Toy Story movies

I like 4, 1, 3, 2. Bo Peep is my hero. I love what they did with her character. And, I don’t know why, but I just can’t get into 2. I keep wanting to like it, but… meh.


I think this is the correct order.


Now, see…Bo Peep really bothered me because it was a complete change of character. She was not at all the same, which made the change jarring. I get they want to show powerful female characters, but they could have done so while keeping Bo Peep true to character. I thought Jessie was a far better strong female character than Bo Peep from TS4.


Toy Story 3: The Incinerator Scene is definitely traumatizing. I have a friend who at the time was working for Pixar. She was working on World of Color (or something for the Parks), but in a meeting they watched the early version of the movie and that scene reminded her of 9/11 and people jumping out of the WTC. It made me think me of the Holocaust. (I remember vividly a mini series that came out when I was in junior high that was called Holocaust. This was what that scene reminded me of - scenes from that movie.) It was so distressing to watch, but that being said, it didn’t ruin the movie for me.

Toy Story 4: I really hated that the group didn’t end up together. I enjoyed the movie right up until the end, and then kind of wished I had never seen it.


Up next: Toy Story 5

Spoiler: there’s no toys, just an iPad. The end.


I thought TS5 was going to be about adult toys.

Of course, it is no longer appropriate for children.

You mean like motorbikes and speedboats?


So - I’ve never seen 2, but my kids say it’s the best.

Four is so “What just happened here?? Did the story ever start and is it really going to end THIS way?!”

Three I liked much of, but not all of it. Then again the kids watching 9,253 times on the drive home from FL in 2011 or 2014 or something.

One is lovely. Woody was mean though. He was mean to Buzz and I forgot that til I watched it again.

And my sweet DD15 just had her brain explode the other day when she realized the guy from Last Man Standing and Santa Clause was Buzz.


Introduce her to Home Improvement


OK, since we are going in deep.

TS1 so sweet about not just little boys and their dreams, but connections back to us older people’s toys

TS2 was among the best sequel extensions on a theme to develop themes/thoughts/characters from the first

TS3 came along right while after I was dealing with my my now-big-littles off to college. My regrets/dilemmas on what to do with all of their precious toys, and my memories of them

TS4 I was ready to not like it, but I though it hit some good original themes, and did it true to the originals

That all said, I hope there is not a TS5. Andy is grown. Don’t do a TS5 that is Andy as Dad.

Or, hmm, maybe?


Just reminded me of a problem I had with that movie. What parent demands that a kid clean everything out of their room before leaving for college? They’ll be back! They’re not leaving forever! They’ve got enough to worry about without being told all their stuff will be thrown out.


They can’t because all his toys are gone. If he put them in the attic they could have brought them all back when he gave them to his kid.

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2 is better than 1 because of Jessie. 2 also came out when I was 5 and Jessie has been one of my all time favorite characters, so there’s that. 2 also has amazing bloopers.

I liked 4 better than 3 because it was funnier (“to infinity and your mom” - classic). I also love Forky. So I’d go 2, 1, 4, 3.


I think they’d love that. :+1:

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Absolutely agree 100%.


I really want to respond and continue this line of thought, but I also want to keep enjoying this forum. I will keep my thoughts to myself.

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Exactly. What else would I be talking about?

That would make @OBNurseNH happy.

That’s good. She scares me