Top of the world tower reopening!

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" Eligibility includes Members with direct purchase benefits indicated as Y on the back of the digital Membership Card as well as a resort reservation at any Disney Vacation Club resort, or Disney-owned-and-operated hotel, at Walt Disney World Resort (booked with Vacation Points or cash within their Membership)"

Hopefully… this is not correct. Because ouch. And also I didn’t think this could be taken away or based on membership status. I thought all had access. They did before, so this would be a change (and not a good one)

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That may be for the “bash” before the reopening

Gosh I hope so.

It’s not very clear.

As part of Membership Magic, a special hard-ticket event, the “Bound to be Bad” Fireworks Party, will be held prior to the opening on July 8-10.

Correct. But it’s unclear if that last paragraph is just about that bash or is about getting access in general.

At least that’s how it read to me.

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I read the last paragraph to mean general access to the lounge, since in the paragraphs above it, it gives the (similar) requirements for the hard-ticketed event.

It would be redundant if both paragraphs referred to the same hard-ticketed event.

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Oh how cool of @mikejs78 to take time out of his trip to write about this breaking news!


Interestingly, my on-line “temporary” DVC membership card still says “Access to Top of the World Lounge”. But that card expires 7/23/2022. So, in the very least, it seems I should be allowed access to the lounge from the time they open until at LEAST 7/23/2022.

But, it also has that pesky “Offerings subject to change…” line that seems to give them a universal out.

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I’ll have to toy around with this. After it opens, as I get closer to my date, I’ll generate a new temporary card and see if TOLWL is still listed.

Right now, on the DVC Website, the TOLWL is listed on the same page as Membership Extras, which suggests to me they are planning to drop resale guests??

It’s still listed for both on the website -

Wondering if this is the beginning of the DVC+ rumor coming to fruition

Ah, good catch. We’ll have to keep an eye on that page to see if it gets updated between now and July 11.

Pretty sure it’s contractual for Bay Lake…

From the DVC website under TOWL, Access and Eligibility:

Sounds pretty much like a done deal - eligible membership extras has to date meant blue card

Also note the party size limitation - must be on the member’s reservation to be admitted as the member’s guest


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Oh well. I guess this is one I ruined for everyone. I brought parties of 20+ on several occasions, and aside from double takes by the lobby cast member, and having to prove everyone in the party was actually there, it was never really an issue.

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But then on the direct v resale benefits page at DVC…

So per usual Disney cannot get itself together to make everything align before releasing info.

Although in fairness I’ve not seen anything official from them and only know of this through news articles and forum threads

I just asked “Kim” through the chat feature.

She said, “Hmm. I’m not sure. Let me check. We are learning this together!”



Hasn’t that always been member + guests on same reservation ? @BGK has me beat most I ever. got up was 11 had a grand villa. The group behind us waiting for the elevator wasn’t happy

Lol thought you meant Kim from Mouseowners she would know