The future of Springfield

I hate minions too. We haven’t done the ride.

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I liked the first movie. Second movie was okay. Minions movie was downright stupid…and I only continued watching it because I was stuck in an airplane. I kept thinking it would redeem itself by the end. It did not.

The ride is fun enough…although, it now causes me such bad motion sickness that I can’t actually tolerate it. I had to look away from the screen for much of it the last time we did it (in May).

The fact the whole area now is Minions themed, while cute, was not a direction I had hoped for. I will see what I think of it when we are there in March.

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I thought the first one was fine, but I hated the minions. Never saw the rest, and I won’t do the ride. I liked it when it was Hanna-Barbera.

Smh, so many people here that don’t understand the power that’s inside.


I assume that must mean something in the world of Pokemon?

Oh is that where that was??? :smiley::smiley:
I didn’t realise that.
I only vaguely remember the Hanna Barbera thing from my first trip.


Yes! We only rode it on our first trip too I think.


My understanding is this isn’t true - Disney’s happy to extend the license (FREE MONEY!) but Universal, having a hotter property and a ride that’s falling apart, are moving on.

On the other hand I’m completely stoked and want my own Bulbasaur.

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I’m sure you won’t be alone in your excitement!

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Theyre Disneys property whether we like it or not

It is a twisted irony, after how many great shots theyve taken at Disney over the years

Unfortunately, its hopelessly dated. Traveling to the far off future of 2015?

And with Christopher Lloyd’s advanced age, it’s extremely unlikely that we could shoot a new story

i wonder if Epic will get its own HHN installments. I still cannot fathom why nothing happens at IOA. Even if its not a permanent attraction, Luigis Mansion would make a great annual event

Hyrule has been rumored to replace The Lost Continent ever since Hogsmeade started gutting it. And Pokemon was supposedly going to replace Woody Woodpeckers KidZone before DreamWorks.

Pikachu probably doesnt have a high opinion of you either

Its the highest grossing franchise of all time in any media. USJ is replacing the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man with a Pokemon ride. Terminator 3D and Backdraft have also been closed since COVID, and either has been cited as a possible site for a Pokemon show

Not if they have it set up with lots of interactive elements like at Super Nintendo World. And some standard city destinations like a Pokemon Center and a PokeMart

It never stopped being relevant

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You didnt quit until 2019? I thought all the original fans started tuning out after Al Jean became the showrunner (2002)

Never tried it, never will. Its non alcoholic, contains no childrens cough syrup, and isnt flammable

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That seems narrow minded. Open yourself to new experiences.

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Id rather the former Production Central had been rethemed to all Illumination hits, not just Despicable Me

Did you also boycott Jimmy Neutron?