Should I go on this cruise that you can't go on?

So Disney has come up with this interesting idea. Sail the Disney Magic to the UK and then let British people sail round and round the British Isles on it during the summer.

I’ve never seriously considered a US Disney cruise, but given the diminishing options available for happiness here in the UK, this seems like something to consider. I mean, it might actually happen for a start, and our authoritarian government might actually let us go on it.

But I presume it will be insanely expensive and I’ll be charged double for a stateroom as I’ll be a solo traveller.


PS I love the fact that you people can’t go on it. I really hate you for how you’re all going to WDW all the time and we’re stuck on a crappy, rain-soaked island of misery, and you people just don’t care. I hope this eats away at you until you’re sick with envy.


Yes! Why would you even question? Unfortunately you will be charged double for the room, but that’s the price we pay for all that space and an itinerary all our own.

This was supposed to be my big travel year where I was going to the UK for a 2 week trip including a Disney cruise of Europe. So please go for my sake and tell me all about it.


I’m sorry you are frustrated and saddened by all the TRs. I will NEVER go on a cruise :ship: so you enjoy!


Wow! That looks epic.
Can’t imagine using the outdoor water slide will be fun in a UK climate though.


I hear that and it has pretty much been my view — especially after hearing the nightmare stories of people trapped on COVID plague ships and the endless stories of cruise ship disasters.

On the other hand, it’s just going to sail round the UK, so we’re barely leaving port. And it would be a chance to try out a Disney cruise, which I ordinarily would never do. And it would be something to do.

I think this may end up being the deal-breaker. It will just be too expensive. Or too expensive for what it is.

How much do these cruises usually go for? $1,000 per stateroom per night?


I remember when the Apple Watch was first announced, and there was a special Apple Watch Edition in solid gold. I remember thinking — with charming naivety — “I don’t care how much it costs. Even if it’s a thousand dollars, I’m going to get one.” It was about twenty thousand dollars. I didn’t get one.


A Disney cruise :ship: would be tempting but my fears override the temptation.

I hope this happens and I hope you can go!


Yes, you need to do this if for no other reason than so we can enjoy the fact that you’re being soaked on the single surcharge! Also, you can wear your new shoes and post pictures.


Is it sad / weird that this is actually a consideration? The idea of live trip-reporting it for you people is actually very appealing, even though I hate you all.

A figure jumped into my head as to the maximum I would be willing to pay all-in. We shall see what happens when the pricing is announced. I’d really like to do the full four nights, but I could compromise on three. I feel like two wouldn’t be enough. Also, given the stops at port, I’m guessing two nights puts you a long way from where you boarded and so a long way to get back home by land.


Maybe you should crowdsource the added fees for being a solo traveler from the TP crew… I’d chip in a few bucks for a live trip report of you on a boat…


They are so smart for offering this as a “staycation”. You should absolutely go and do a live trip report. It will be so great!!!


It may not be as expensive as I’m imagining.

Disney is currently offering three night Bahamian Cruises for £1,249 ($1,500) for an inside stateroom, and £1,570 ($1,900) for a verandah stateroom. That’s per room, not per person.

Surely a cruise around the UK with crappy weather and no interesting stops can’t run for much more than that? I mean demand will be high, I guess?


Hmm. OK, well that pricing is for January / February 2022. And these cruises will be summer. But, you know, British summer.


A six night proper European cruise in the Mediterranean in June this year is £3,642 ($5,000) for an ocean view (porthole) room. So the UK thing could be half that? That would be in budget.


I have never been on a cruise. It just doesn’t appeal to me to be around that mass of humanity, living in a tiny room, eating with strangers who might become friends, … and be on their excursion schedules. But you should go and enjoy yourself, if you so choose. It will lift your spirits and bring you joy to be traveling. That will be good for your mental health, especially in the misery of the UK’s lack of sun. I’d be willing to contribute to your crowd sourcing.


I think you should! Maybe some of the other UK liners will be interested as well!

Also, hope you do a trip report from your UK theme park April trip!


Oh, that’s coming, don’t worry!


When I saw the title I assumed this would somehow relate to the ship stuck in the Suez Canal.

I think you should definitely go on a cruise just for everyone who enjoys posting “I’m on a boat” memes.



I’ve always thought DCL were about 40-50% more than the same itinerary with other companies. Just not sure that differential is worth it for the “Disney magic”, especially when I’ve only done river cruises before.

But I hadn’t seen this. The main problem will be how you’re going to prove you’ve been vaccinated, given the government’s position as per yesterday. I’ve had my first jab but didn’t actually get my info card signed or dated.

If you can satisfy that requirement then go for it. But we’ll need a planning and trip report. :grin: