Toy Story movies

Maybe I’m mistaken, or maybe i’ve only heard a vocal minority, but I believe i’ve heard people saying that Toy Story 2 is better than Toy Story. I don’t get it. Since Disney+ came out, I think i’ve watched each of the first 3 movies about 40 times each andthe 4th probably 25 since it was released later.

I like the first one the best, and i think 3 might be my second favorite. I enjoy all of them, I’m just not sure why anyone would say 2 is better than 1.

What does everyone else think?

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2 is my least favorite. That’s the Lotso one right? Or is that the Prospector one? Or are those the same one?

Wait then which one is 3?

I’m confused

I don’t like the Lotso one very much


Prospector is 2. 3 is Lotso




I just did not like 4. Wish they’d left it at 3. I don’t have a clear favorite, but I think 2 is a favorite because it introduced Jessie and Bulls-eye. My daughter (age20) just said 2 is her favorite. For me it’s either 1 or 2, I guess.


My biggest gripe about the whole series is we never hear about Woody’s history before Andy.

1 is my favourite. 2 is good. 3 had lots of good moments. 4 had its moments too but it was mainly just unnecessary and I wish they hadn’t bothered. Forky got on my nerves.


I can see 2 as better than 1. 1 lays the groundwork for the universe, but 2 brings in a lot of compelling characters and really lets Buzz go full “Buzz Lightyear” where he’s going for style over everything. We’ll refer to having a “Buzz Lightyear moment” when one does something purely for style points. Not sure #1 had that kind of cache moment.

I’d likely go 2-1-Big Gap-3-4, although I probably need to watch 3 & 4 more than I have to give them a fair shake. I guess I do have time for a marathon. Hmmm…

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Your house sounds like mine! I go back and forth. I do really love Toy Story 2. I think that one has gotten the most traction at my house. I think it’s neck and neck with 1. Semi-related it’s incredible the difference in animation between the two. Sometimes 1 gets comical. 3 is just hilarious too and the ending is so well done. (But why did they have to almost-incinerate them??)

Toy Story 4 has grown on me incredibly. It is quite the contender but I can’t get over the separation of Buzz and Woody! But we are big Forky fans! I also am intrigued by Woody’s history as well. He specifically says he is from the 50’s, so he MUST have had kids before Andy!


So they could be saved by The Claw!

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I’m assuming he belonged to Andy’s dad who is mysteriously absent from the films.


It wouldn’t be Disney without a missing parent of some kind.

I actually like 3 the best, followed by 1,2,4.

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Yeah, but they usually like to kill them on screen, not leave a mystery :rofl:

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I cried my eyes out in that movie. THEY WERE GOING TO DIE!!! My family thinks I overreacted.
My order of favorite is 1, 2, 4, 3


My vote order is 1, 2, 3, 4 in order


I think they all have pluses and minuses, and 4 does leave us with a kind of realistic satisfying ending, but it felt like it was trying too hard at times.

Overall, I might rank 2 ahead of 1 depending on my mood. Hard to say. But 3 and 4 just don’t have the rewatchability that the first two have.

What I would to see is for them to re-render the first one to match the quality of the last, but keep it scene for scene untouched.

You and George Lucas and Steven Spielberg can keep your modern technology off my beloved films.

Han shot first, the agents were carrying guns in E.T., and I don’t even want to know what they would do to Toy Story.


No, no. I don’t want them to change anything other than to update the quality of the render.

Just to be clear.

I can’t bear cruelty to animals, which includes toy animals. I found some of the scenes really distressing.

The ending had me in real tears.

I find TS3 a difficult movie to watch. I much prefer TS4.


But they killed a skunk and turned it into a car!