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You can make your first Genie+ booking at 7am. ILLs can be booked at official park opening time for off site guests.


Have a little logic problem to work through and need some bright minds. I’ll call my party A, B, C, and D. Looking for best strategy for RnRC and ToT given that A wants to skip RnRC and B wants to skip ToT (Seriosuly B, what’s wrong with you?)

My first thought to be most efficient is to try and line up overlapping LL’s for the whole party for both rides, and then:

  1. A and C ride ToT while B and D ride RnRC.
  2. A and B switch MB’s, A and D ride ToT while B and C ride RnRC.

Is there a specific point in the day where setting this up would be optimal, with one booked a few hrs ahead of time and the other with a drop perhaps? Am I overthinking and this strategy is not even worth it because it would disproportionally take away opportunity for other LL’s? Thanks.


I like it! That is very creative and I don’t know I ever would have thought to do it.

I always think ToT and RnRC are good for RD, but with this kind of configuration you would burn a lot of precious morning time, so I would do it in the afternoon when you will likely get your LL return times anyway.

As far as lining up your return times, I would hope for a Golden Ticket. That is going to be tricky to do! But not impossible.