Tier changes and FP's available for MFSR

Yup Fastpass system is completely down. Cant even view them. Feel sorry for anyone in a park today.

same, all down for about 40 minutes now.

So glad I’m not the only one who can’t see any of my fast passes. Trying to not freak out. I was able to change one of our Tier 2 to RR and grabbed SDD for tier 1 but then everything disappeared even my MK, Epcot, and AK days.

This really is a game changer and I fear it will cost me $600! We’re staying CL in May and while I wasn’t leaning towards CL FP’s before, I feel like with our HS plans being 60+3 and 60+5, I may benefit from getting ahead of the FP battle. I’m not jumping as I have time to keep considering this optoin and reading about how it’s playing out, but now I’m feeling more flexible. I’ve got 2 little people who will be hot and skootchy with extended walking and waiting, and I just want to avoid obstacles as much as possible.

back in! Maybe…

yup, i’m back in too

Just a thought… For all the parks that have tiers, there’s at least one ride in tier 1 that does not have a height restriction (FEA at EP, Navi at AK, and up until now they had TSMM at HS). So families with small children at least have one ride to pick. Do you think this means that MMRR will become tier 1 as well soon? That way everyone has at least one to choose from if they have any height restrictions in their group?

definitely thing MMRR will be a T1 ride soon.

Ok, so I booked a FP for MFSR on 3 different days, 3/7 (evening of arrival), 3/12 (HS Day) and 3/14 (morning of departure). I booked 3/7 and 3/12 while MFSR was the only attraction in Tier 1. MDE showed the time window but no title and picture for the MFSR FP. By the time I had booked the FP for 3/14, the picture and title both showed up in MDE. How can I prove that I had them on 3/7 and 3/12? Please advise! Here are my MDE screenshots:

I know you’ve been nervous about logging out / refreshing, but have you tried it yet? I really believe that’s going to be the first step in getting this straighten out for you. By delaying you may be costing yourself the opportunity to get want you want. While Disney is accommodating they have their limits about FPP / IT issues. I don’t see them letting you keep both SDD & MF:SR if it glitched.

I am thrilled, personally. I hated the previous version. MFSR is not a factor for me because I can’t ride simulator rides.

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Thank you! I was wondering about this. I’ll be there in May too.

So, I was able to snag a MFSR, but earliest was 3:15. I have TOT at 9 am and Frozen at noon. That’s too much spread. Should I keep Frozen at noon with the hopes of modifying it AND MFSR to an earlier time, or should I move Frozen (and change it to a Star Tours) to 4:15, to create a mid-day break (giving up on modifying both upwards for now)?

I would say you should leave MFSR as it is. I’m assuming the spread is bothering you because you wanted to refresh for additional FP+? Based on the new tiering, I’d bet it is likely impossible to get a mainliner at HS now. Also, depending on when you are going, park hours are likely to change for ROTR to 7AM or 8AM and will open up more time slots.

To anyone concerned about not being able to get a Tier 1 fastpass, one possibility is to keep an eye out for changes to opening hours.

At the moment, they’re changing them a week or two before hand to open an hour or two earlier. When that happens, more fastpasses for those hours will become available, and then ones later on in the day as people modify to earlier times. Hopefully if you keep an eye out, then you might be able to snag one!


I logged out and back in. They took away MFSR on 3/12 and replaced it with TSM. Unfortunately, that is our HS day. I am struggling with flights and I am not sure I can make MFSR on either the day of arrival or departure FP’s. I booked them just in case. My only option is to change the SDD FP on 3/12 to MFSR at a later time and lose SDD for that day. It was too good to be true. At least I now have RNR and TOT in my plans…

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With the new FPP, do you think they will still be opening at 7 AM through March? My son decided a couple weeks ago he wants to do the Jedi training, so we have PPO for H&V in hopes to sign him to and be inside the park to try and get a boarding group AND perhaps rope drop the new railroad ride… which is already super slim chance of coming together but obviously goes completely away if they change the hours to 7 AM

Thanks. Yes, I want to free up my time for additional FPPs AND a mid-day break. I’ll leave it as is and yes, hope for more slots opening up if/when times change.

I reckon the opening hours will keep changing for the forseeable future.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the Jedi training though, apparently signups have been available much later recently, up to about 11am in some cases. I reckon you should be able to get boarding group, do Mickeys railroad and then book in for the jedi training afterwards

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i’m wondering too, we also have ppo h&v for jedi training… i am thinking it won’t matter though, they’ll at least bump it up to 8

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