Top of the world tower reopening!

So then the answer is: no.

I never said there shouldn’t be rules. I was questioning whether it needs to be that many. Especially as it’s just a bar and no other bar on property is under such varied restrictions.

And the answer is still “no”. Just make it for dvc members and their party (max it at 4 or whatever) and have that be it.

These nuanced rules are stupid and are just going to lead to irate guests and CMs getting the brunt of it. Waiting for the rule where its only open to a member with a dvc blue card, in a purple jacket, on a full moon, in a month of the great watermelon!


When do get my non-digital card? I don’t even know that I have a digital one, come to think of it.

you can see it on the DVC site when you log in. Under “My DVC”

“View My Membership Card”

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That card you can download from the website, in my experience, has not been accepted in most places. Do you have your membership linked to your MDE account? Did you download your DVC card into your phone’s wallet through MagicMobile?


I’ll check that - thanks!

You don’t. There are no longer physical cards. The one I copied above is the temporary one you can print from MDE. But you should actually link your digital one to your Apple or Google Wallet instead. I can see my membership card in Google Pay as a result.

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To be fair, that is one of the best months. :woman_shrugging:t2:

There are no non-digital cards anymore

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I just went through all the steps and discovered that I already had the DVC affiliation on my MagicMobile (that I created before I was a DVC member). Lovely!


You’re tellin’ me. But it’s nothing next to the month of the great brusselsprout. Now that’s a party-time!

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Omg right?? All roasted up crispy-like with balsamic?! :drooling_face:

Lotta gas tho

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I love the great brussel sprout! She brings me the fruit of the month basket!

The Great ‘Sprout is a giving entity.

very giving….


This party is $160 per person. :grimacing:

I think the actuaries have eaten too many glitter cupcakes.

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I don’t know the initial sticker shock aside if what is being reported is actually included the “born to be bad” party is not that far off from seats and treats dessert party -which requires a park ticket. To be honest if I was eligible I would probably be jumping on this one.

While I have done fireworks type parties (only the HS Dtar Wars Party) I have never done any of these “out of the park” events. So I guess I can’t say. That better be some good food and drinks!

I dont know about the shut out. I am a resale owner at BLT and I know a few lawyers who are too that are probably thinking about this right now. Tough to argue that our dues don’t pay for ToTWL. There is only one way up there - through an elevator that dues pay for, wear and tear on the carpets, bathrooms, paint, how about security needed for all the visitors coming through to ToTWL that don’t have a home at BLT… you see where i am going. Other commercial spaces like restaurants and such are a bit away from actual rooms (think about all the restaurants and common spaces at AKL for example) vs. ToTWL where folks have to come right through a resort room hallway and get on an elevator to access what was clearly NOT designed to be a commercial space. I don’t know… doesn’t really matter to me much, as there are lots of great spaces to watch fireworks now if that’s your thing, but seems like my dues kind of DO pay for access to it if you start breaking it down.Thoughts?

This is a good point. Disney may eventually need to allow BLT owners (resale or not) added to those allowed in.

However, perhaps profits from TOTWL go to pay into BLT dues…so perhaps the dues for a BLT owner would be higher if TOTWL wasn’t there? (I don’t know the answer to that…merely pondering the possibility.)

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  • and your parking maintenance

Seems that unlike before members will be allowed to park at BLT/Contemporary

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Do you have to make a reservation for TotW? Or is it a case of just turning up??