Unnecessary whiny moaning (this thread is not for WDW old-timers)

That is exactly how I feel about IASW. Forced to go on it in Paris as everyone else was going on the teacups (make me pass out) and my chaperone wanted to go. Longest. Ride. Ever. Not only do repetitive noises drive me insane (covering both the song and the god awful ticking clock you can hear throughout the queue) but I have a waxwork/animatronic phobia and those puppets up my adrenaline levels

Please do!

I don’t mind it really!

Going to Anaheim for the first time in September and my mum is threatening to drag me on it there. Might have to pack my earplugs!

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It never hurts to complain. Let the powers that be know how you feel. With that said you need to complain: calmly, politely and with respect. Think of it as a petition you need X amount of signatures before someone will look at it.

I just wish they would bring back the electric light parade. I would love for my daughter to see it.

I would so love to! I hope we can meet up one day!

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I can’t find it in myself to get excited about Solo, not sure why. If I have a spare weekend (unlikely) while it’s still showing I might go, but for the first time in my star wars history I’m just not that bothered. Is it good?

Very good!!! So many classic moments, yes it gets two quichathumbs up!!!

Woah! I go off to watch the last ever episode of The Middle and I come back to a million notifications!

I’m not expert or experienced enough to have a list of things I don’t like at WDW. Even those things that went wrong last time deserve another chance. (Though, coincidentally, a number of them are not getting one this year.)

But then I avoided things I suspected I wouldn’t like, e.g. Stitch.

I have mixed feelings about HOP. I really want to see it — it’s a real classic — but, well, you know.

There’s a thing for nostalgia at the moment — what with reboots of Will & Grace and one of my great favourites, Roseanne. Oh. Wait. That just got cancelled. I wonder why talking about HOP made me think of that.



Try everything at least once. That’s my only advice. I am really bothered by the negative proselytizing too. Reading tons of sentences about why someone hates something isn’t going to make me hate it too. I always think it’s better to talk about what you do like, rather than what you don’t like. I feel that way about every topic. I want to hear about interests and hobbies and passions, even if mine are different.


HOP is great for afternoon naps.

Yeah but too trumpy lately


This is me not reading everything. Remember these thoughts.

In the long run it is all personal opinion.

Memories can often seem better then what you experience in the present. Think the grass is always greener on the other side.

As to wiahes i thinknoart of the reason so many hold onto great memories is you did not have to be in a perfect vantage point to enjoy it.

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When did the “new” Soarin’ launch? Just curious if I’ve seen the old version or if all I’ve ever known is the new one. Btw, I LOVE that ride!!

I wanna say early late 2015, early 2016?

Thanks…we rode it for the first time September 2016 so, guess I missed the original version. Lol. Hard to believe it was even better than it is now!

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The old one was Soarin over California and ended at DL. It was definitely gone by our Aug 2016 trip though so yep, you saw the new one. I prefer it personally, except the bendy landmark issues if you don’t sit in B.

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I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. The prequels were bad. The Force Awakens was a blast, but just a remake of A New Hope, essentially. But The Last Jedi I’m ranking either as first or second (behind Empire Strikes Back). While not a perfect movie, it is quite possibly my favorite now. Many others feel differently, but the short of it is I believe that movie gave fan-boys like myself what we’ve wanted to see for years. I won’t say that that is here, though, since that becomes spoiler territory!

It was better simply because before, it was real, not CGI. The new one is great, but I really wish they’d bring the old one back. Or maybe pull off a cue from Mission: Space, and offer both options for people to choose between, since they have three theaters to work with.