SW JUST cancelled my flight to Orlando - that leaves at 6:15am TOMORROW

To say I am livid is an understatement. I got my boarding passes in my Apple wallet ready to go. Not even 30 minutes later my flight is canceled. Not only that MY RETURN FLIGHT is also apparently canceled because it’s directing me to change my flight. Oh, and I paid for early bird which will obviously NO LONGER WORK with a rescheduled flight.

And so now I’m on SW hold hell because I can’t rebook my flight through the app SINCE MY FLIGHT COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED.


Oh my goodness.

This airline industry situation has gotten way out of control. It is my perception that SW is the worst offender but I do have a very narrow perspective, not being one to typically use other airlines (though I am using Jet Blue for my next two trips, interestingly enough).

I would demand a full refund of your Early Bird.

I hope you are able to get this resolved as painlessly as possible.


SW is up there. Spirit was bad for a short period (like a week?) But sw has been continuously playing games with people’s bookings for almost a year now.
Frontier is bad too. They cancelled my September flight and refunded me, which I’m happy about bc I was getting nervous.
However my only other direct flight besides SW (that I’m avoiding for reasons above) is American. Who has also been problematic.
At least with American, there’s interline agreements, so if a flight gets cancelled, they can put me on another airline.


You can keep EB if you modify a flight

Oh, I’ll be demanfing more than that IF I can get through to an agent. :joy:

On the plus side, I’m in SoCal and have easy access to THREE airports that SW flies out so there is that. And my trip was originally 8/21-28 so if it changes back to that it’s not a HUGE deal but this is ridiculous. I’ll be contacting my congressperson and Senators.


ha ha ha about the congressmen comment.
excuse me…congressperson

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It’s seeming that it’s time to do that (bring government into it). The airlines are selling what they don’t deliver on and I think there’s laws about that.


Why is that funny?

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I hope you get that situated. I would also be freaking out in your situation. They need to be called out for this stuff


The DOT is actually starting to get involved bc of the Spirit debacle, so not ridiculous or funny at all.


This is very good news.

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This is legit terrifying. How in all of the world do they expect us to rearrange plans with 24 hrs notice? It’s not like there’s a weather emergency or anything where the airport is shut down. My local airport has SW and frontier. And SW has a do not compete where any other airline flying out of the airport cannot offer non stop to a bunch of destinations, including MCO. So it’s SW for us, or drive 2hrs into the city.


Frontier cancelled my flights a few weeks after I booked and I moved my times earlier and later. So going there I have to wake up at like 4 am for a 7 am flight. That’s ok with me because I get there much earlier but I hope they keep these. I can’t believe all this. You’d think they would WANT people to travel. Seems they are making people not want to fly instead. Praying your flights work out better for you than they were going to be.


So good news! For now anyway. Got my flights rebooked. Flying out of Orange County now. Got a 1 stop instead of the two stops I previously had so I get to leave a little later in the morning and only get into Orlando about 1 hour and 15 minutes later. Better than I was expecting!

The agent did say that if the flight is cancelled when I’m like on my way to the airport go to the airport. I’m checking in for this flight in 90 minutes (you can check in on SW 24 hours in advance) so hopefully no more rude surprises!


Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. That is truly shitty of them.


Funny how they can leave a person feeling happy when they really still did completely eff this up.

it’s like the stick/shovel thing someone said over on the G+ discussion


The aggravating thing is I don’t even care about my return flight so much since I built in padding for delayed/canceled flights. I just need to get TO Orlando! :joy:


Oh I’m still pissed and writing my Congressperson and Senators but in the short term I am happy they got me on another flight for the same day and more or less the same time.

I am especially fortunate that I live in an area with several airports pretty much equidistant and in the same rebooking group.


Obviously! I’m glad you are sorted!


Because evincing a world-weary cynicism and just being so over the idea that representative government is worth a damn is certainly easier than obtaining and reading a ballot, researching the candidates’ positions, and casting a thoughtful vote (because one of the candidates is always a better choice, even if not world-beating and awe-inspiring)?

Or, we can just rely on the ever-wise Simpsons for the Shorter™: