! He and my son both enjoyed it. I don’t think he was blown away by it, by any means, but he liked it.

I am sorry for hijacking your whiny thread @profmatt!! Want to come back and whine with me some more?

May I PM you with a theory I have to get off my chest about it? Abundant spoilers in it of course. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t. Go watch it and then come back!

I was busy with my daughter the night he went, so I haven’t seen it yet! Hope to remedy that soon!

Not a Solo word from me then!
Go watch!

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I’d be fine never seeing/doing the following ever again:

Mexican QS
Journey into Imagination (current iteration)
Star Tours
HS QS (yes, any of them)
Swiss family treehouse (until/unless refurb’d)
HOP :wink:
Finding Nemo

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We match in most amiga!
You want good Mexican QS? You come on over to my house then amiga!


Who hasn’t whined about their awful attractions yet? @rckstrscat? @ryan1? @profmatt?

It’s not awful and I know it’s a classic, but I’d personally be fine not riding IASW again. I’d never recommend that someone else not ride it at least once. It’s nostalgia at it’s finest, but I feel no need to endure it again. :wink:

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My cousin was in WDW a month ago and I told him to ride/watch/eat/drink everything. He thumped me for “making” him see IASW.


Every day I read all the new posts before I go to work, expecting that when my shift is over there will be a few new ones to read when I get back. At least once a week it seems that @profmatt sparks some kind of monster thread that swallows up my time :joy:


Awful list @k.thorne!! You’re just in time!

Today to pass time in lines at a theme park I challenged DS to tell me all the WDW rides and what they were. He described IASW as ‘that thing with creepy puppets and an annoying song that I’m never riding”. Two trips for him and he’s never been on it!


Oh I am so getting that on a t-shirt some day!!!

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