The Disney Refugee's Farewell Tour

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I’m on page 7 of my OIM thoughts and I’m not done… :scream: :scream:

It’s quitting time! I’m stopping for tonight. I’m going to play Xbox tonight. I’ll get back to it tomorrow!!


Whatcha playing?

I feel the same way! I LOVED having my pass there this year and made full use of it. UOR has totally won me over- hence the name change haha! And I agree, it must be a ravenclaw thing. Ravenclaws unite! :magic_wand:


Good morning!

I play Dead By Daylight. It’s a game of 1 versus 4 of hide & seek combined with tag using horror movie icons like Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Onryo and more. Plus, original killers like “The Trapper”, “The Nurse” and more. There’s more than 30 killers and survivors to pick from. You can play either side. It’s so much fun and takes more skill than it looks.

Unlike a Call of Duty game, you can’t buy an expensive weapon that can out play me. You have to practice and gain skill in hiding, running and escaping the killer and vice-versa!!

It’s available on a lot of platforms Steam / PC / Xbox / PS / Switch.

If interested, keep looking for sales on the game. I will say that I’ve been playing for years. You have to buy the majority of the characters. It didn’t seem like a big deal over the course of years at $10 each. However, I do hear complaints from people saying to play every killer and survivor now on day one can cost a couple hundred dollars if you buy it all at once.




Is it worth it?? Is it overhyped? What’s it really like? Are the vloggers giving you the real story?

I’m going to try and cover this in six criteria

Value, Fun, Customer Service, Maximizing Time vs. Winging it, Wait times – Rides & Food, Pteranodon Flyers Lottery

For those people that only want the final verdict…

If it’s your first visit to Universal do not do it this way. You aren’t getting the experience the parks were designed to provide. Plus, it’s too hurried a way to enjoy the parks for a first time. However, if you’ve been to UOR before and want to have a crazy fun way to experience the parks it’s fun – if you already have an AP. Don’t make this your once per year / every couple year way to see the parks either. You could have a crazy fun night or a night of disappointments for the nearly $300 you’ve invested for a ticket.

Now, if you want to know why….


Currently, a one-night OIM ticket with taxes and fees is $243.97 for up to seven hours in the parks.

A one-day park-to-park ticket to USF / IOA with taxes and fees is $217.26 for all day.

A two-night OIM ticket with taxes and fees is $387.68 for up to seven hours in the parks.

A new Seasonal AP with taxes and fees is $452.62 for an entire year with some Blackout Dates

Looking at only the OIM ticket deals if you want to add a second night to your ticket it’s only $143.71. That’s nearly 60% off the price of that second night when buying them together.

If you do decide to go adding that second night is an easy choice if time allows.

If you had to choose between a one-day park-to-park ticket to USF / IOA or a one night OIM ticket based solely on “value” I’d have to skip OIM. If you RD or go to EPA you are going to experience low waits and you’ll have at least 10 – 12 hours of the parks for less…

If you told me, I could go to two nights of OIM or get an AP…. It’s not even a contest. Sure, I have to buy my food and such with an AP, but one long weekend with a Seasonal AP pays for itself and leaves the window open for more fun with no more initial investment….

Now, if you noticed when I presented the OIM ticket price I used the terms… “up to seven hours in the parks.” OIM knows their dates for all of 2023 right now. June tickets went on sale yesterday.

The number of hours the event lasts depends on, “When do you consider what time the event starts?”. You can enter the park at 5pm. However, you’re in the general public until the event starts one hour after park closing. If you don’t have an AP this is a big deal. You get a lot of “extra” time in the parks.

If you have an AP, like I did, the event doesn’t start until the parks are empty. So, IMHO, you get more value out of them if you aren’t an AP.

In December the actual event time was 6pm – 12:30am… 6.5 hours

In February the actual event was 9pm – 1:30am… 4.5 hours

Both events cost the same!!

Plus, Saturday night cost $10 more than Friday nights and I found Saturday to be busier.

Also, what OIM doesn’t know yet are the UOR park hours and special event / concert dates for 2023.

The Saturday, Feb. 4th, event was the opening night of Mardi Gras. The predicted hours for this event changed a couple times after that announcement. Once they got it settled the OIM wasn’t going to start until 9pm that night! (Without the one-hour buffer to empty all the queues) The event might as well of started at 10pm.

That’s a real frustration to learn after you’ve already bought your NON-REFUNDABLE OIM ticket. They’ll credit you to another event, but they don’t do refunds often.

Plus, at USF the parade got stalled for nearly 15 minutes. That was a major deal. The parade not finishing on time made the event start even later.

So… is this a value? IMHO - Not compared to buying an AP and not even for a single weekend of a year. You don’t know what hours your event is actually going to have. Four – Six hours sounds like a lot, but it’s not. (Especially, when it’s four hours and not six!)

If you already have a trip planned and you can splurge for an upgrade… Then you can see value. I was already going during both the December and February dates before the OIM was announced for either. That made it feel more like “extra” time and not my “only” time to be those nights.

If I was only going to go for one night, it would always be Friday. The crowd size on Saturday night was noticeably larger. Not crazy or anything, but definitely bigger.

One more thing… You can get as good of a hotel discount on your own, sometimes better, than the OIM hotel discount. My AP rate in February was $77 / night at Dockside. Had I used the OIM discount, I would’ve paid $110!!!


Is the OIM event fun? Hell yeah! It’s what every kid and kid at heart wishes going to a theme park can be like. You can stay up all night going on rides and eating everything!! It’s fun when you meet a first timer and you tell them it’s really OK to take 3 churros at once or every flavor of Butterbeer at once! Their eyes light up!!

The sun is gone! Even if it’s warm at night, it’s not the same!! Even if it’s still 80°F at night without the sun it doesn’t feel as brutal.

The people you meet are so nice. Yes… I met a couple “too cool” OIM guests who will tell you how cute it is that you’re at your second event. They’ll tell you they’ve been coming since 2017 and haven’t missed one. However, there really aren’t that many. You will meet more like-minded theme park addicts, like yourself! At both events I could’ve tagged along with multiple people had I been looking to hang out with anyone. I made many “fast friends” on rides and waiting for food.

The TMs are a good time too. Even the ones that are tired. Generally, if you’re nice and thank them for their long day / night they’ll smile and appreciate it. Many keep their spirits up by engaging with guests and such!

I played the arcade games in Marvel Island. Most are broken. If they work and look “really cool” - like a VR game - it’s not included in the Free Play games… :roll_eyes:

The carnival games were available in Jurassic Park on Friday night. I didn’t see them on Saturday. They are not “promised” as part of your event ticket. However, they do try to get them out… I think with the late event start on Saturday they had to close them to get people out of the park. I did stop to play on Friday and I do recommend it. When else can you do these when it’s not $5 per game! There’s no pressure to win because you don’t get a prize & you didn’t pay for it!! :money_mouth_face:

Not only are there rides, but you can meet characters & performers not typically out for day time guests. I met Dracula at Christmas! I got a M&G conversations with the Frog Choir & Celestina Warbeck – not just pictures from afar. I danced with the Blues Brothers after Midnight – when they get wild!

I stuffed myself beyond bursting!! On every bus ride back to the hotel I was smiling ear-to-ear. I thought of myself as a kid who wouldn’t have believed something like this existed & that he got to do it!


OIM prides itself on customer service. Oh boy! They are the first people to tell you that - over & over & over. If you give them your cell number be prepared to get barraged with messages at all hours!! I’m so grateful that I can take them out of my phone for a long while!!

I found the e-mail customer service to be bad. It was rude / curt and took days to get answers.

The Facebook group they offer is HIGHLY curated and is only a marketing tool. You won’t get critical insights or answers to “tough” questions.

Now, in person… they rock! If you have a problem, go ahead and try to resolve via phone / text if you can. If that doesn’t work talk to someone when you go pick up your tickets at the event. I know that may feel “risky”, like waiting to the last minute, but they have the customer service mindset of “customer should be happy”. They’ll fix it. That’s how I got the $25 gift card in December and Pteranodon Flyers pass in February.


I’m talking to a group of Liners… Do you really think I can endorse “winging it”?? You want to know how I ate at 22 venues and still had time to ride 5 attractions in the last hour…. I had a plan, and I didn’t sit down. (27 OIM “attractions”)

My last night I did have an outline of what I wanted, but I threw it out the window pretty early. I ate at 7 venues and rode 8 different rides (no repeats) and saw, but didn’t watch all of, 2 shows. I still never really sat down that night either!! (17 OIM “attractions”)

As I pointed out earlier, you are paying about $1 / minute. Gotta Pee… that’s $2…Have to watch the ride preshow you’ve already seen…$3… If you aren’t allowed to re-ride by an uptight TM and have to walk the queue again…$4

When you start thinking about it that way you see why having a plan is important. You are going to check your phone at one point and freak out when you see 3 hours have already passed!!

They offered free ride photos during the event. I tried to do it. However, looking them up was a hassle and took time away when I has to stop and try to look through the watermarks on the photo App to find mine. I gave up as it was a time waster - IMHO. I took notes when I rode things to try to find the pictures later - Just like you can do normally. However, to get the free pictures they had to be done that night while inside the parks Geofence. :angry:

Now…to be fair, the night I went with no plan was the night I knew I had less time and the event already started late. They were getting food out much earlier at indoor dining as fast as they could to compensate. Since food was available while day guests were in queues I went there. Also, for me, I figured out about 2 hours into the event that even though I could ride anything, that’s what my AP is for. IMHO – OIM is for the food.

It definitely felt like more “fun” when I maximized my time. When I was walking around without a plan I was having a good time, but I walked a lot more and forgot to stop at places I meant to revisit. (Of course it was day 6 of that long trip too!! It was easy to forget things by then!!)

It will definitely help if you commit to staying in one park each night if you want to do all the rides. Park hopping will take you 20 minutes if you take HE or walk from most places to the Seuss Landing / RRR entrances. That’s $20 and almost 10% of your night!

I really recommend staying in one park each night if you have a two night ticket and don’t want to plan. If you only have one night and want to park hop without a plan then you need to highly prioritize food or rides. You can’t truly have both in one night.

Either way you are going to have to keep moving to have “fun”. This isn’t a relaxing evening!


Rides – Real talk time… Just because a wait time says RIDE NOW does not mean you will always walk on. I’ve gotten to the stations and still have to wait a couple cycles to board. Plus, they make you watch EVERY preshow. I don’t know if they do it because the event could be a guest’s first ever ride on everything or to slow down OIM guests from boarding. More often than not I waited 3 – 5 minutes per ride. It does add up…especially if the queue walk is long like Gringotts, HE, MIB or Mummy as examples. All those short waits add up fast!!

Let’s talk Hagrid’s… I can’t recommend doing it unless that is the reason you are at the event, like I was for Pteranodon Flyers. If that is your MUST-DO, I get it. If you can, get in the ride queue about 20 minutes before the park closes to be out in the park when only OIM guests can stay and start your night. On Friday night It was a constant 30 minutes posted and 45 minutes posted on Saturday night.

Food – OIM suggests that if food is a priority to start at the front of the parks. They are absolutely right. So many people start at WWOHP or in that back area. There’s no one at Marvel Island or Toon Lagoon. Circus McGurkus can get a little busy with pizza tot popularity but that still was faster than starting in WWHOP. I’m going to give you an even better tip, since you’re still reading this…

If you are there for the food, always start at the front of IOA! No one is there. The busy parts of IOA are at food start are 3 Broomsticks and Hagrid’s. Go clockwise and by the time you get to Hogsmeade, 3 Broomsticks should be manageable. (However, IT’S A TRAP!!! There will still be a queue!! SKIP IT and wait for Diagon Alley!!)

Now make your way over to USF. You can ride HE. I never had any issue riding HE from Hogsmeade to Kings Cross. It was only busy with people coming over to ride Hagrid’s. By now, all the people who started in Diagon Alley have gone – either to USF or over to Hogsmeade! The food at both 3 Broomsticks & Leaky Cauldron is the SAME during OIM. (Disappointing!!) From there you can eat USF however, you like. I found counter clock-wise and ending in Springfield to be my best / faster route. (YMMV!!)


I’ve given this A LOT of thought. For people that come to the events to almost exclusively to ride Pteranodon Flyers the lottery system is a big gamble at almost $300 a ticket! OIM doesn’t allow a standby queue as people would stand in line hours before the event officially starts in the sun and then complain.

I got my survey from OIM this week. They are really interested in adding upgrades to the event like ride photos and the Speakeasy. If they are open to upgrades / upcharges, then PF is where it should start.

They could sell the PF passes on a first come / first serve basis & only one per ticket per night with the OIM registration. Make sure the person’s name is on the ticket. To prevent resales, the rider must show ID and along with the ticket to the TM. Just like Universal does at HHN entry and your single day ticket entry at the main gate. It’s not extra work.

This will satisfy those people that REALLY want to ride it. They’ll know they need to buy their tickets on the first day! For everyone else, they’re not really missing anything. If they got a lottery ticket in the past it was a” bonus” to them while a person like me missed out.

If OIM will charge like $100 per Flyers ticket they’ll stop hearing complaints about people who didn’t “win” the lottery. Could you imagine the extra income they’d make from everyone for whom this ride is their “holy grail”, or “must-do” and they bought two nights of OIM tickets and then two Flyers upgrades for another $200???

I use the $100 number because that’s what I would be willing to pay – probably not more. The OIM asked for a “price range” for offerings in their event and OIM tickets in general. Using their survey language…

The lowest price to think the Flyers upgrade is a joke – The lottery!

The price it’s reasonable - $50 per night per ticket

The price it’s too high - $105 per night per ticket

The price I’d pay and still do it - $100 per night per ticket

I really hope they start doing this. I’ve given feedback in the past and I’ve seen it implemented. The only other suggestion I can offer to prevent all the headaches associated with offering PF during the event is to not offer it. It’s such a disappointment if you have your heart set on it and you don’t win a ticket. If they just didn’t even mention it as available most people wouldn’t notice. It’s only because they make a big deal about it that people even know about it. I realize getting to ride it and then saying it shouldn’t be offered makes me a hypocrite. (That’s why I’m suggesting it as an upcharge)

Furthermore, for how “limited” this ride is the OIM representative / manager who gave me my ticket had a stack of them that was about an inch or so tall. For reference, this is about the same height as this stack my business cards. It’s over 60 cards.

That means that single manager had enough tickets for at least 50 people could have received. I know he wasn’t the only one as I saw someone about 2 check-in desks down getting one from a different manager. How many of these tickets are held in reserve? How many never go out to anyone?? The queue for PF was only 4 – 6 people when I went in. I know it’s a virtual queue, so maybe there was a big rush later. I can’t say. However, it doesn’t feel like they aren’t anywhere near full operational capacity for PF at any point in the event. I’ve walked by it a lot during the events and never saw an extended queue.


I’m writing the summary the next morning after a break from my thoughts. Hopefully, I’m not repeating myself.

Will I ever go back to OIM??? Probably not. I got everything out of it I wanted. I did the “Eating Around the Universe” self-made challenge. Furthermore, I rode the last ride I needed to complete my checklist of riding everything at Universal Orlando Resort.

I would only consider it if in 2026 it somehow incorporates Epic Universe into the Meet-Up. I’d be more open to it if Pteranodon Flyers is available for purchase instead of a lottery.

Do I recommend it… gosh that’s harder than you think. It’s sooooo much fun – when you have a plan and realized that 4 hours is going to fly by! However, it’s basically the cost of an AP for 8 – 10 hours of fun.

We all know that I’m a “go-go-go” guy and even I have speed up to optimize this event. I’m rarely sitting. Usually, only for a minute or two (no joke) while I put condiments on something or actually on a ride.

It’s too expensive to stop and catch your breath or ride something ironically, like F&F or One Fish Two Fish. I couldn’t imagine bringing even my DD21 who gets tired easily and doesn’t stay up until 2am regularly. (I think that’s weird for a 21 yr. old!??! Lol!!) I’m solo and can get around easily and I don’t have to stop and ask, “What’s next?” You can spend so much time / $$$ figuring out your next move or taking a 15 minute rest.

It’s kinda stressful at times. I had that old WDW energy where I know I paid too much for a trip and if I don’t squeeze out every last minute / dollar of fun it’s not successful!! I had to stop and remind myself, “It’s ok. You’ve been on VelociCoaster a bunch of times.” You can skip it tonight and it’s fine.

If this was one of my few UOR trips, I would have stressed A LOT about getting on the rides. Even with “RIDE NOW” you are using 5 – 10+ minutes per attraction to go to the lockers / walk the queue / board / ride / exit / lockers again. After 4 – 5 rides. You’ve used an hour. And that is if the rides are near each other. If you want to ride Mummy, Gringotts and MIB you are in for a walk that will use up your time.

I actually heard two parents tell a small child they couldn’t stop as the event was going to end in an hour and they needed to get on more rides.

I think at this point I’ve been pretty clear… if you can go ahead and splurge for an upgrade to do the OIM weekend ONCE - try it. Grab handfuls of treats and make your stomach ache from a total of 10 hot butterbeers and WWOHP drinks!!

However, don’t go JUST for this event. Additionally, PLEASE don’t go just to try and ride Pteranodon Flyers, like I did. PF was my biggest motivator to go. I spent $631.65 and NEVER got a lottery ticket. I had speak to multiple customer service reps about how important this was to my OIM purchase. I was assured in December that if I bought February tickets, I’d be put in a “special” queue for them. That didn’t happen. It took me, literally and by dumb luck, finding the owner of the event and BEGGING for a ticket. I had to go on a rant about it and fuss to the head of OIM to get a PF lottery ticket. It wasn’t a proud moment, but I was willing to put my pride to the side to get this ticket.

My final verdict – It’s a bit overhyped, it’s a bit too expensive, it’s not long enough and there are better ways to spend $244 / $388 at Universal. (Mostly more daytime tickets / UXP / AP / hotel upgrade/ VIP Tour for the parks)

If you are already there and can afford a crazy upgrade, it is fun. Just temper your expectations. It’s not the nonstop-repeat-rides-leisurely eating evening that the vloggers show. Yes, the streets are empty. The rides and food are where the people are. There’s so much mediocre food being served that even in the large amounts you can have it doesn’t compensate. Just because you can eat 10 churros doesn’t mean any of them are fresh and tasty! FF Blvd is still serving the same trash. If you didn’t know the quality, you can spend 30+ minutes in that popular area for a basket of petrified rocks and an Eggo. That’s $30+ for that “basket of bait”!!

You could walk away from the OIM event having eaten an insane amount of awful food, never ridden Hagrid’s, lose a lottery you “needed” to win, never see a street performer or show and only ride less than half of what USF/IOA offers all for the price of a regular single day ticket. Conversely, you might discover an amazing food (raptor wings), ride Hagrid’s in under 20 minutes, complete your ride “holy grail” checklist, meet performers in person and ride 6 - 8 attractions with a couple repeats. That’s the nearly $300 per ticket gamble you are making….

LOL…I really didn’t think I’d write another whole page of a summary! It’s hard for me to be a hypocrite. I had a blast, but I’m telling you not to prioritize it as an experience.


If I didn’t cover your question, I’ll see if I have an answer. This is an expensive event and looks so glamourous and fun on YouTube! Before you spend your hard-earned money, make sure this event really is for you!!

(I can’t believe you read all this!! :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Did I just become a blogger??? Is this my first article?? :thinking: :innocent:


That was very thorough and clear.
You should blog!!
However, it’s a great resource to have bookmarked on this forum and I’m sure it’ll be of great help to others considering the event.

I’ve looked into them before, but they’re never at a time I’m likely to be there.
However, if I ever did overlap with one, this is great information to have. I wouldn’t have considered that an after hours event like that would need so much forethought, so reading this has theoretically prevented me from wandering aimlessly around my imaginary OIM trip :rofl::rofl::+1:t2:

Thank you for sharing all your thoughts on OIM :+1:t2:


IME - Unlike being in the parks during the day, you “feel” the pressure to get as much done in 4 - 5 hours. You paid more than the price of a normal UOR ticket for the whole day!

@Shmebulock - Thanks for reading it! I never intended to 8+ pages of a review / tips sheet!
I’ve definitely booked marked it for reference for newer Liners and people who don’t read TRs / Universal TRs!

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Did you say anywhere what you thought about this ride?

I appreciate the commentary, and, based on what you said, I won’t prioritize this event unless I become independently wealthy and can live near the parks.

Oh, out of all that you said, this is the point that hit home the most:

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I’ll give you my thoughts on the ride. It was fun, I enjoyed it, I would put in for the lottery again if I had the opportunity but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on an essential park experience if I don’t ride it again like I am when Hagrid’s is down for my next trip (that one really hurts).

My niece, on the other hand, who loves all things coaster and whatnot, said it was way too shaky and felt like she was flung around a lot, can’t believe a little kid would enjoy it and will never ride it again.


My DD6 is 50 inches. We have a tiny, rapidly closing window in which I could ride this :rofl: I say rapidly closing because she…just…keeps…growing…taller.

I might, though, allow my older DDs to be her plus one. I’m not sure it’s a huge must do for me.

Is it on the Express Pass list?

I don’t believe it is

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I think you’re right about that.

We were going to ride with DD15 when she was young, but the wait time was prohibitive (we would probably have had express passes then too).

I did! However, in all my excitement I was juggling multiple conversations about it and OIM on the forums.

I don’t mind repeating myself. I LOVE IT! Wow! It was sooo much fun. It sways way more and goes faster than you’d expect!! It lived up to my hopes. I really want to ride it again some day. I don’t know how though. (I’m not gambling on another lottery ticket!!)

100% true. A lot of the appeal for me was that it was the ONLY thing at UOR I’d never been on or experienced. If adults could ride solo, I’d do it if I walked past and the wait was under 30 minutes. The same as I feel for Hippogriff. I’ll ride it at EPA with little to no wait. I’m not waiting 45 - 60 minutes for it!!

I can confirm that it isn’t available with UXP


Wow that is way more that I would pay to ride. I’d top out at 25, but I’m also cheap.


IMHO - You have to price it high enough to deter people - like they do with UXP.

Taylor “claims” only a few hundred people can ride it. If it’s $50 - $100, then only the people who are genuinely serious about wanting to ride it will purchase and keep rest away.

Now that I’ve ridden it once, I’d probably pay at around $50 to do it again with no wait. I’d still consider paying $100 if that was the only way to get one for my DD21 though. She’d love it and I’d want her to try it.


The only self-imposed “homework” TR to do is finishing SeaWorld. As previously mentioned, I’m going to do that in a separate thread where it can be easily found & referenced.

I might copy & past my OIM thoughts in an OIM thread as well for others to find.

Know what that means?? I’m done with Trip Reporting…for now!

Sincerely, I am so grateful to have been able to go 6 times this year. I know exactly what it’s like to have an Orlando trip countdown that’s over 1,000 days for a single week vacation! On the way to work today, I was thinking about how I could’ve spent that money on more practical things. I admit, I didn’t think I’d spent quite that much! I probably should’ve reigned myself in a bit.

However, 2020 - 2021 taught me some hard lessons. Life really is short and I think we only get to do it once. It’s great to save, but you gotta spend it sometimes. I know too many people who are no longer alive and others that just seem to be going through the motions & waiting to die. You have to LIVE your life every once in a while. I’ve stressed repeatedly that this was never going to be a lifestyle and it had an end. (I stretched it out as long as I feasibly could though!)

I know this is a group of enablers. Please, don’t spend the money that you can’t afford. However, if you can every once in a while do something just for you. I’m very appreciative that my wife loves, respects and trusts me to do a lot of this solo. Too many people have to ask “permission” from their partners to do activities. (Not even about the money. It’s “are you gonna be mad if I go here?” type of permission)

Do your research, even if you think you are a pro! You can always learn more. Until Epic opens or something happens, I’m ONE of the “Universal Experts” here. I’ve, literally, done it all & eaten most of it!! Ask anyone a question. There’s no such thing as a dumb question. It’s the questions that you don’t ask that will make you look / feel dumb later!!

Also, be critical of all the vloggers! Remember, they make their careers by recommending these places. How often would people watch if every vlog was, “Yep! This place sucks. You shouldn’t go. Why are you bothering to watch this?? We’ve told you all this sucks!!”

When they tell you a food item or experience is sooooo goooood or “must-do”, ask yourself “Who paid for it?” Also, “Did they stand in a food booth queue like a traditional guest or did Universal custom make this food fresh just for the vlogger to show on YT?”

"Is this a vlogger funded by a Pateron or YT “Super Chat”? Is this a professional vlog/blog with a company credit card? (Touring Plans… I’m looking at you! It was so hard not to jump on their Mardi Gras food blog!!) Or did they get invited out by the parks themselves for free & want to make sure they stay on the invite list

It’s easy to try things when you aren’t buying them. I’ll even hear some of the pros say, “This was free, but I’d definitely buy it next time!” That’s great, but you got to find that out with no risk!

It’s even easier when it’s free & a chef brings it to you at a table! (Orlando Informer! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:)

Wow! I can’t even stop ranting when I’m trying to say goodbye!

I really want to thank everyone that has been with me on this year of AP fun. You are my friends. We just haven’t met in person yet! I’m a big believer in, “A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet!” and the idea that most people are genuinely good if you allow them to be.

If you’ve been reading this “Disney Refugee” series and you like what you’ve read and think you’d like me - Don’t fret, I already like you!

I’m going to list a handful of names of people that were with me all year that I want to give a special bit of gratitude towards. If I don’t list you, please, understand it’s only a small oversight. I just missed it somehow!!

@bebe80 @Jeff_AZ @Shmebulock @FindMeAFishingSpot @magical_jo @motherofdaughtersthree @mathhound

You may not realize it, but my trips were better because you were there with me! I can enjoy a theme park all day & night solo. However, it’s a million times better when you have someone to share it with! THANK YOU for being there for me this year. There were some real frustrating moments, disappointments and anxiety at times. All of you were there not only to enjoy the fun moments, but to help me too! You kept me calm when I could’ve freaked out at times! Also, I got to ramble on about the nuances of theme park rides, operations, food & etc… with people who genuinely cared about what I have to say!! That means the world to me!! :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart:

Don’t worry. I’m not leaving the forums. I just have to hang up my Ravenclaw Robe for a little while and let y’all all go out and have fun now!! I can’t wait to read your Trip Reports!!!

Now, “Go let yourself whoa!” :wink:

— Larry


Thanks for sharing your trip(s) with us! Your enthusiasm for Universal is contagious and helps me enjoy my trips there more. I hope there will be more trip reports sooner rather than later!

Totally agree! Be prudent but don’t defer living too long.


An awesome finale for an awesome string of trips! Thanks for posting your trip reports and for all of your tips and reviews. I only wish I would have said Hi when I saw you on one of DH & my trips. Next time for sure :grin:



I’m not sad it’s over. I’m glad it happened :smiley::ok_hand:t3:
(Although I am a tiny bit sad :laughing:).

It’s been an absolute highlight of my forum time following along on your trips @darkmite2.
It was lovely to virtually meet DD and DW too.
Thank you to them too, for supporting your solo touring that allowed you time to bring us along!

Good luck with your side hustle earnings so that you can get back for Epic Universe… :+1:t2::four_leaf_clover: