Scavenger hunt ideas for Universal (especially WWOHP)

Yeah I saw those. I did the piano from over there and a photo op from that land. I thought it might be too much from that land though I have every stinking detail about Harry Potter so maybe not.

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The school of fish one is pretty funny. I could say find a pun somewhere in Toon Lagoon.

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This is super!
Have you done this already @jennyturin? How did it go?

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*don’t look if you don’t want spoilers

I didn’t do the wand effects really this time but I have other times. I spent too much drinking duff beer and talking to my momma. ;-).


Oh yeah we definitely won! I focused on things I’d never done before like the bridge by Mythos and the phones in Simpsons land. It definitely made it a different level of fun to compete and Universal has done an excellent job with details that it makes you notice. Also it’s harder than you think on Kang and Kodos to make all the different characters spin. We almost didn’t make it; it was a nail biter. My mom was like we’re gonna ride that kiddie ride? and then she had a blast. Lol

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Would you happen to have a complete list of all the answers to the questions? I see only the ones completed are there.

I did not a “solutions” key. Sorry.

Maybe you could go and do it all and make one. :-).

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I do know the answers to some of them like what’s a goblins favorite color. And where the hidden wand locations are.

We looked really hard for the jaws stuff in London area but couldn’t find it but I was almost sure there was supposed to be a record or something. We didn’t look inside diagon alley but I do remember something about shark teeth somewhere in there

This is such a great idea. I love it!
There are certainly new things on here that I haven’t seen/read about before (like what spinning things on K&K? :thinking::laughing: - I mean I’ve only rode it about 5 times, but I have no idea what this is!)

Practically, how did you do this @jennyturin? Did you just access these documents from your phone in the park or did you have a print out?

I used the google docs app on my phone and checked things off as we did them by just clicking on the square and typing questions answers on the line.

LOL, there are simpsons characters that spin if you line up your spaceship with them as you pass them. They are hanging on the arms? tentacles? of Kang & Kodos.

Also, we did ride Popeye’s and I did everything possible to stay dry. I literally stopped at a gift store and asked for shopping bags to put around my shoes which I knotted. But water came up under the seat inside the bottom of the poncho so we didn’t get the five points because we had wet bottoms. If you can solve this problem I think this should count for 5 points because that ride is literally what the UG calls it, a full immersion baptism.

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Based on previous experiences on this ride, the only solution to staying dry is not to ride :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl::rofl: