Solo for the Gold (9/29 - 10/3/2021)

Oh for sure. It’s just when the kids were even a little bit younger it wasn’t either feasible based on schedules (I worked nights/weekends a lot then) or nice because it meant leaving him with everything and everyone to manage.

Most of my hiking is about an hour-ish north of me. So not bad.

Not sure I’ll aim to get out every weekend, but more than I have for sure.

Incidentally, my office mate has climbed all 48 4K footers in NH and just completed all 52 With A View here as well. Now she’s working on her fire tower badge.

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Here is a few from our trip


Those are gorgeous!

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Wow now that is impressive. My son oldest was trying to do the same thing in the Adirondacks but ended up moving out west.

Here are my boys when we all met up in New Mexico.


She really does a great job. Usually what she will do is look up trips run by REI or Nat Geo and try to mirror the places they go and the hikes they do. Anything outside of the US we use a travel company. Austin Adventures is our favorite. A little pricey but top notch hotels and great service, Active Adventures is another. Everything is included except tip for your guides. They use local guides which we love because you really do learn a lot about where you are and get a good feel of the culture.


I want to be you and your wife when I grow up.


Jordan! It was great to see you! Thank you!


Hey @Julianne_fki !


Solo for the Gold (9/29 – 10/3/2021)

I truly wish I had the time to organize and write up my thoughts about this trip in detail, a la @Randall1028 and others that do such a great job of it. However, I’m way behind at work and I’m trying to get DS6’s Tiger Cub Den up and running (I’ve volunteered to be den leader, what did I get myself into?!?!). So time is something I just don’t have. But I do have about 500 pictures that can tell the story of my trip. I will try to supplement them as best I can with some narration.

Trip summary in a few sentences…

I had free SW flights mostly due to crazy price reductions to flights we had booked last year (thanks Corona!). Side note: we were able to use most of the travel credits to fly to Colorado for free for some hiking (that was the 4 days leading up to this trip). I also have an AP, so only costs would be room, food, and souvenirs. Well, and a few Ubers. So, I convinced DW to let me go to WDW for the 50th celebration. So glad I went. It was the best trip I’ve ever taken. No kids to slow me down, no DW to guilt me out of adult beverages, just me and myself. Doing whatever I wanted, and nothing I didn’t want. Pivot, adjust, trash plans altogether, it’s no matter. I only answer to me. Solo trips are amazing. And this one was especially so.

Now, on with the story. I’ll try to share a little bit whenever I have some time.


Day 1 (Sep 29) – Arrival, MK and the last HEA

Today’s the day, I’m so excited I can’t focus on work. I put my Magic Band on and out the door by lunch time. Figure I’ll get some food at the airport. Maybe some extra cheesy enchiladas like I did to kick off my Dopey 2021 trip. I LOVE this Magic Band!


Arrived at a practically empty airport. Nobody in security line and no crowds at all in the terminal. Just had this hilarious exchange with DW.


Flight delayed… WHY!?!?! My plan gets me to MK without much spare time before HEA. I hope I can get there before it starts.

It actually got worse. They boarded us as quickly as possible, telling everyone they were trying to get us back on schedule. But it wasn’t meant to be thanks to some late boarders, and someone went to the bathroom. They were in there for like 10 minutes. The crew kept making announcements over the PA that everyone had to be in their seats. In the moment I was incredibly frustrated, but looking back on it I feel sorry for that person. They were surely having some issues. Or they were just idiots.

I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t take off until 3:20ish, and we were expected to land closer to 6:50. I had serious doubts that I would make it to MK for HEA.


Lol :rofl::rofl:


My DS is a fresh Lion Cub and DH is doing the same thing. Goooood luck!! Are there Disney badges??


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I can only imagine the look on DW face

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Tigers are tough. Hopefully you can hold their interest and keep it fun, good luck

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I forgot to mention that I decided to upgrade my boarding to A6 for $40 in hopes of getting a seat near the front of the plane and getting off quickly. I can’t believe I spent that, but I was desperate. I screwed up pretty bad the day before and forgot to check-in to my flight on time because we got home from our Colorado trip right when it opened up, and chaos surrounded me for an hour or so before I realized it. So I had like C35 or something terrible. I not only wanted off the plane quicker, but I also didn’t want to risk the overheads being full - my carry-on could be far behind my seat and I’d potentially wait even longer retrieve it.


Wheels down around 7, boarding the terminal train around 710 and waiting for Lyft at 720. WILL I MAKE IT!??!




It’s 7:52 and I’ve got 20ish minutes to get from GF to a spot in MK to watch HEA. Good thing I brought my new running shoes to break in on this trip. Here we go!


I’m a hot sweaty mess, but I MADE IT!

With just a couple minutes to spare…