Tron Watch 2022/2023 Plus WDWRR!

Oh no, this was a full stop with the ‘ride is offline’ message playing on a loop. We sat there for 5-ish minutes. But, we were in the brake zone anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. We were just one short section from unloading.



Home now boy did that week go fast, no calf issues for us but wow more than a bit pinchy on the thighs-

@ThorKat thanks for the advice on boarding

…they let me use the DAS time (to figure out getting on and off the test seat)

My son absolutely loved it


:+1: Wonderful!!


Who is here next week?!!


We are there 3/21-3/27!!! This is amazing news!


Well we finally know what will happen between previews and open!


We are there 3/19 to 3/24! Fingers crossed for the VQ! So excited…but I am greedy and want to see HEA as well. Sigh.


Great news for those traveling then!

The bad news (IMO):

7DMT will remain an ILL. :confused:

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I do like that it will remain an ILL, but I understand why it’s bad news too.

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It’s not great news, and I’ll never pay for 7D, but the original design included having two ILL$ in each park, so this might be an attempt to begin moving back to that original plan?


I think they still judge that demand is sufficiently high for the ride that it deserves an ILL. This will probably be a case by case basis as new rides are added to each park.


… are there new rides coming?? :laughing:

(I guess Splash retheme)


Just in theory! :rofl::rofl:

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Makes sense since 7D is so popular. We didn’t hit up Rise or 7D on the last trip due to the lines. We went on FOP towards the end of the night, and we went on CR 5 times because VQ …and we didn’t get Genie+ one day so splurged for ILL to ride twice. (We rode it 5 times during a 6 day trip :rofl: …Epcot has now become the go to park) They only day we went to MK was when we went on Tron.

I think I need to ride Tron a few more times to make a final decision on how I would rank it. As I recall for both 7D and SDD the first time I rode I was like - what’s the fuss. Now I enjoy both rides.

(CR on the other hand, became my number 1 ride right after the first ride, I could go on it over and over again)

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Oh right. Blue skies and all that :poop:

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Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!!


I may have missed this but during the soft opening can you purchase an ILL for Tron?

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Yes. Here’s what the tweet @ThorKat shared says:

NEW: TRON will soft open to guests from March 20 to April 2 via virtual queue and Individual Lightning Lane.

Random question: Do you have a cold?

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What is CR?

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