Universal Orlando News & Planning Thread

Twice I’ve clicked Place Order and it spins and then goes right back?
Maybe their servers are bogged and now I’ll be charged twice right? LOL

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rule of thumb, DO NOT refresh or select more than once, so you don’t accidently get charged twice :rofl:

but but I still don’t have a confirmation…I think it’s not working. I might try a private browser…maybe they’re turning into Disney and nothing works unless you’re in-private mode.

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in-private mode doesn’t work either. But when I logged in my cart was still there (so it definitely didn’t purchse). No email and no credit card temporary holds. Something is up with their servers…

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But it worked on the app! So if any others are having issue (might just be related to Edge)

and just got the confirmation email. Still not showing up on the phone app in the Universal Wallet…but from what I recall that takes 5-10 min.

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Are Rush of Fear passes out yet? After my ticket “upgrade” problems last year, I won’t ever buy dated tickets to later change them.

I’ll wait to see what RoF prices are gonna be!

(Yeah…I am actually debating it!l :grin::innocent:)

All I saw was single day, RIP and Express Passes…I think there was one more let me check

It was the daytime tour (Behind the Screams). Nothing else. Including the early ones (is that what Rush of Fear is? The early entry at like 3pm?)

We are looking fwd to HHN-23! We’ll be using our UOAP one day pass for it again.


I knew it was too early for Rush of Fear, but trying to be hopeful that it won’t be as late coming out as late year. Rush of Fear and another pass called Frequent Fear allow you to go multiple nights for a very low cost.

Rush of Fear lets you go almost every night in September, except the opening / Labor Day weekend for less than the cost of 2 “regular” / dated HHN tickets

(Which is when I like to go! School is in session and a lot people aren’t quite in the Halloween spirit yet!)

Then Frequent Fear Passes are different “tiers” of these all-you-care-to-attend passes. They typically allow for both Sept. & October nights.

Frequent Fear / Frequent Fear Plus / Ultimate Frequent Fear

Frequent Fear lets you go to every Sun./Wed./Thurs. in both Sept. & Oct.

Frequent Fear Plus lets you go to every Sun. - Friday in both Sept. & Oct.

Ultimate Frequent Fear lets you go every night in both Sept. & Oct.

That is called “Scream Early” - It was $35 / day last year. (I had an AP, so I could go into the parks anytime)


I’ll keep an eye out for this in case Villain Con isn’t open during the event hours. I know it’ll be open but I also know not every ride runs during HHN hours.

scream early is very useful if you don’t have an AP. And there are a few choices to choose from, so pick the SE zone that is closest to the one house you want to get to first. Even w/ an AP you need to get into a SE zone to stay for HHN

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At Universal I’m a group tour person so I have RIP Tour (non-private). But I want to ride Villain Con so I might buy it for that. I’ll wait and see what the attractions will be for the event. I do not have an AP.


the only thing I don’t like about SE is that it’s before sunset. We think HHN comes to life after dark, but it’s also more crowded then too.

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yes, I agree. The Scare Zones aren’t quite so scary in the daylight. Nor are they as full of actors.

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Last year’s HHN logo was “Never Go Alone”

This year it’s “See You in the Fog”

If you like the preview Merch, buy it when you see it. They don’t always reprint it later. I speak from experience. I bought my HHN “Ringer” style T-Shirt in late April. I love it and so glad I didn’t wait as I never saw another one after it sold out.


Good tip! I apply that most times at WDW or UO.

ETA: The Fog was a good movie too

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Do you have an idea of how much the savings are? I booked last weekend after a family discussion that ended in “HHNs are now a family tradition and we will never miss another one”….

We are only going two nights but it will be the 29th and 30th.

As you know Universal LOVES date based / supply based pricing, so weekends are more expensive than week nights & etc…

I paid $129.99 + tax (I think it came out to $145 total) for each RoF pass

Most nights were at least $73.99 with weekends being around $100…

Here’s last year’s HHN calendar with prices…

Using your dates and applying them to the same Friday & Sat. as last year means you would’ve paid $87.99 + $97.99 = $185.98 + tax

A savings of $55.99 per person!!


Thanks! I will wait!


From the press release.

“Additional ticket products and offers – including the Frequent Fear Pass and more – will be available in the months ahead.”