Tracking Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure opening times

I’m setting this thread up so that we can track what time the Hagrid ride is actually opening. Though it is still listed as opening at midday, it opened with the park yesterday, and was open at 10.10 today though I don’t know exactly when it opened (not with the park).

@brerbeer and I will both try to track it, and hopefully it will be useful for planning for everyone - it definitely will be for me!

Feel free to post here if you notice it opening, or closing in the evening!


Thanks @miss! My hope is we will start to see trends that indicate reliability. Obviously not scientific but hopefully helpful for planning purposes.

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Are you setting up a shared document somewhere with the recorded dates/times?

No, posting them here.

No, but that could be helpful! What do you think @brklinck?

I’ve been keeping an eye on this link: The wait times charts (last operating day and last week) give an indication of times it was up/down. From the “wait times for last operating day” it looks like it opened with the park until around 10am, then was down until 11:20am and then open until 2:30 or 2:40pm. Or maybe that’s then they cut off the queue?

I found the site looking for a historical record of wait times at our local amusement park but I don’t know anything about who runs it – it doesn’t look very well-known since most rides don’t have any user ratings on them.

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Looks like it open after the rain today. Closed around 8pm “at capacity”. Before closing, posted 150 min.

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I had never heard of this site, but looking at it now, they have my local Six Flags park. I would be curious to know how accurate this information is. Thanks for sharing this!

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I hope it’s helpful! I’m guessing that it’s pulling data from the various parks’ apps. I looked after our Canada’s Wonderland visits and the data for the rides we went on looked the same as what we’d seen in the in-park app.

Well it’s 5pm in Florida but bedtime in the UK for me. No sign of it opening. Please post if it opens later - I’m assuming it won’t.

Here is the wait times for July 7th (you may need a subscription to access the link):

The pink line is observed wait times. It appears that the ride opened at 10am and closed at 8pm. The series of black dots between 10am-12pm is 120 minutes. The low point for the day was 90 minutes at about 7:30pm.

Here is July 6th:

Opened at 9am to a 240 min line, then plateaus at 210 and 180 before dropping to 120 after 2pm and then 45 min at the end of the day.

Looking through the days prior, the opening time has fluctuated wildly between 10am - 4pm and wait times have shot up as high as 240 minutes, usually earlier in the day. But on some days, the line has persisted all day.

I don’t see any down time there - the ride has been down for large part of both those days. Am I reading it wrong?

Looks like it opened with the park today. 9/7/19

Argh I didn’t check, I got the time confused. It says delayed now.

Hmm at 9:10 it was listed as 120 minutes.

It doesn’t seem to have lasted long! This is getting me down.

At 11:14am, it is listed as open with a posted 240 minute wait. How IS downtime indicated in those charts? Are those black dots downtime? :thinking:

Oh it could be.

So, the other thing I am gathering from this is that TP has been underestimating wait times. Also good to know.


TP always underestimates wait times for new rides. It takes a year to have the data, before that they base it on rides with a similar cycle time, but that doesn’t take into account long waits just because something is new.

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