This One’s For You Mama

We made it!!! We had the best travel evening yesterday. Plane was on time. Early even! We deplaned 13 minutes ahead of schedule and had grabbed our luggage and our taxi and were walking into the lobby at WL 50 minutes later.

This trip was originally going to be me, DMom, DSis, and DD12. Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in November and subsequently broke her hip in January (in the middle of chemo :woman_facepalming:t2::persevere:). DSis has been iffy about the trip since Mama had to drop out but is coming - and has decided not to race. She does have an injury (likely an untreated micro fracture sustained in 2020) that has hindered her ability for intense exercise. I should probably cut her some slack. She thought she just walk the race on it but doesn’t want to risk inflaming the injury or making it worse than it already it. I have been quite annoyed by her attitude toward the weekend but am determined to have fun with my daughter and run to honor my mom and her resilience these past few months. DSis arrives Friday night.

Despite owning at CC we have never stayed at WL. DD and I just wandered around in awe after we got here last night. It’s so stunning. And we have a fantastic view although the waterway is drained - what a buzzkill.

Pics incoming. Heading to the Expo in a bit and then over to HS!



I am so sorry for your mom’s fall on top of everything else. I missed if you’d shared that happened.
I pray you enjoy this trip and go home with an extra dose of energy for the emotional drain of such a hard journey.



I hope that was as good as it looks. Because that looks delicious.


Right?!? I was so excited about this because I love s’mores but the marshmallow was gelatinous tasting and that threw the whole thing off. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you. I don’t think I shared. She is actually recovering really well and getting discharged from PT today!!


Ugh - yeah - you lost me at marshmallow. It looked like something from the Norway pavilion. I hope the top layer was worth it. :wink:


OK I haven’t even read yet - I will go read momentarily - but I already have frickin pixie dust in my eyes just over your thread title :heart:

Love to your mama, and to all of you on this adventure together!


Ok that was faster than I expected. :slight_smile:

I am so thrilled for you to be staying at WL! I had my first stay there - a single night - in September and dang I fell hard for that place! I will be back!

I’m sorry to hear that your mom has broken her hip, adding to the struggle of fighting cancer.

And bummer about your sis, too. Though I’m glad she’s at least joining the trip.

Very excited for you to have all the fun with your DD :heart:

And that charcuterie board?! :drooling_face:

Have fun at the expo - I’m looking forward to following all the fun!


Same here! I stayed for one night in January in a refurbed studio at BR and loved it! I really want to stay there again soon.

@DeepInTheHeartofTexas Hugs to you, your mom, and your DSis! Have a great race and know I am sending your mom all kinds of love and prayers. My coworker and her friend are doing the 5K, 10K, and 1/2 this weekend. They’ll be walking, but they’re fast walkers.


Following! I hope you all have a great time.


I love a good charcuterie! Which of the restaurants at WL has that?
Sorry your Mom had to drop out of the race, but hope she is doing okay fighting stupid cancer and dealing with that broken hip.
I hope you guys have a great trip!


I think that one is at Territory Lounge :smiley:


I haven’t been to WL in years. Between the great reviews of whatever the outside restaurant is called, and this charcuterie…I might just need a return visit!


Geyser Point :wink:


I love that you are running for your mom! :heart:

I hope DSis shapes up and you all have a wonderful trip!

I need that laundry line of meat!! Where can I acquire please?


Thank you!!! I so wish she could be here with us and we are missing her but we are looking forward to being able to do it together again when she’s well!


Thank you for the hugs! And fun! Are they ready?! Excited?!

I found out today that the monorail runs on race mornings for transport for racers at the monorail resorts! I was so surprised by that for some reason. Where are your friends staying?


Thank you! So far, we are!!

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She is really doing great! She’s recently regained her appetite and is able to eat for the first time in months and that is making a world of difference.

And @OBNurseNH is correct. It was at Territory Lounge @ThorKat! It was fantastic.