Two Nights of MVMCP Very Different Experiences For First Timers

I admire how some of you can do live reports. I can’t coordinate myself to do that! And I’m too tired at the end of the day. But I really learned so much lurking around here and asking questions, I wanted to share about our two MVMCP. I knew that parties can be crazy busy but I had no clue what that meant! I shared a little in Lines but I can do it in more detail here. A big part of what I learned here is to be prepared and to manage expectations.

In summary, we enjoyed :heart_eyes: the Parties and got almost everything we wanted done over 2 Parties, despite the rain on one night We didn’t do many Magic Shots because of the rain/ground wetness/train wreck look and we missed the two shows in Tomorrowland. The non rainy Party was sold out and quite crowded everywhere. The rainy Party :cloud_with_rain: was not sold out and felt roomy. Lots of people were huddled under awnings. The diehards were in ponchos. Rainy Parties can be miserable for little ones in strollers, and even young children. Let’s not even talk about the parents! Ponchos are the way to go. Umbrellas can be unwieldy. Some complained about the rain and crowd level on the rainy night. But compared to the non rainy night, the park was not crowded. I know most people don’t have the luxury of doing 2 Parties. Having a TP works! Thanks for all your tips! Read on, if you care, for details.


DH and I wanted to celebrate our 25th anniversary in WDW. I wanted to go to MVMCP because we’ve never been. After reading up on MVMCP, I asked DH if we could go 2 nights so we could get it all in. It will probably be the only time we will be in WDW during the Christmas season. We chose Tuesday, December 10th and Thursday, December 12th for the Parties. We bought tickets in May 2019.

I used TP to make these perfect plans for both parties. On the Saturday before the first party, the weather app showed a chance of rain during the Thursday party! :confounded:

In addition to packing to leave on Monday, I redid the TPs to get the must do outdoor stuff done on the non rainy evening, Tuesday, December 12th and the remainder on Thursday, December 14th. I had a rainy night game plan I hoped we wouldn’t need to use.

Tuesday, December 12th

It was still forecasted to rain on Thursday during the Party. We needed to implement TP B.

Tuesday dawned to be a really hot day, mid 80s and high humidity. As we entered TTC, a sign said the Party was sold out. We were like 30 deep at the tap when we arrived at 3:05 pm. I was impressed with how party guests were decked out with Christmasy outfits, ears, and Christmas lights. As cute as they looked, I was sweating just looking at some of them in long flannel pants, long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and/or one piece pjs. We had on short sleeved Mickey shirts and plain shorts, very unChristmasy. Thankfully I had my Christmas Mickey ears. But it was way too hot to wear my Christmas sweat shirt. We started tapping in at 3:35 pm and got our bands. Let the partying begin!

At the entrance for the party guests, we took our pictures with all the photographers, got our Mickey sugar cookies (which I left with my tip over two days for housekeeping), and checked out the Party merchandise cart. It didn’t have everything.

We made our way to the Emporium and showed our bands to enter the Party merchandise area. They were OUT of the Party ornament! I was so disappointed. :disappointed_relieved:I wanted that as a souvenir. I buy an ornament from each vacation spot we visit. No time to drown in sorrow.

We made our way to Fantasyland for our first FPP, taking some phone pictures along the way. Barnstormer was our first FPP. It was the first time we rode it. It was fun. We waited 5 minutes to ride Dumbo. We stopped by to check out the line for 7 dwarfs meet and greet on our way to Use our Winnie the Pooh FPP. It didn’t seem long.

After Winnie, I went to get in line for the 7 dwarfs meet and greet, 5:15, and DH went to buy a Gingerbread Sundae for us. The meet and greet line was only 5 people longer than when we stopped by earlier. The line moved inside at 5:30. I estimated about 40 groups ahead of us. It was air conditioned and we got to sit down. The dwarfs cane out around 6:15.

They were adorable and played their parts. Their handler had to admonish them and break up fights here and there. Everyone had to hug each dwarf hello and goodbye. There were subgroups for each group. And some had to also take selfies with them. And yet others had to also take a picture of just the dwarfs. They took a 5 minute break to check up on Snow White after 45 minutes

It took almost an hour for our turn. We had brought DD21’s Build-A-Bear named and dressed as Snow White. I took her to Grumpy and told him Snow White loves him. Grumpy, Dopey, and Sleepy fought over Snow White. Sleepy won and hugged her to sleep! Meanwhile, DH gave Sneezy a tissue, since we noticed he was using his scarf to wipe his nose. He used it and gave it back to DH. Good thing it was pretend! The interaction was fabulous but took time. We left at 7:15. It took 2 hours but only 15 minutes of Party time. We had packed lunch meat rolls and a salad. We ate the rolls waiting but felt it was awkward to eat the salad. This meet and greet was a must do for us.

We got a Snowman pretzel nearby at the Storybook Snack Carts. The line was long but moved quickly. It was warm and yummy.

We went to the hub to watch Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration and A Frozen Holiday Wish. We were on the right side of the castle, right before it slopes towards the stage. It was a good view of the stage but it was a mass of humanity and even after the shows started, people squished their way in.

We inched our way to Liberty Square for the parade because some people on Lines said it wasn’t that crowded. Uhmmm… but it was. We exited out the Christmas Store to the parade route. We were three deep but it only fit like 5 deep. People were staked out on Main Street for the parade when we entered the park at 4.

After the parade, we sat at a picnic bench behind the Christmas Store, ate our salads, and rested for a few minutes. With so many people around, we decided to go stake out a place for the fireworks. It was 9:30. I left DH in front of the Partners statue. People were filling up the hub. I walked to The Lunching Pad for a ginger molasses cookie and cider for each of us. When I got back, it was a wall of people and I had a hard time locating DH. After the fireworks, we said it wasn’t a great spot because some of the fireworks were behind the castle. Pictures of the castle were great though.

We literally struggled to swim upstream to Fantasyland as a huge mass flooded downstream. Once we got across the bridge it was better.

7DMT’s line was down the walkway. We got chocolate chip cookies and graham crackers at Friar’s Nook. We decided to wait for Winnie the Pooh Meet and Greet. CM told us the wait was 60 minutes. We didn’t think so. We were done by 11:05, about 25 minutes, including a 5 minute break for the characters. I told Tigger I bought him a cake but accidentally sat on it. He was disappointed. Cute interactions!

7DMT’s queue was barely outdoors. 15 minutes! My first ride ever. I loved it! We queued again since it was only a bit longer. Awesome second ride! By then, the queue was in the outdoor area and long.

We rode Tea Cups. I didn’t care for the haze and flashing lights. Made me dizzy without any spinning.

Grabbed a peppermint cookie and hot chocolate (good chocolate flavor) at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. It was almost 70 degrees and muggy. With 4 minutes to spare, we ran to Space Mountain. It was a walk on. The flashing lights gave me a headache and you can see the tracks.

We took some MM pictures on Main Street on our way out. But they really didn’t do the Party Magic Shots for us. We got to the monorail around 12:30 and got to our car by 1. We were parked in the Jafar lot, walkable.

Thursday, December 12th

It was forecasted to rain only around 5. We got to TTC at 11:39 and decided to leave our umbrellas in the car. (Bad decision but the weather app said…)

We took the monorail to GF to admire the gingerbread house and decorations. At 1:05, we left to take the monorail to Poly and it was pouring! We had lunch at the Poly and headed to the Contemporary around 2:30. It was drizzling. The weather app kept saying no rain beginning the next hour.

As the monorail went over MK taps, we saw a handful of people there. I dragged DH away from the store and displays to walk to MK. It had stopped raining. We got lost twice walking and had to ask for directions. Arrived at the taps and we were the 6th group in line, just under the awning as it began to sprinkle.

We were let in at 3:42. It had stopped sprinkling. We went to take the zoom photo. DH insisted on going to the Emporium to ask about the Party ornament. None available.

This second night, we wanted to take advantage of the included treats, the orange bird dessert, fireworks, Magic Shots, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Scrooge McDuck meet and greet, shows, and rides.

Went for our 4 pm FPP for Enchanted Tales with Belle. I know. It’s for kids but we wanted to see the animatronics. It was raining when we got out. Out came the ponchos. The weather app said it would stop raining at 5. We stood in line for 15 minutes for it’s a small world to get out of the rain!

It was still raining 30 minutes later when we came out and headed to our 5 pm FPP. For Jingle Cruise. I don’t like the ride.

When we were done, it was past 6 and we headed to BTRM with a swarm of other poncho donning beings. They checked for our Party band and we walked onto the ride! The ride was just like I remember it. There is no way to keep the hood of a cheap poncho on. The Party hadn’t even started and we looked like train wrecks! This is a longer ride than 7DMT but 7DMT is smoother. Since our heads were wet, we went on again. Only poncho donning beings braved the ride. We waited for 2 trains to load before it was our turn.

We picked up a peppermint cookie and ate it. The line wasn’t long and it moved. We went to Sunshine Terrace. Nobody was there. We bought the orange bird and ate it on the stand’s ledge. We got a snickerdoodle, and snowman pretzel with punch. The pretzel line was very long but there were lots of station and it kept on moving. It was still raining. The weather app said it would stop raining at 7.

We went to ride Pirates. 10 minutes around 7:05. We came out and it was still raining.

We bought a salad at Columbia Harbor and gobbled it up with our lunch meat and cheese rolls.

We went to stand in line for HM. What line? I impressed DH by insisting we stand under the picture of the girl with the parasol! It was 8 pm by the time we were done. It was still drizzling.

7DMT was queuing way outside. We went to stand in line for the meet and greet. This line moved very slowly. 30 groups or so ahead of us. It took us nearly 40 minutes. That is because these characters won’t let you leave! They are so interactive! I gave Donald some gold chocolate and he was gloating with Uncle Scrooge. I gave Scrooge one gold coin to add to his collection. We asked Minnie and Daisy if the boys were going to take them dancing after the Party and they proceeded to show off their dance moves. We finally peeled away. It was 9 pm and had stopped raining, finally. We didn’t dare throw away our ponchos even though the weather app said no rain. Buzz was down. We quickly grabbed cookies and punch at The Lunching Pad. It started drizzling, AGAIN! Out came the ponchos.

We went to Main Street to stake out a place for fireworks. At 9:30, there were hardly anyone hanging out. We windowed shopped and drooled over ice cream. But we decided we had enough sugar for the day.

We watched the fireworks between Casey’s and the ice cream parlor. We were not squished like sardines. There was lots of personal space. It was a much better location than near the Partners’ statue. None of the fireworks were hidden behind the castle. Pictures of the castle are pretty small from here on the iPhone compared to near the Partners’ statue.

We made our way back to Fantasyland easily. On the way, we rode Buzz. It was walk on.

7DMT was queuing completely indoors. But this was deceiving. The line snaked around the gems before you run your hand under the water. On Tuesday night, the line bypassed the gems completely. Only a 20 minute wait.

We went to the Tangled restrooms. I was disappointed the lantern Magic Shot wasn’t there. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw the lantern Magic Shot across the way!! And only 2 groups in line. We got in line around 11:20. We were done 5 minutes later.

Back down to 7DMT. It was barely queuing outdoors. The indoor queue bypassed the first gems. It was less than a 15 minute wait.

It was 11:50 and the 7DMT queue was winding outside. We stopped to get hot chocolate and cookies. Then, we got in line for Buzz at 11:55.

We headed down Main Street. People were sparse. MM photographers were around but we were not in the mood.

We got on the monorail and to the car by 12:35. Our car was far because we parked at 11ish am in the Peter Pan lot. The shuttle stop wasn’t clear. We walked.

And Party 2 was done.

We enjoyed both nights and got lots done thanks to TP and you all. Thank you,


Wow! Except for the part where you disclose you do not like Jingle Cruise - which honestly makes question everything else :wink::wink: - this is fantastic! What a great idea to compare the two experiences! I’m glad you had so much fun!!

PS Jingle Cruise is fabulous :wink:


I was rained on the entire time on Jungle Cruise and I didn’t have windshield wipers for my glasses. Those things may have clouded my opinion of the ride. :wink:

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Great report! Thanks!


@stlouie !!! :heart: :heart:
Glad to hear from you! Praying for you and yours. :heart: :heart:
Thank you for sharing about your experiences. Crowds and weather change the dynamics so much. I’m glad you fit in everything you wanted to.
Kids on their way yet??


Yes we need prayers! Kids arrived yesterday evening. Their bodies are still on PST. :sleeping: They could barely roll out of bed at 6:15 this morning to RD!!

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