So . . . I guess I'm out?

I’m not a fan of uncertainty. I’m a control-freak. I need to feel that I’m in charge of things.

So the effect COVID is having on WDW has been, er, quite challenging for me.

And so I’ve wrestled back control.

Before you people all entered my life and I became a fully-signed up member of your cult, I used to go on little drives to the country with my dog. We’d stay in country house hotels or woodland cabins. It was nice. We’d do this four, five, six times a year.

Then WDW happened and I went all in. Five trips in three years. No holds barred. I even sold my car — partly through non-use and partly through the need to pay down my Disney debt.

Well, today I announce that I’m reversing all that.

I bought a car. (I don’t recommend buying cars. It’s the most hideously stressful business. I hate it. I will be having a drink tonight.)

I’m going back to staycations.

There are a number of reasons.

First, obviously, COVID. WDW — and to a lesser extent — UOR are not the places I have come to love. And they won’t be for a while. And, yeah, I’m one of those anti-mask people. It’s not a political stance. It’s a personal, practical one. I hate wearing them. And — as the crazies on the internet like to point out — “if you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t go to Disney World :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:”. Yeah. I know. I’m fine with that. I won’t go. Happy?

Second, my dog, Calvin. He’s ten this year. Leaving him behind to fly to the States for a week is tough. When I got back after my last trip in December he was pissed at me. Literally as well as figuratively. I’m not even joking.

I’ve managed to cancel and refund almost everything that I’d booked and paid for my June and October trips. (Thanks again to @kerrilux for helping me out with this :heart_eyes:)

All that is left are these.

I have a flight voucher for Virgin Atlantic that can be used up 30th September, 2022. So maybe I’ll be back in June 2022. Things should be sorted — one way or the other — by then. And the new stuff should be up and running by then.

I have a non-refundable, non-cancellable, non-changeable flight for October. Unless we get a second wave and that flight is cancelled, the money is gone. There is a temptation to use the flight rather than lose all that money (we’re talking four figures here). But it’s a sunk cost.

I have a hotel reservation at UOR in October, which will guarantee me entry to the parks. It’s fully cancellable.

I have an AP for UOR that will be valid in October and, if UOR plays nice, a couple of days worth of Express Passes and dining plan credits.

So an October trip to UOR is possible, though it runs counter my claim that I don’t want to leave my dog behind. And I really don’t. It would be tough. I’m not sure it’s worth it. UOR had better be running real nice by October. Masks on the nine hour flight? Not keen. Masks in the parks? Not keen.

I also have a non-refundable MNSSHP ticket for October. Though if Disney cancels it, I’ll get the money back. So if I did come in October, I’d at least see MK.

(I have a friend who can get me free day-tickets to the other WDW parks, so that could be a thing.)

I don’t know. My heart is really against going in October. My head is more in favour. We’ll see.

Whatever I decide about October 2020, that’s it till June 2022. It has to be. I just bought a car. Were you not listening? I spent all my Orlando money on it. There’s no going back. Literally and figuratively.

We all have choices to make, and other people would make different choices to me.

But my choices feel right for me. I’ve gorged on WDW and UOR in the last three years. I can’t go back to a lesser experience. And maybe I need to stay away for a while so that I stop taking it for granted and really appreciate it again next time I go.

Whether I’ll still hang around here is an open question. There is the question of that October trip and needing to stay in touch with developments. Equally, it may be good to forget WDW for a while. Focus on other things.

I’ve had my ups and downs on this site. But on balance, it’s been a massive positive and I’m hugely grateful to you all — and to @len and the team — for making it all possible.

I’ll be back. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe in 2022. We’ll see.



I feel the same way as you about not handling the uncertainty.

When I combine that with Disney’s attitude, it leaves a horrible feeling.

I’m thinking 2022, as well. Definitely not this year and I think they’ll still be finding their footing next year.

Trying to decide if I want a giant shopping spree on Shop Disney with my gift cards or to hold onto them.


Gah! I just bought a car, too. I hated having to get rid of the van I loved (all the way until the transmission stopped working and we found holes in the frame), but that’s the way it goes. It was horrible to come up with what I wanted and mostly do on line shopping. But it’s done, and, like you, I spent my vacation money on it. Thank goodness that DCL cruise was cancelled. While we took the credit, we didn’t have to spend the extra $3000-5000 on excursions, pre/post trip hotel and food (and mall shopping) bills.

I think you and Calvin will love your car. That first road trip, when you see him with his head out the window, you’ll be happy you did it. Orlando isn’t going anywhere. You and Calvin need to make memories.

But, don’t you DARE leave our group until 2022! We are all here, even though we aren’t travelling, so don’t just un-favourite us and forget about us. And none of that ‘but I post on Facebook’. That’s not good enough. Here. Come here and visit. Please?


I second that. It would not be the same without you!


Completely understand… It’s like hanging out w/ friends that drink or smoke weed too much. You tend to over do it too. I know it’s a rare day that goes by that I don’t talk Disney at home / work / friends. Being able to check in here, read all the news / rumors and such enables my addiction to theme parks.

I was still somewhat “ok” with a Disney trip until I finally saw the “resort guests aren’t guaranteed admission into the parks.” fine print.

Who is Disney going to guarantee gets to come in??? When I buy a ticket months in advance and travel across the country, or the ocean, I should be able to use it.

I still have all my DLR reservations in place. However, the moment I see they are still using that same guideline I’ll cancel.


Well, there’d be less arguing and people starting inappropriate political / religious threads.


I still take that to mean resort guests without tickets already. But we shall see.

(Or to clarify, to set them apart from Universal that says simply being a resort guest gets you in, but for Disney, you must have a reservation even as a resort guest. I don’t think it is saying resort guests may not be able to get a reservation into the theme parks…unless they don’t have tickets!)

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I hope so… That’s why it surprised me so much. I know, even on these forums, there are a number of people who enjoy the resorts exclusively. However, IMHO, the vast majority of resort guests are there for the parks.

I don’t mind doing a reservation for the day. I’m not much of a park hopper anyway.

Plus, I’m looking at DLR which I’m assuming they’ll treat as one park since once you are in the Esplanade you can bounce around easily – (I could be wrong though & that would suck too…)

Currently, DLR has a reservation system for the Flex Pass AP holders. You can reserve one or both parks using that system. There are times when DL isn’t available but you can still reserve DCA, for instance. Not sure if that is the basis of the new system they’ll use or not, but just to say I wouldn’t count on them treating them like one park. They also don’t have the same block out dates for AP holders for each park.


I’d hang on to that ticket, and otherwise do just what you’re doing. The WDW experience is going to be very different, even in October, than what you’re used to. By 2022, things will be straightened out.

Also, anyone who is interested in buying a new car, try a car broker. I have one in Denver whom I’ve worked with for almost 20 years, and depending on the make he saves me thousands even including his fee. Because he buys so many, he gets fleet pricing from area dealers. He can’t be the only person out there who does this. It’s completely stress-free.


That made me laugh out loud. Thank you! That sensation was strange, it has been so long.


I’m not likely to go again until 2022 either. All future trips cancelled. They’ve stripped all the magic out of Disney. I understand they don’t have many options right now, but I’m not spending money to go on a few rides. I can do that at home for a few hundred dollars for my whole family. I go to Disney for the magic. The parades, the fireworks, the characters, all of the special extras, etc. But, I’ll also continue to monitor the forums and see what people think of the experience. Maybe shorter lines and less crowds will make up for some of the lost experiences.


I can confirm, this has been good for me. I have things booked for October and November, but have not checked into anything for the last 2-3 weeks. I really have no idea whats going on with WDW. I guess in a few weeks I will need to figure things out to either cancel or proceed with some degree of planning.

I hope you find some peace and respite.


Were in the same boat we had our first cruise booked for Sept along with a couple days in Disney with park hopper tickets. Disney kept piling on the new rules which I feel unreasonably decreased the value of a park ticket. We were already paying nearly full price for our 2 day park hoppers because we were not going to be in town longer. Once you remove the characters, fireworks, and ability to see multiple parks the value of a ticket to go ride a couple rides is just no longer there. Factor in that many of those same rules are likely to be applied to DCL and your talking a major negative for our first cruise experience. We will wait it out and book a cruise once things become more normal whatever that happens to be.


There is no one in my life that cares at all about Disney. So this is where people do.

DS does some; but he has no control over trips, if any.


This is my situation as well! I have a couple coworkers that go once a year or so, but they don’t want to “talk theme parks”. My wife, patiently, listens but even I can see her eyes glaze over a lot!

Hanging around here and couple of Podcast groups give me outlet. (I’m a big fan of podcast - MenDoDisney… It’s not a “Bro” show or anything, if that might be a concern. For me they have a smaller audience and respond to every e-mail / tweet and even on-air. Check 'em out if interested!)


HA! I don’t even get that courtesy. It’s usually an eyeroll and then tune out. :rofl::neutral_face:


Same with my DH.


My DH gives me the eye roll and “what happened to going every 4 years?”. But then I started catching him watching YouTube videos about Disney history. And then when I was planning a trip with my mom and son last winter I finally realized he was secretly mad because he wanted to go! So his parents and I worked it out as a Christmas gift. But still, he and my kids have a free for all making fun of me about Disney. So glad to have you all!

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Ha! I love it when my husband will stumble upon some Disney information, think he’s in the know, and then smugly ask me, “Do you know about …?” Of course I do! I learned that here several days, sometimes several weeks ago. I love this forum! It offers so much and I can’t wait to start reading trip reports again.