Should I go on this cruise that you can't go on?


I also saw on Facebook that Florida is vaccinating a ton of cruise and port employees ASAP. Maybe they will vaccinate them before they go east?


Silence! I have made my decision!

(If you dont get that reference, youre dead to me.)

Im not doing the cruise. Not Newcastle. Not Liverpool.

It came down, in the end, to cost. A three-night cruise and all the rest of it is going to cost at least 瞿2,000 = $2,800. Its just too much. Both in absolute terms Im not made of money and in relative terms: can the shows and restaurants really be that good?

As is my way, I got whipped up by the hype and excitement. But thank you, Disney the three days they give you to think about it has allowed me to sleep on it and, when I woke up this morning, I was pretty clear that it just doesnt make sense for me.

So, Im slightly embarrassingly back to WDW in August, with a DLP back-up.

DLP: shantay, you stay. DCL: sashay away. (Seriously? Still not getting it? Wow.)


Glad you could work it out.




Glad you have a decision. I hope you can stay at peace with it :laughing:


As we all know, I have a shockingly poor personality and the Gods have chosen for me to be single. So as a cruiser, Im effectively paying double. A decade or more ago back when I was happy there would have been two of us and two grand suddenly doesnt sound quite so bad.


Under occupancy upcharges are the devils work!!


Ive just seen someone post about the price of the Tasting sessions. Not all will be available on all sailings, which is understandable.

What doesnt make sense is that theyve made them 21+

I know thats the age in the US but these are for U.K. residents only.

These are the prices, also for BBB and Shutters:

Information About Upcharge Items Which Can Be Booked
When You Are Paid In Full And Your Castaway Member Level Booking Window Opens

Alcohol Tasting
60 minutes
21 age and up
Not all sessions are available on all cruises, it depends on the length of the cruise

  • Whiskey Tasting - $28
  • Champagne Tasting - $38
  • Beer Tasting - $23
  • Cognac Tasting - $28
  • Martini Tasting - $25
  • Rum Tasting - $28
  • Stem to Stern Wine Tasting -$25
  • Mixology - $25
  • Bourbon Tasting -$28
  • Chocolate and Liquor Tasting- $37
  • Tequila and Margarita Tasting - $23

Biibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
Full details on Disney Cruise Line Website
45 minute session

  • Deluxe Carriage Package Price: $99.95
  • Castle Package Price: $199.95
  • Disney Frozen Package Price: $179.95
  • Princess Signature Package Price: $450.00
  • Royal Sea Package Price: $595.00
  • Royal Knight Costume Package Price: $79.95
  • Captains Package Disney Cruise Line Exclusive Price: $119.95

Shutters Portrait Studio

  • 30 minute complementary private session
  • Photo Print 8 X 10 $20.95
  • Photo Print 6 X 8 $14.95
  • Any 6 prints or digital $99.95
  • Any 10 prints or digital $149.95
  • Any 15 prints or digital $199.95
  • Any 20 prints or digital $249.95

The reality is that when a first time cruiser goes to book it is possible that all the tastings would be unavailable. I wonder if keeping the over 21 age is a way to try to extend availability?

Maybe, I guess. I think its more likely theyve just forgotten the difference. If they have a general 21+ for alcohol there will be some serious kickback. I hope they clarify before the cruises start.

Are these bookable at the 75 / 90 /105 days out?

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Also, I am confused about the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo offering. Here at WDW, you have the be under 13 to participate. Is this the same for DCL? With the vaccine rules, children arent allowed to cruise l, correct?

For these cruises, those under 18 have to have a negative PCR test 1-5 days prior instead of being vaccinated.

Everyone has a rapid lateral flow test before boarding.

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Yes, the tastings and Palo brunch/dinner will be able to be booked by your status.

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I am 100% sure I want to cruise by myself at least once and I agree with you, I hate being charged double. But, Im also not willing to take one of the itty bitty rooms on Norwegian that are intended for solos b/c those are so small they scare me.

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Also they arent even that much cheaper, if at all.

At least one RC ship has singles too? Maybe Anthem?

Im really sorry to hear this. But 1000% get it. My DH (of all people) is wrangling to figure out if we can do both DLP and DCL but the price is just SO high. I do hear that its worth it (which is always relative) so Im sure well eventually do it. But to squeeze it into the budget is tough when a 5 night cruise is 3x the price of 4 days at DLP!


Or if a Disney cruise is at least 2x the cost of other cruises.

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Yes! Super true. Especially the Caribbean ones. I did price out the fall NYC-Bermuda on RCL and DCL and RCL was only $500 cheaper.

Same length? The difference for me was that RC often goes down in price after booking and the extras (since I was able to get them on sale) did not feel so overwhelming. I like spreading out my costs, paying for excursions and special dining before my trip so that I dont have to pay an extra $1000 during my cruise.

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