Unnecessary whiny moaning (this thread is not for WDW old-timers)

You make a valid point that there can be an elitist and off putting tone when complaining, especially to the person that has only known the newer option. It’s not fair for anyone without a time travelling DeLorean to be put in an inferior position. However, Disney does have a responsibility to continually push the limits and provide an improved product every time. Complaints on lines or here are probably not nearly as effective as those sent to Disney guest relations.

I agree with @ryan1 that I prefer old Soarin’. Though, I wasn’t a fan of the attack of the giant dust particles.

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I don’t mond when old rides/shows are compared. I’m OK with a bit of moaning, but I never use Lines.

I’m a massive moaner and I have no problem with it when someone has a bad experience. But when people start saying don’t ride that, or never eat there, I don’t like it.


I agree with you. I never saw Wishes. When I saw HEA, I almost cried. It was so amazing. I loved it. Only the latest Christmas World of Color at Disneyland made me feel like that.

However, I am also guilty of that sometimes. I just saw the new fireworks at Disneyland (the Pixar themed ones) and I was like: mah, it is fine but not the best. And your post reminded me to stop doing that.

I have to remind myself that everytime I get to the front gate of a Disney park, there is a little part of me who becomes five and is amazed. I have been to Disneyland more than 100x, and I still have that feeling of amazement. I have to work on that.


I see that mostly for food. I am super adventurous and will eat anything. And I am okay paying hundreds of dollars for a meal.

My recommendations probably won’t work for someone who wants chicken fingers…


I think that’s the point, everyone has different tastes so just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t!


I agree. Just the fact that my family can go to WDW is a blessing! If we start to feel entitled on our trip then something is up with our entire attitude!

Any vacation we go on we have to bring a good attitude and enjoy whatever happens. For instance, we rented a home on the beach in Florida and we still joke about playing Frogger to cross the street to the beach or the feral cat who adopted us and brought us shrimp heads he found from under the sofa. We also remember with delight swimming right next to stingrays as they swooped down on the shore to eat mussels and following the adorable sandpipers as they ran after the mussels before they could dig down into the wet sand. It was something I’m so glad we did.

As far as Disney, if it rains we splash in puddles and get wet and don’t care. It’s just the experience and being able to do it. No the food probably won’t be perfect but we don’t eat out a lot and on vacation I don’t have to cook- so guess what I’m happy no matter what! And I feel Disney CM’s have been wonderful to us and making sure we’re happy. I feel it has to do a lot with us not expecting them to provide the magic and us trying to let them know we appreciate their hard work.


For me, it tends to come down to responding to the question at hand; not just with an opinion but with reasons for my opinion. Mostly because I figure that reasons that I may see as a minus, someone else may well see as a plus.

For example, I dislike HEA because I don’t like the fact that they put together the projection mapping and the fireworks, and I don’t feel like the marrying of the two works in the fashion they’ve put together. I would rather see a projection mapping show that’s separate from the fireworks, and a fireworks show that’s separate from the projections.

If you’re the type of person who wants to see them all married up, then HEA may be for you. I just don’t think it works for me.

Similarly, if someone’s question is, “Which would you go see?” I try to respond with a choice and what makes it special to me.

That said, I think there are choices that have been made at WDW that are objectively terrible - for example, when they removed the original Journey into Imagination, and replaced it with Journey into Your Imagination - the latter of which was so universally panned that it was removed in <2 years. And I think it does us all a disservice to pretend that things that are objectively bad choices are anything but that.

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I still don’t like CBJ and you should save 15 minutes of your life and spare yourself the agony of talking moosehead Melvin.
The old one was waaaay better, it’s not my fault you don’t have a Dr. Who blue telephone box to time travel with. Your problem not mine.



HEA is NOT rubbish. It is amazing and I’ve yet to make it through without crying. Heck, I was listening to the score the other night on Sorcerer Radio and I started bawling still! Anything that can move a person so intensely is not rubbish.

Neither, to be fair, was Wishes or any of its iterations. I was sad when I watched the final Wishes love streamed from home, and was happy that we had seen it more than once on our trip that year.

What I find happens with these kinds of things is that people seem to think that you can’t love both the old and the new and that you’re some kind of traitorous monster if you don’t hate upon thatnwhich replaced the beloved old thing. It’s so silly and constrictive. And this from someone in the Cancer birth sign (Cancers are fiercely loyal).

As to how to sort of deal with that or manage it? I just ignore it. :wink:


Now, see, I didn’t know it was changed. I saw the original. Once. Enough to know I’d never be back to see it again. But that’s me. Others, I’m sure, feel differently. Kind of like the Tiki Room. Hate that as well, but I know there are people who love it.

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I think that’s why we have yet to have a bad time at Disney or on any other vacations! We are genuinely thrilled and feel so fortune just to be there. Is everything perfect or Disney Magical every single second? Nope! But we roll with it and we find the good in the journey.


Yes. I’ll never forget when I took my family on it in 2010 for the first time. I wasn’t the crazy Disney Liner I am today and didn’t know it had changed. I was so excited to show them my most fun ridenin epcot. I exited like this


But people who ever knew Original Figment May still love current figment (lack of caps intentional LOL). Who am I to take away from their enjoyment by crying big alligator tears over the loss of something great that was replaced by something less than mediocre? :wink::wink::wink:


Well, to be fair, current figment (Journey into Imagination with Figment is the full title) is a fair bit better than Journey into Your Imagination. While I don’t think it’s as good as the original, I think it’s still a fun ride.

As for the alligator tears… I try not to complain unsolicited. Ask me what I think, I’ll tell you. But I won’t just start off a thread with “OMG [THIS ATTRRACTION] IS AWFUL, DON’T GO!!!111!!!

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You know, even if I hate tham there bars I do have to constantly advocate for going there yourself and grinding your teeth at the jokes and deciding if you love them or hate them yourself. Once. It’s like a right of passage to see everything at least once.

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Just out of curiosity @MouseGirl42, which ones do you find awful?


Which is why even after all hear trips we strive to add new experiences each time. It’s amazing to know we haven’t seen it all yet!

I know! I want to do the WDW157+ challenge some day. I’ve never been up to the swiss family treehouse nor on Tom Sawyer Island!!! What’s your awful list amiga?

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I tend to avoid CBJ like the plague, and I have no current interest in HoP - for personal reasons.

More things are on the “take it or leave it” list for me - things that I’ll do if someone I’m with wants to, but that I don’t feel a need to visit when going solo. Things like Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Dumbo, and AstroOribiter (along with TriceraTopSpin at AK) seem redundant to me; I’ll only do one.

I happen to think HEA misses the mark on Disney’s standards, as noted above - but I have no issues with people who love it. I like the Festival of Fantasy parade, and miss MSEP.

I take a certain amount of umbrage at what I consider the de-evolution of EPCOT Center into the Epcot of today - because EPCOT Center was about a vision of progress and the future, where Epcot doesn’t seem to have anything that makes it distinct from any other park that has characters everywhere.

I think DHS is having an identity crisis right now; since they’re rebuilding half of the park, I wish they’d just do all of it.

By and large, though, I don’t think there’s many things at any of the Disney Parks that truly qualify as terrible; most of the things I don’t care for are a matter of taste more than anything.

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