Wilderness Lodge: Needing some hype up!

Hi everyone! Used to be very active on here back in the olden days, and have started lurking around again lately :slightly_smiling_face: We are out-of-state AP holders and fortunate to get to visit a few times a year (me, DH, DD5). We are scheduled to spend our next trip at Wilderness Lodge. Here’s the thing… I have BOOKED us at WL a lot of times, but always end up switching to another resort. I don’t know why, but I just can’t get excited about it. We have stayed there before, but most recently 6 years ago (before the room reno), so I am wondering if anyone can share their reasons they love WL, or any blogs/vlogs that might help me get hyped up for it? I think we will love it, but we just had THE BEST stay at Destino Tower last month and I need help finding my WL love. Thank you so much!!



I was there for just under 24hrs in September.

I fell HARD.

Here’s my GooglePhotos album:

I love the ambience.
I loved the pools - especially the BR side
I LOVED the tour that shows soooo much of the imagineering and details and alllll that stuff that makes Disney what it is
I loved the ferry
I loved the room layout (CC Studio)
I loved the food at Roaring Forks and lunch at Geyser Point

And I will be back. ASAP

GDT is amaze balls too but in an entirely different way

The resorts are like Pokémon: gotta catch ‘em all!


just see @OBNurseNH’s photos above and @DeepInTheHeartofTexas’ thread below :star_struck:



I’ve been wanting to go. Before I used to dismiss it for the location / only bus transportation, but after staying at Poly and ending up Ubering at least half of our trips to parks, I realized it really doesn’t matter. It’s very central any way.


@Mike_vndt and @OBNurseNH Thank you SOOOO much! These are awesome. Jen, your photos have gotten me hyped already… kid is going to love the splash pad!

And @Mike_vndt we may become Minnie Van snobs on this trip again! With a 5yo I am weird about ubering but the return of MV makes them an attractive option.

Thank you!!


What did you like about the BR pool? Thx!

What time of year will you visit? What part of the country are you from?

WL is gorgeous at Christmas, and has a gingerbread log cabin. Its setting makes it feel so remote and peaceful, compared to the modern busy-ness of so many other resorts. But if you’re from an area with the north woods setting, then this may not feel like as much of an escape. I haven’t stayed there yet, but it’s on my wish list. DH and I love to take time to eat a midday meal at GP just to enjoy the serenity of the lakeshore location as a break from the chaos of the parks.


Thank you! We are from New England and we are headed there next month :grin: We have only been to WDW a couple of times around the holidays just because that time of year things are usually hectic and busy at home but I have seen photos and it looks gorg for Christmas!


I visited beforw with my DH and DD and he was noy interested in staying because he is from the Pacific NW. Then DD and I stayed for one night and both of us got hooked.

  1. It is compact but with so many details everywhere.
  2. Both pools are great. We love the main pool the most.
  3. The boat to MK is magical. The buses run consistently and are rarely crowded.
  4. Geyser Point
  5. It is such a respit from the hustle and bustle.

Thank you so much!!! We looooove the boat over there. Have taken it over twice in the last year for dinner with Snow White :heart:

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It was tranquil. And the cabana was awesome (and free!)

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All of these things. Agree with every one!


Stayed there in November- what I liked:

Restaurants were all great
All in one building
Boat to MK
Really is so quiet!
Fireworks from outside geyser point
So many great places to sit inside and outside

It really does feel like you’re not at Disney, a nice place to take a break.


Haven’t even read your post yet!

:heart: :star_struck: :heart:

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I like this idea! Have never been to GP.


GP is like another Nomad Lounge to me


Hi friend!!! :heart_eyes:

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@Figment20 Awesome!! Thanks!!

@OBNurseNH With the comparison to Nomad, I will make sure we prioritize GP! What do you like there?


That’s some high praise right there!


Love the pulled pork dip with chips

Love the burger

All the drinks are great.