Scavenger hunt ideas for Universal (especially WWOHP)

We’ll have two full days and they’ll have Express Pass.

I was sitting here thinking of making the 17yos a scavenger hunt for Universal Studios trip, especially cuz one is a newbie and I thought it’d be a fun way for him to find all the neat little details in WWOHP he might otherwise miss hanging with my son who might just take him to the rides. Some ideas that flashed thru my head

  1. what happens to the little bird in Knockturn Alley when you cast (insert spell name which I’ll look up later)
  2. who answers the phone when you call MAGIC from the red phone booth in the London waterfront
  3. what are the 2 secret wand locations in Diagon Alley (in which store windows and what are the effects)
  4. take a photo with the knight bus driver and shrunken head
  5. ride RRR listening to a song from every genre and judge what genre is best for that ride in your opinion
  6. press rip ride rockit button for 10 seconds and enter a random 3 digit number, what song did you get?
  7. take a photo with a Transformer
  8. take a photo with a velociraptor
  9. how many banshees are there in Celestina Warbeck show?
  10. how old is the goblin in the Gringotts money exchange? What’s his favorite color?
  11. what was the mirror in madam malkins robe shop’s opinion of your outfit or appearance
  12. is the front row or the last row best on hulk?
  13. what’s one pun from Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls?
  14. eat 10 every flavor jelly beans of different looks. What flavors did you eat?
  15. take a picture with the monster book of monsters
  16. what were the negative wand effects in the Ollivanders show you watched?
  17. what’s inside the vanishing cabinet in (store name here for the store inside Knockturn Alley)?
  18. who’s in the boys bathroom in Hogsmeade that shouldn’t be?
  19. what’s your favorite: frozen, hot or cold butter beer?
  20. take a photo with a Dreamworks character
  21. take a picture of kreacher
  22. take a video/photo of the dragon breathing fire
  23. complete all the marked wand effects on the map (one of you take a video of the other casting the spell)
  24. buy a butterbeer (can be one of the three from the taste test) in Hogs Head and tip the bartender. What happens?
  25. take a photo with the Delorean
  26. take a photo on the bike from ET

I’ve got more but does anyone else have some fun ones I should include or done anything like this with their teens. What should the prize be? They’ll prolly want money for shopping (and need money to accomplish some of these tasks).


I want to do this! :wink: What fun!!!

Great list! I’ll add:

Other good questions for the goblin at Gringott’s Money Exchange is, “Do you know Harry Potter?” & “Are you an elf?”
Talk to Nagini the snake at the outside window of the Magical Menagerie shop.
Mention Voldemort’s name to the guy at the Knight Bus.
Go around the back of the Knight Bus and look inside.
Ask an attendant at King’s Cross Station “How do I find platform 9 ¾?”

The prize could be, at the money exchange buy some authentic wizarding bank notes (can be used just like a gift card).




Get a picture with the one and only Hello Kitty!

Talk to an Egyptian on stilts.

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Now this is personal preference, but I’d removed the HRRR ones because the ride is bad and I don’t want to make your kids ride more than once :wink:

For some fun suggestions look into the Sat Six archive for each land of UOR for details and locations you can put on the list. Here’s some:


I have been going through your Blogs and Others…I don’t expect them to get them all done but I’ve got 100 right now:

Let me go thru these and see if I want to switch any out. I think 100 is a nice round number. Maybe it’ll be like a $1 a task completed or something?

*Also we’ll have the MUP so the boys shouldn’t have to pay extra for most of the photo things besides Shutterbuttons (which I can link a card in the app for them to use or put money in DS’s bank account for his debit card).


Also LOL about RRR. My kids love that ride…but it is possible the friend won’t like it. I’m sure my son will still get him on it once though.

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This looks so fun!


Maybe my mom and should compete with them and then winner gets another ride on RRR?!?? ;-). I do think a competition is fun and even though I obviously know the answers to these I wouldn’t cheat and would perform the task to compete with them. I’ll ask my mom. If we win the boys have to ? What clean the hotel room? Get dressed up for one of the dinners? Wear a silly hat for a day in the park?

Those are great articles, thanks for sharing!

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That file is amazing, thanks for putting it together!

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I decided I shall no longer trust your opinion on things. RRR is awesome!

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Thanks…I am trying to organize it into Park and land but does that make it too easy? ha ha ha

Mom and I decided to compete and whoever gets the most points (with 5 points being awarded for staying dry on Popeyes) and two part questions worth 2 points if you get both parts. If mom and I win, the boys get the souvenir of our choosing (aka something ridiculous like a Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirt or Cat in the Hat hat or something a 17yo boy would hate to wear) and they have to wear it to dinner. If they win, they get to choose their souvenir prize (within reason). Either way they get a souvenir out of it right?!?

I also think the adult version should be either a Flamin’ Moe or a Duff Beer for 21+ and at Hogshead either all three Butterbeers or the two beers? Cuz I don’t like butterbeer or soda really at all (minus an occasional coke or a fancy Italian cream soda).


Organizing by park and land is great. You almost have to because there is SO MUCH, it will take enough time so as it is.

That’s a great idea.

I just saw that Hogshead has a secret menu.

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Like the Deathly Hallows? Is that part of it?

Yep, I guess that’s The Triple.

“Some examples include the Black Hog (Hog’s Head Brew on bottom and Guinness on top,) Hog’s Bite (Strongbow Cider topped with Hog’s Head Brew,) Hog’s Tea (a traditional Long Island Iced Tea with actual iced tea used in lieu of soda,) and the Pear Dazzle (vodka mixed with pear cider and a splash of lemonade.) One of our favorites is The Triple , which has pale golden Strongbow Cider, topped with the amber hued Hog’s Head Brew, which is then topped with a dark Guinness.”

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I thought about doing it “The Triple” or used to be Deathly Hallows but I’m not a fan of cider. Beer yes but I don’t like apple juice and I don’t like sweet drinks really (kind of goes back to me not liking soda). But is the fact that it’s mixed with a stout and hoppy beer (I assume akin to an IPA which I love) make it alright? Have you had it?

No I have not had that mixture before. I am one to side with Butterbeer than Beer. :yum:

Oh, one thing that caught my eye in the blog for the scavenger hunt (not sure if you already had this) was Plymouth Rock and the School of Fish. :joy: