Universal Orlando News & Planning Thread

Based only on IP?? Genuinely curious…

I imagine sometime in May we’ll have a better idea. For my guess though, it will open right before the July 4th weekend…

Based on IP and what I had seen a couple months back about what this attraction will likely entail.

I am not really much of a Minions/DM fan. First movie was good. But it is all one and done for me in terms of watching. And recently watched the Minions movie on a flight. It was…awful.

But setting that aside, even if it was a different IP, I have struggled to see why this Conference concept would be interesting. Sounds more like what you might expect from a ride exit rather than an attraction itself.

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I hear what you’re saying… I’m gonna reserve judgment until there are some actual interior pictures or previews. The only information, that I’m aware of, for what the ride actually is are the patents dug up by Alicia Stella. While they are interesting, they don’t answer a lot of questions.

Now…from what I’m seeing / hearing is that it’s another “shooter” game attraction. That is what I am not interested in. USF already has MIB for that. These type of attractions are not like rollercoasters. You can have two totally different coasters together and have wildly different experiences. IMHO - every shooter game / ride is the same with different theme.

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I really hope it’s Memorial Day so we can “ride” it on our early June trip. Otherwise….well, our AP’s expire 6/12 and we are not renewing. So I’ll be experiencing it vicariously through YouTube videos if it’s not open in time.

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I’m seeing multiple videos and pictures from MIB this morning. It seems the queue has gotten a lot of love and servicing. There is a new loading video, the large “main” screen in the MIB offices now plays the original full preshow, the animatronics of Bob and Bhnxaxx are fully moving and making their sounds and the Zappers have been serviced/replaced where needed!!

I’m really looking forward to Epic Universe, but I’m thrilled that it is the catalyst to a lot of overdue paint / repairs at USF/IOA

(Although the expansion of Volcano Bay seems to have been lost in the shuffle)


Have not heard of this!

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They’ve got about 5 acres to expand. When the park opened in 2017 they had a plan for it, but like a lot of things it got delayed in 2020. Now, with Epic Universe in full production any VB plans have stopped circulating.

Not saying they couldn’t still build another slide / attraction before Epic, but it doesn’t appear likely.

(I’d vote for a second “aqua coaster” to take the pressure off Krakatau or my favorite - a Funnel slide… either with rafts or body slide!)


Here’s today’s Minion Con update!



Someone posted a nice pic of the repaired MIB Zappers…Nice paint and all lights working! (I’ve never had one that lit up before!!)



Hmm. Interesting. What I saw before didn’t mention this. I enjoy MiB…but if they do technology more akin to Toy Story Mania, I think it would be worth it. It is like how the experience of BLSR and TSM are completely different (and, frankly, TSM is way better).

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Last trip, I soundly beat DS at MIB 3 times. He was getting discouraged so I bet him - if he wins, he gets $20, if I win, he does dog poop pickup by himself for a month. We started off and I had a malfunctioning zapper. I snagged the 100,000 bonus but it wasn’t enough. I’m still bitter about it.

(He plays video games constantly and can’t believe his mom who hasn’t played in years can beat him - I assure him I was the original Duck Hunt champ).


You mean you had to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy!



Maybe Universal will be adding one more like Six Flags’ Justice League? That is a better shoot-em-up than at Disney World, Universal Florida, or Lego CA.

Note, DH prefers MIB because it is more old-school. His Dad taught sniping for the Marines.

Minion Blast watch for today!


Do you think this will be open during HHN this year? That’s my next trip. I know they usually only have a handful of the rides during HHN.

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It is supposed to open this “Summer”. While summer in theme park jargon can mean through Mid-September, I’d suspect they want this going ASAP.

When they opened VelociCoaster they said “Summer” as well. It opened in mid/late June. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same timeline here


in my email this morning


Seriously…I just checked this AM
I’ll go check again

Yup they are:
Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2023 | Universal Orlando

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I got the OI email before they were on the UO site :rofl:

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