SOLO: A WDW Story (Aug 20-28)

My WDW trip is less than a week away so I figured I would attempt a trip report! Not sure how often I’ll actually report but we shall see!

So a little background. I have been trying to get this trip going since late 2019. My trip was originally supposed to be May 2020 but we all know how that went. So…here I am. Finally going on my trip soon (stay away Grace!). As the title indicates I am going solo, which is just the way I like it. The last time I was at Walt Disney World I was married (to a man!) and was like 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve gotten divorced, come out, moved to Boston and then BACK to CA. So a lot has changed with WDW AND a lot has changed with me. Let the adventure begin!

For this trip I am staying at ASMo Aug. 20-25, then switching to POP for Aug 25-28. I even got a little pixie dust today! I decided to save a little money and switch to staying at ASMo for a few more days before switching to POP. However, I got my ASMo room reservation with the summer promo and they didn’t have any promo rooms left today when I decided to extend my stay there (and shorten my stay at POP). So the very nice and helpful rep that I spoke with on the phone (btw call on Saturday afternoon and there’s no wait for a rep) talked to guest services and they were able to get me the additional days at ASMo on the promo rate. And, I’d already paid for everything in full (yes, I have room only reservations so I didn’t have to do that but I wanted the rooms all paid off before I got to WDW). So basically they were able to take the credit I had for the POP rooms that I’m not using (My POP stay was originally supposed to be Aug 22-28, now it’s Aug 25-28) and move the credit over to ASMo. WIth the money I saved I had enough left over to take care of my incidentals at ASMo. I’m not going to charge anything to the room so I’ll get that money back later but it’s nice having the money there so I don’t have much held on my card.

This is already too long so I’ll just end with my intinerary (I have a 7 day Parkhopper):

8/20 - Arrive in Orlando at 5:50pm (stay away, Grace!), take DME to ASMo. Order dinner on the way there.

8/21 - Breakfast at Cape May Cafe - Disney Springs - Dinner at Olivia’s (this is the only day that I’m doing two sit down meals)

8/22 - AK! (I had reservations for Tusker House but cancelled - I’m hoping Boma is an option! If not QS in AK), probably hop to EPCOT when I’m done with AK. (Will also plan on visitng the Sacred Place if I can)

8/23 - EPCOT (my favorite) - lunch at San Angel Inn (I know the prices are ridic but nothing can beat that atmosphere). then FOOD & WINE

8/24 - MK - lunch at Skipper Canteen! COLUMBIA HARBOUR HOUSE FOR DINNER! I also want to spend some time at the monorail resorts if I can make it over there.

8/25 - Move to POP! - HS - no dining reservations here because I’ve got my eyes on Woody’s Lunchbox and Docking Bay 7 - probably hop to EPCOT later in the day.

8/26 - AK again! I have a Sanaa lunch scheduled but I may cancel that if Boma is an option. Playing this by ear, especially since I have already had one day at AK by this point. Probably will hop to EPCOT or take some time to explore the Crescent Lake resorts later in the day.

8/27 - MK again! - Whispering Canyon for breakfast! Explore Wilderness Lodge. Probably go back later in the day for Geyser Point. I don’t have an MK reservations that day.

8/28 - My last day! I don’t leave until 6pm so assuming the DME will pick me up around 3pm I may switch this to another park but EPCOT is my very favorite so if nothing else I can go sit at Spice Road Table for a while then enjoy the AC in Morocco or whatever. I don’t have any reservations scheduled for this day. May try to get into the Riviera for Primo Piatto (I know they have the guests only pop up in mobile order) breakfast but we shall see how that works.



Very much looking forward to following your trip!!!

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No pressure! :joy:

No pressure at all!!

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Ha ha I love how you’re starting it a week early! I’m here for it!


Yes!!! Excited to follow along!!

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I was bored.

The trick will be actually keeping it going once I’m there! :joy:


Looking forward to it!

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Man, we could’ve been neighbors! We were supposed to be at All-Star Movies from 8/15-8/25, but sadly, we canceled. Hope you have a magical time!

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Awwww! Next time!

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Here’s to the best time ever! Can’t wait to follow along!

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Oh! Since I’m solo and I do plan on resort-hopping and so forth, if anybody has any requests or info you would like me to find out (parks or resorts) let me know! I’ll do what I can. You can ask here or PM me! :grinning:

Sounds great!!! Love the idea of a solo trip!

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I can’t wait to follow along! I am hoping you will share your thoughts on Cape May. My sister wants to eat there so I have it on my last morning next month.

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I will definitely do so!

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I will be at AK on 8/26 and MK on 8/27!

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I am home! FINALLY!

For the pre-arrival saga read this thread.

First up, breakfast at Cape May then off to Disney Springs, with dinner at Olivia’s!


Oh! Cape May! I cannot wait to here about your breakfast! Have a great day!


I turned on the TV and the default channel is the one with all the resort hours and temps. It was playing the Soarin’ soundtrack. :heart::heart::heart:


Me too, I have a first time ADR for Cape May in Sept b4 my Remy sqeak peek

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