Solo for the Gold (9/29 - 10/3/2021)

Obviously you didn’t have luggage, but how small was your carry on bag that held everything you needed for the next 4 days?

Backpack and a medical bag which had my CPAP machine plus I crammed all my toiletries and power cords/chargers in it too. I packed 3 days of clothes for my 3 park days (and some extra socks/underwear), and rewore something my departure day, can’t remember what. Plus I bought a new shirt. Souvenirs I brought home in a WDW shopping bag as my “personal item”. My medical bag doesn’t count towards that.


Late dinner at Skipper Canteen (8:55 ADR). Originally, the park was closing at 9, so the idea was to eat and then experience an empty MK. But they extended the hours to 10pm. I decided to keep my dinner (I have to eat, right?), and make it a quick meal. I was actually seated at 8:45, and figure I should have time to get in a ride afterwards.

It’s been great to get off my feet. Got the “Tastes like Chicken” because it is! and the Kungaloosh ale.

Restaurant is not very full at all, maybe 1/3 of the tables are being used.


Everything was good, including the server. Now, I’m off to ride the greatest ride in the world: Haunted Mansion!



I practically walked right on!




You got some great night shots here.


Wow what a fantastic start to your trip! You were really off and running :grinning:

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You had so many of us in Chat rooting for you! Thank goodness you are a runner. (And now I’m picturing jogging with CPAP…)


Yeah that was fun. I love chat but the interface is not as useful and I greatly prefer this system. But if I’m wanting some info in a jiffy, I go to chat.


Heading to fantasy land. It’s surprisingly empty.

Hmmm, audible, doing IASW tonight instead of Friday. Don’t want to risk a super long line for an ear worm.



Your pictures are beautiful!:star_struck:

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Walked back over to GF to enjoy my first Schofferhofer of the trip at the enchanted rose. This one is pomegranate, not grapefruit, but still delicious. I caught the EWP on my way over here. The beauty and the beast theming of the enchanted rose is pretty subtle. Was hoping for more. But I guess it’s better this way since I think it clashes with the concept of the GF anyways.


Ubered back to hotel and checked in at desk to get key card - last trip my MB didn’t work and I did not want that to happen right now (I’m exhausted!), AND I got a 50th anniversary key card. Free souvenir! Got to room right at midnight. Showered, and now clicking around on my phone for a few minutes. Tomorrow is an early day. I’m going to try to super-RD ROTR.

Got the perfect place to lay my head each night:


Like, would you ever in your life use all the pillows they give you?! It’s a little crazy. I did enjoy making myself a little nest when I stayed solo at GDT.


Yes you have to use all the pillows! Nest is the best!


We used the extra pillows along the bottom of the connecting door to the room next door, to help block noise. Great use!

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Day 2 (Sep 30) – HS with a short EP interlude

Got up at 530 and Ubered to Boardwalk. Enjoyed the lobby for a few minutes. If I remember correctly from the Disney Dish the little cherubs painted on the roof of the model carousel are of Jim Hill’s daughter, so I wanted to check that little detail out. So much easier to look for and notice details when you’re not wrangling three children.

Made my way over to Beach Club to eat some breakfast on the beach. Perfect way to start the day. Now, I’m off to rope drop ROTR.


Walking in to HS right at 730, and there’s practically noone here! WOOHOO!

The queue for ROTR is going backstage a bit towards Pixar Place. Line is building fast.

After a few more minutes…


I’ve read the queue backs up to muppets, but I didn’t know about that side area. Really long line but it was moving constantly.

ETA: In real life I’m a geologist, so I was oddly excited to see this rock hammer.